16 Unconventional & Genius Ways To Organize Your Pantry

Let’s talk about pantry organization ideas! Ways to organize a pantry can be challenging whether that be a pantry cabinet or a pantry closet. Kitchen cabinets never have enough space for easy access to everything you need on a daily basis which is why the kitchen pantry was invented. And organized pantry can change everything! We have found the best pantry organization ideas around!

10 totally crazy ways to organize your pantry - collage of various organize pantry ideas and storage solutions for small spaces - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s investigate these genius ways to organize a pantry cabinet (don’t miss our ways to organize a medicine cabinet) !

How to Organize a Pantry Cabinet & Closet

We need to do some pantry organizing. Sometimes I think I could skip grocery shopping trip if I just cleaned up the mess that is my pantry. Which is why I’ve scoured the depths of the internet to bring you these best pantry organization ideas that are easy and fun.

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If you have a small kitchen with storage problems don’t worry! These are some of my favorite organization ideas for great use of space no matter how small. The main goal of any storage cabinet is to use the prime real estate in the most functional way giving you both work space and meeting your storage needs.

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Steps To Organizing A Pantry

  1. Start with evaluation the pantry space: The first step is to pull out all your pantry items from your cabinet space or pantry closet onto the kitchen table including those items that are deep pantry lost!
  2. Clean the pantry space: Wipe down the pantry space including open shelving, door rack, wire shelves, empty plastic bins and even the inside of your pantry door.
  3. Take a pantry inventory: Go through all the food items, canned food, pantry staples and dry goods to check for expiration dates and anything that you can donate to the food bank or eat tonight!
  4. Lay out a pantry organization plan: Once you have made piles for trash, donation and things you want to keep, let’s start with a little organization before we put things back into the pantry by separating the things you use on a regular basis to place them strategically for easier access.
  5. Implement some awesome pantry storage ideas: OK, it is now the perfect time for more organized pantry ideas…

Best Pantry Organization Ideas

1. Organize The Snacks In Your Pantry

Do you buy those large boxes of snacks for your family? The ones that have personal assorted cookies, crackers, granola bars, etc? You can store snacks in a fish bowl. They’re easy to get into and it looks adorable, plus it is one of my favorite cheap organizing ideas.

2. Organize Trash Bags And Others Boxes

Have trash bags, boxes of baggies, baking cups, and other stuff taking up space in your pantry? Use an office organizer to store trash bags. Why didn’t I think of that? Getting these clunky boxes out of the way makes so much more room.

3. Make Extra Storage Space In Your Pantry

A shoe organizer thrown over the door adds a ton of extra storage space to your pantry. It can hold so many different things! This is something I learned from my mother and is one of my favorite organizing ideas. She used it to old and sort medicine, thermometers, band-aids, etc. I use it to hold all my different spices, but you could also use it for snacks too.

Making extra space by organizing your pantry with sink caddies, shoe holders, wicker baskets.

4. Recycled Pantry Organizing Ideas

Don’t throw away those empty crystal light containers! Empty Crystal Light containers can hold small cookie cutters and other kid’s lunch stuff. They’re also a great way to keep up with your piping tips as well.

5. Organizing The Cans In Your Pantry

You know those metal magazine racks? You can usually find them at Staples and other office stores. Not the wall mounted ones, but the ones that usually sit on tables or desks. You can use a magazine rack to hold canned goods. I can’t get over how smart this is!

6. Use Wicker Baskets For Your Pantry Organizing

Add a few wicker baskets to organize your pantry and to totally class your pantry up. These look so much nicer than Tupperware! Plus, wicker baskets have more room. They can hold more spices, snacks, and even baking supplies like flour, sugar, baking powder/soda.

pantry organizing with soda boxes holding cans, mailing tubes, magazine racks, crystal light containers.

7. Organize Your Pantry With Sink Caddies

Do you use a lot of seasoning or use a lot of sauce and gravy mixes? Use sink caddies from the bathroom to hold all those packets of seasoning and sauce mix. I am always losing those! You can also use them to hold single drink mixes, packets of juice mix, sugar or creamer packets, or things like honey sticks.

8. Creating Extra Storage Space With Empty Soda Boxes

Oh my heck! I LOVE when you can recycle items to benefit your home. Going green is so nice. Did you know you can use an empty soda box to store your cans? Add some fancy paper and it looks totally posh! It frees up so much space in your pantry which is a must when you are pantry organizing.

9. Cheap Organizing Ideas For Your Grocery Bags

Am I the only one who keeps my plastic grocery bags to reuse them? I use them for smaller trash cans, small trash bags, put them under crafters to avoid messes. There are so many ways to reuse them, but they tend to be everywhere and get out of hand. You can use mailing tubes to store plastic bags. Genius! You can fit so many in them!

10. Decorate Your Pantry Once You Finish Your Pantry Organizing

And when you’re finished organizing your pantry with all these crazy things, why not dress it up with a little bunting. Yes, seriously– she used bunting to decorate her pantry and it’s so cute!

11. More Pantry Organizing Ideas

For more pantry organizing then you’ll want to check out these 16 pantry organizing ideas that are so simple!

How to organize a pantry closet or cabinet - Kids Activities Blog - pantry shelf with clear containers of dry goods
Let’s organize our pantry!

12. Use A Lazy Susan To Keep Your Dry Ingredients and Spices Stored Together

A lazy Susan may take up a little bit of space, but you can keep small jars of nuts, flours, sugar, and spices on it and just spin it around when you need something. No more stacking or lining up spices and getting frustrated when you can’t find what you need.

13. Use A Label Maker To Organize Your Pantry

Label jars, containers, even the top of spices on the lazy Susan to find stuff easier and to keep things easily organized so you know what is what.

14. Use Clear Containers To Keep Your Pantry Organized

Clear bins, large glass jars, wire baskets, clear plastic containers are the best way to keep things organized. That way you can see what is in each without having to take everything out of each container or opening them to see what is in them. That usually ends with things not going back where they need to go.

15. Utilize Every Shelf In Your Pantry

The very top shelf and very bottom shelf usually become the “junk” shelf, but you can turn these pantry shelves into something useful! I use the bottom shelf to hold my seasonal items. Whether it’s holiday or seasonal, this is where they go. The top shelf is usually where the salty snacks, snack foods, sweets, and stuff like an extra paper towel roll will go. Use all your space and don’t let any of the shelves go to waste.

16. Organize Your Pantry With Mason Jars

We talked about using clear jars, but you can use mason jars in a number of ways to keep your pantry organized. Remove the lazy Susan and add a baking sheet to the door or wall and use small mason jars to organize your spices.

The Benefits Of Organizing Your Home Beyond the Pantry

Did you know there are benefits to organizing your home? I didn’t know that for the longest time, though I suspected as I always felt better once my house was decluttered.

A few of the benefits of an organized home:

  • Better sleep
  • Less Stress
  • More Productive
  • Keeps You Healthier

Plus it just makes things run smoother for everyone, and that is always a plus.

Ready to organize the entire house? We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!

Organizing your home using corn start tubs, canvas baskets, old wipe boxes, and storage shelves.

More Organizing Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

Which way to organize your pantry cabinet was the most helpful? What pantry organization idea are you going to use first?

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