These moving hacks are great if you are you moving and don’t know where to start. We have got some great moving tips for you to avoid stress, save money and keep your sanity while going through this hectic time.

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These moving hacks make moving so much easier!

Moving Tips You Must Know

Moving is stressful and often times feels like a hot mess. It’s fun, but it is also a ton of work. But we have put together the best list of moving tips and moving hacks that will make moving…not a breeze, but at least a little easier.

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Moving Hacks – How to Prepare for Your Move

Moving hacks for before you move with a box of first day essentials, moving cards, check lists, and free boxes.
Make sure you do some prep work with these simple moving hacks!

1. How To Pack For A Move

Plan ahead and put away a few essentials that you might need during the move (and 1 day after the move) so you don’t start digging through all of those packed boxes looking for toilet paper or wet wipes. You can find the list for 1 day essentials at hip2save.

2. Easy & Fun Address Cards to Decrease Moving Confusion

Get those funny New Address Cards to announce your new move, and a new address.

3. Free Printable Moving Checklist

A few weeks (or months) prior the move, print this moving checklist so you don’t miss important stuff. Do you want to save some money by getting free moving boxes? via I Heart Nap Time

4. How to Get Free Moving Boxes

We also found you a great list of places you can get free moving boxes. via padmapper

Tips for Cleaning Your House Before You Move

Clean your house to ensure you get your safety deposit back with these moving tips like fixing the walls, cleaning the carpet, and fixing broken blinds.
Use these moving tips to help get your security deposit back!

5. Patch A Hole In The Wall to Get Back Your Security Deposit

Patching up wall holes can save your security deposit. It’s pretty simple. Watch video tutorial. via Porch on YouTube

6. How To Remove Nails Without Nail Holes

Do you have some ugly nail holes in your wall after you took off all the pictures? No worries, there is a really easy fix for that. via Carpentry Tips and Tricks

7. How to Repair Broken Blinds

If you have kids, you probably have broken blinds too. We have all been there! Good news though – you don’t need to replace entire blinds. You can easily fix them yourself! Try this easy tutorial. via DIY Project Crazy

8. DIY Carpet Stain Remover

YES, you can clean your dirty carpets the way professionals do. We got a recipe for you! Use this 2 ingredient carpet stain cure. It works really well! Tried it myself. via Kids Activities Blog

9. Carpet Repair

If you move the furniture, and suddenly realize that there are those little divots left behind by furniture legs all over the carpets – there is a super solution for that! via Fluff Designs’ Blog

10. Microwave Cleaning Hack

And don’t forget the microwave! It’s easier than you think…with this cleaning hack. via Your Modern Family

Moving Tips for Packing

Packing hacks for moving can make things easier, don't unpack drawers, wrap clothes in paper and pack your books in a suitcase and furniture in blankets.
These simple packing hacks for moving will save a lot of time and energy.

11. Save Time By Wrapping The Toy Box for the Move

When moving toys…no need to put them in a packing box….just use cellophane to wrap the individual boxes!! No toys lost! via Pinterest

12. Pack Makeup with Ease

Are you worried about your expensive makeup during the move? It could get damaged if it’s in the truck with all the boxes. There are simple moving tips to help ensure your make up gets to the new house unscathed. via Upack

13. How To Paper Seal Jewelry When Moving

Make your life easier with this jewelry packing tip. You will thank us later! via I’m an Organizing Junkie

14. Tip for Furniture Wrap Just Like the Pros

Moving hack: Wrapping furniture to avoid accidental scratches and bruises is a must!

15. Packing Liquids for Your Move Tips

If you are worried your liquids (shampoo, shower gel, olive oil etc) will spill during the move. Try this packing hack: wrap the top with plastic wrap.

16. How To Move A Lot Of Hanging Clothes

When moving clothes there is no need to fold them and pack them in boxes. There is an easier way! via The Wicker House 

17. The Secret to How To Pack A Dresser For Moving

Don’t empty drawers. It will be a breeze to ‘unpack’. via Better Homes & Garden

18. How To Pack Books For Moving

Pack books in small boxes. It will be much easier to carry. via bestlexever

19. Packing Your TV to Move Safely

Video tutorial how to pack TV. You must watch this. via Global Relocations on YouTube

Moving Hacks: How To Pack Your Kitchen

Moving hacks and tips for your kitchen like wrapping silverware in plastic wrap and separating dishes with socks.
There are so many moving hacks and tips, like using socks to protect your plates!

20. Wrap Your Drinking Glasses for Safe Moving

Wrapping drinking glasses so they won’t break is an important moving task. Don’t pack your socks because you will need them to put your drinking glasses in. Yes, it’s true and I have done this. No broken glass during the move. via Complex

21. Plastic Wrap to Your Move Rescue!

Use plastic wrap to “pack” utensils, pots, and the rest of the kitchen. via Valeria Write Now

22. Video: Easy Moving Tip For Silverware

23. How To Pack Plates For Moving

How to safely pack plates for moving? The Frugal Girls used disposable foam plates. I might do this on our next move.

24. How To Pack Dishes For Moving

More ideas on how to pack dishes. via Stor It

Pack and Move Furniture Hacks

Make moving easy with these helpful hints like using a shoulder dolly to move a stove, glass cleaner to clean the floor so stuff moves easier, jar lids to move big furniture with easy, taking apart a lazy boy, wrapping a table top in a sheet, and taking the legs off of chairs.
Make moving easy with these simple items like a shoulder dolly, glass cleaner, and even jar lids.

25. I Didn’t Even Know About a Shoulder Dolly

There is an easy way to move those heavy washing machines, fridges, etc. This simple system that works extremely well. Lift with your legs/thighs and carry the weight evenly across your shoulders, and not your arms and biceps. Everyone who tried it said “where do I get one, I will not move heavy furniture without it !” Highly recommended.

26. Glass Cleaner for Moving Ease

Move heavy appliances with window cleaner! Spraying a little of this cleaner right in front of the feet means when you start to push it, it will slide with ease across your floor. Genius?

27. Disassemble A Lazy Boy Recliner Before Moving

Do you want to take your “lazy boy” furniture with you, but you’re worried it will take up a lot of space in the truck? Good news – you can reassemble it easy. Watch the instructions!

28. Tips to Move Large Furniture With Ease

Did you know that you can move heavy furniture with simple jar lids? I have never tried, but I will save it for the next move. Sounds smart! via designedtodwell

29. Best Way to Protect Your Table During The Move

Cover the table with a fitted sheet, and the chairs with pillow cases to protect your precious dining set. via Pinterest

30. Disassemble Furniture for the Big Move

And if your dining set has removable legs, take them off – you will save a lot of space in the moving truck. via The Spruce

31. A Mattress Sling Helps with Heavy Mattresses

Have a lot of heavy mattresses to move? Use a mattress sling.

More Packing Hacks and Moving Tips

32. Move Your Bedroom Furniture Last

Move your bedroom’s furniture last on the moving truck. That way when you arrive to the new house you can get your bed and other essentials FIRST.

33. Keep Your Slow Cooker Near

Make sure you can reach your slow cooker easily. That way when you arrive to the new house you can make easy meals while unpacking goes for few days.

34. Tips To Make Moving With Kids Easier

Moving with kids? Make sure to read these 6 tips to make this process easier for everyone. via Kids Activities Blog

Cleaning and Organization Tips

20 Kitchen Organization Ideas for Families
Now that you’ve moved let’s organize!

Now that you’re moving it’s time to get the old house cleaned and the new house organized, we can help!

Leave a comment: Do you have any tips for making a move easier? We’d love to hear your moving hacks!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I am preparing to move for the first time and didn’t know where to start. I’ve been looking for help to ease my stress. I appreciate all your good ideas, I feel way more confident with this guide!

  2. This article was so helpful on my move across the city. I was so stressed but you gave great tips that made it feel less overwhelming.

  3. Making everything safe and in labelled boxes is amazing tip. Like someone in the comments said the usage of socks blew my mind. Also how to organise things and pair them with each other. AMAZING!

  4. Great tips on how to move! It’s definitely not about just shoving everything into boxes. I particularly liked your tip about putting socks into your cups/glasses so they don’t break! It’s also super important to make sure you get a reliable moving company that knows what they’re doing. it saves so much headache!

  5. This is a wonderful piece of article you share that gives me plenty of necessary information for the upcoming moving day.

  6. I have recently moved From Brooklyn to Manhattan. Honestly I prepared myself for everything and was a little scared. I found that company online. They have contacted me. The lead coordinator was nice, gave me a quick estimate and it was really affordable price. Guys came, made everything carefully and by the end of the day I was satisfied with the services they provide.

  7. These are great and very helpful tips! My sister is going move next month and I’m definitely recommending your advises to her. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the ideas and and will deal with all her moving issues. Thank you for gathering all this nice info in one place. Greets!