15 Clever & Sanity-Saving Nursery Organization Ideas

Good nursery organization is like having an extra hand when you most need one.

As a mom of three, I know how good organization ideas can make use of even the smallest nursery space (one of my babies used a closet as a nursery!).

So if you have a new baby or about to welcome a little bundle of joy, this ultimate list of nursery organization ideas will be a life saver for new parents putting everything into easy reach.

15 genius ways to organize a nursery - shown are 6 tips from under changing station drawers, drawer dividers, diaper caddy, toy bin and great ideas for small nursery
Good ideas & smart nursery organization hacks for new moms!

Some of these nursery organization tips may seem so simple or little, but a nursery is often a small room that you spend much time!

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Clever Nursery Organization Ideas

I remember being pregnant and having an abundance of all things baby like tiny onesies, burp cloths, burp cloths, socks…the list goes on and on. Having so many tiny items made it hard to get organized and hard to make sure those tiny newborn socks and other things didn’t get misplaced.

After birth, as a new mom, it was crazy how important easy access to the baby essentials were in my small space.

Organizing Diaper Changes

Diaper Essentials Trolly

Turn this IKEA piece into a great diaper essentials trolly. I have seen this IKEA furniture used as a side table or used as a small shelving unit in a bathroom…this is such a good idea.  via A Little Delightful

Changing Station Storage

Everything in the diaper changing area has a place from the changing pad, baby supplies, extra diapers to the diaper pail. These baby’s room ideas are genius. via Project Nursery

Nursery storage idea from I Heart Organizing - jars full of pacifiers, lotion, nose, and so much more
What a cute way to store baby stuff from I Heart Organizing!

Jars To Store Small Baby Items

Use these jars are like little storage units to store small things like pacifiers, diaper cream, etc. via I Heart Organizing

Maximizing Nursery Closet Space

Closet Door Purse Organizer For Baby Stuff

Use the closet doors as storage. This is unused space that can hold so much stuff like little baby shoes, the favorite sleep sack rolled up or an entire supply of an item like diaper cream or lotion. via The Avid Appetite

nursery dresser drawer organization from Two Twenty One dot net
Check out the list of drawer contents in Two Twenty One’s nursery dresser drawers.

Ways To Organize Baby Clothes

Use this drawer organization system and roll the clothes so you can clearly see each one. It is going to help you avoid having a big pile of baby’s things at the bottom of the closet! via Two Twenty One

She goes through each drawer in her nursery dresser from the top drawer to the second drawer, to the third drawer and so on. She shares her favorite drawer organizers for each list of baby items she places in each drawer.

Baby’s Closet Organization Ideas

This over the door storage is perfect storage solutions for holding the diaper caddy, burp clothes, extra wipes, towels and more.

age labels for baby clothes for storage bins - My Hello Designs
Click over to Typical Suburban Family link mentioned below to print these storage bin labels for baby clothes

Free Printables To Label Clothes Bins

Organize baby clothes per size in plastic bins and use these free printables to label them. via Typical Suburban Family

15 Nursery Organization Ideas using shoe racks to keep burp blankets in order, tool baskets for diapers, and hangers for onesies.
I would have never thought of using a shoe rack this way!

DIY Peg Board Storage

Make a DIY peg board for wall storage – what a great ideas to add more extra space! via Wetherills Say I Do

Fabric Drawer Bin

This fabric drawer bin has tiny compartments providing extra storage space for all your baby’s socks and bibs and other odds and ends. At some point you will find yourself with different sizes of a single item because you will be storing the next size or seasonal items!

Keep reading for some additional drawer organizers and ideas…

Best Way to Fold – Konmari Storage

Use the KonMari method for folding family clothes to make your nursery drawers clean and organized. via Erin Weed on YouTube

This genius shelf hack for baby’s clothes is from Fresh Mommy Blog

Wardrobe Shelf

If you run out of hanging space in a small closet make this wardrobe shelf! via Fresh Mommy Blog – She and her husband used several items from Ikea to create additional baby clothes hanging space that just looks adorable.

nursery from boxwood clippings - white clothes hanging in baby closet
Oh what a lovely and organized space from Boxwood Clippings!

Nursery Closet Organizations Ideas

Here are some amazing tips for organizing a beautiful nursery closet that is also functional. via Boxwood Clippings – check out the entire article for a nursery closet that is inspirational!

Top Baby Toy & Baby Gift Storage Solutions

Stuffed Animal Crate

I love a stuffed animal crate for all those sweet and snuggly teddy bears via Cozy Cottage Cute. You can find an assortment of vintage and modern wooden crates for the nursery that can give you just the right look while being functional for baby’s toys.

Mega Sorter Canvas Bin

The mega sorter canvas bin holds so much stuff! Perfect for toys and other odds and ends. Psst…you can even store extra blankets in the baby room if you don’t need all the sorting for laundry and other things.

15 Nursery organization ideas with wooden boxes for stuffed animals, baskets to separate socks, and jars for baby powder
Look how rustic and sweet the stuffed animal bin is! I love it.

Genius Nursery Organization Hacks

Keeping the baby clothes, burp cloths, diaper cream and other baby stuff you need on a moment’s notice in the top drawer can save frustration. But haven’t we just listed more than what would fit in the top drawer?

I have top drawer solutions…

Hanging Shoe Organization

Store all those receiving blankets and burp towels in a hanging shoe organizer to save space! I like using this for stuff that I might have weekly use vs. daily use. via Susie Harris blog

Baby Nursery closet dividers that hang on bar in closet - Amazon
Closet dividers by age are not only cute, but super functional.

Closet Label Dividers

Use closet dividers to sort baby clothes by size. So smart! I did not have these for my first baby, but by my second kid I had them in both closets so that I could keep track of what baby grew out of and what clothes in larger sizes we already had. Thankfully the best part is that by kid three I knew about this nursery of all products {giggle} and used it in all the closets in the house! More closet organizers I love:

drawer organizers for nursery storage solutions - Kids Activities Blog - image from Amazon
Oh the cuteness & function of drawer organizers!

Favorite Nursery Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers may seem obvious, but sometimes obvious things elude us when we haven’t had enough sleep! Here are a few of my favorite drawer organizers:

  • This set of 8 drawer organizers is perfect for the nursery with a cute zig zag pattern that comes in a dozen colors including pink, blue, purple and teal.
  • This set of 6 polka dot fabric drawer organizers comes in 4 colors. I like the soft gray one. They are open and roomy for collecting all those little rolled up baby clothes!
  • This adjustable drawer divider system fits almost any drawer making a really easy to design drawer organizer system that works for you and baby.
Organize your back yard with baskets, bins, and a wall shelf with hooks.
The pallet shelf is amazing! It’s a great way to recycle stuff you already have.

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