homeschool room: closet

For the first four years that I partially homeschooled, we did our work on the dining room table.   Our dining room had no storage, but I tucked piles of papers, books and supplies into a corner.   I loved the light and the working space at the over-sized table, but the lack of storage and the fact that it is the FIRST thing you see when you enter my house made it less than optimal.

Last year we moved homeschooling into the guest room.

It is now a homeschool room.

I love the space and over the next few weeks will share some of my favorite spots.

Today, we will start with the absolutely best part…the closet.

homeschool room closet organizationOh, how I love the closet.

The years of dining room schooling taught me exactly what was on my wishlist and now it exists.

homeschool room closet backpack area 1The big rolling backpacks have always been an issue.   I wanted to create a space where the boys could leave them when they returned from school and grab them on the way out the door.   We needed them accessible throughout our homeschooling days.   I left 1/2 of the closet floor available for these three monstrosities and laid down the law that they need to stay there while we are working.   There is enough space above the backpacks that the boys can easily slip things in and out of them without disturbing anything else.

homeschool room closet organization wire baskets 2My next goal was to have a spot for random things each boy drags home.   You know…some stuff that needs to go back to school, some stuff that needs to stay home, and some stuff that would require serious creativity to categorize.   These items need a home for a few hours, overnight and sometimes for several weeks.   I needed a place to throw migrant toys, found treasures and pocket contents where I wouldn’t feel the need to dispose of them while their owner still was attached.

The solution was an Elfa Storage unit that is free-standing with 4 wire baskets.   The top basket is shallow and perfect for miscellaneous school supplies like paper clips and rubber bands that freely roam the earth.   Then each boy has a deep basket labeled with their name.   They are free to put ANYTHING in there and encouraged to do so.

homeschool room closet crates with supplies 3Because I converted a conventional closet space, I had floorspace in one of the corners that was tucked behind the wire baskets.   It is not easily accessible without pulling out the unit.   I stacked 4 plastic milk crates in that area that are filled with extra folders, spiral notebooks, computer paper, drawing pads, and 3-ring binders.

homeschool room closet resource shelfThe shelves were also configured with Elfa.   I did the basic closet design online with The Container Store and found that it wasn’t as expensive as I expected especially with the yearly sale they have each January.   Part of the installation cost included removing the existing closet shelf and hanging bar so that it was a clean slate to dream up what would work the best.

I selected a deeper shelf for the bottom shelf that could accommodate the GIANT 3-ring binders that grow as the school year progresses holding all things done and to come along with resource books like the boys’ Bibles, Dictionary and Story of the World texts.

homeschool room closet kindergarten activities 5Above are three standard depth shelves.   The lower one is the home for extra Kindergartner activities.   I have found that the workload in Kindergarten is light and Rhett will be done with his work HOURS before the other boys.   By finding him “enrichment” activities (hopefully things he can do on his own), it saves me from having to entertain.

homeschool room books for each grade 6To the right of the Kindergarten activities are three areas for current books.   Each is labeled by grade and has enough room to add things as needed.

homeschool room teacher key area 7The next higher shelf has a teacher area.   This is where I keep the teacher keys and homeschooling resources for my reference.   It is above the boys’ reach…and they know better than to pull out a chair anywhere in the vicinity of this side of the closet!   There are also some smaller supplies stored in clear shoe boxes like post-it notes and the million 3×5 cards that we will use during the year.

homeschool room closet math manipulatives 8Also stored in the clear shoe boxes are the math center activities like cubes, wrap-ups, flash cards, coins, beads, string, and a cardboard clock.   I like to keep these things where they come out into the room one at a time on my recommendation.   Otherwise the floor space turns into math manipulative soup.

homeschool room closet shelf of old books 9The top shelf contains all the books from years past that are being saved for hand-me-downs to younger boys.   I also create a 2 inch 3-ring binder for each year they have completed that consists of a sampling of that year’s work in addition to any art and writing they finished.

Being organized has decreased my stress level on homeschooling days significantly and it is a blessing to have a separate homeschool room.


  1. Holly, this is an inspiration! Love it.

    Sharing this solution on Facebook. 🙂

  2. Very nice! Makes me wish I had a closet in my homeschool room.

  3. I’m loving this partial-homeschooling idea! My babies are still little (2.5, 17-months, and a new one in the oven), but I’m already torn between homeschooling and traditional schooling. I would love if you could share some insights into how you work it out with teachers, juggle assignments, etc.

    This closet is so organized! What a great way to make use of the space.

  4. Is it crazy that I think that is one of the prettiest closets I’ve seen? Because it is. I love it!

  5. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    Wow! It looks amazing. I love all the labels.

  6. WOW now I would love a closet like that. Great post.

  7. Wow, look how organized you are! So perfectly labeled, and I think I might have to steal your milk crate idea 🙂

  8. Awesome work on the organization. Now comes the hard part that takes many of us down. Maintaining the order is the hardest part of this to do.

  9. I love seeing another woman as smitten with her label maker as I am. Looks fabulous!

  10. I have an ongoing love affair with my label maker. It is currently out of tape and I am getting twitchy. Looks great!!

  11. You really did a great job organizing. I always say I don’t have that much stuff but then I open a closet door and I am like “WOW” I have so much junk! I bet if I got organized like this I would find a lot of things that I didn’t even know I had any more.

  12. I love the closet….Elfa is such a great (although expensive) product. I could get lost in the container store.

  13. Wow!!! I wish I could organize one area in my house to look that amazing! Maybe someday…

  14. We are moving our homeschooling room into a spare bedroom. I would love for mine to be as organized as yours!! Thanks for the tips. Great job!!

  15. We’re moving into our first home next week so I have no excuses to not be organized. I’m definitely going to use this post as inspiration. Thanks!

  16. I agree with ThatJanieGirl, I will pay you in delicious meals and desserts if you come to my house and organize my baby’ closet like this 🙂 Everything in there is just a hot mess right now…

  17. I am so jealous! I am normally an organized person, but somehow my closets have gotten out of control, And files and paperwork – I can’t find anything. If I was homeschooling right now it would be even more tragic.

  18. WOW! I seriously need to gleam every ounce of inspiration from you I can. I’ve been on a bit of an organizational kick and I’ve been finding it such a struggle to find ideas, and products, that work for what I’m trying to achieve. Off to scour the rest of your site!

  19. You make me so excited to home school my kids! Sometimes I get a little fearful that I won’t be able to handle/organize it all. I hope you’re still blogging then (in 7-8 years) because your tips and tricks really inspire me! Keep up the GREAT work!

  20. Wow, very inspirational! Makes me want to organize my closet space this weekend! Thanks for the great ideas.

  21. wow!! you made me an idea!! i love how you turned it into this!!! so nice! 🙂 I will soon do that to my kiddos closet 🙂

  22. Holly,

    Great work on the closet! Organizing closets, cabinets, rooms, etc. is one of my favorite things to do! Glad to know I’m not the only one with this weird obsession 🙂


  23. Wow, can you come organize our homeschool room?! 😛
    JK, but it looks great!

  24. wow so neat and organized! my favorite shelf is “SAVED BOOKS” because really, they’re too good to part with and you might want them again some day! lookin good missy. happy school year 🙂

  25. I love your closest!! As a Mom to 5 kids and 4 in school this year, we should definitely take some notes from you!! Thanks for sharing.

  26. I LOVE this idea!! I think I might have to try to comandere a closet in our office and do something similar – this will be our first year with a child in school and I know I’m going to have a lot of crap to organize!!

  27. Impressive! Can you come to my house and makeover my closets? No, seriously, they are awful.

  28. I don’t homeschool, but I would LOVE a closet like this to organize my kids school stuff. This is awesome!

  29. That is one organized closet! I love all the labels.

  30. Amy Stokes says:

    I love how you organized the closet. Doesn’t it feel great to have a place for everything?

  31. The organization is making me drool. One day, that will be me. But today? Today I will just throw all my crap in there and hope the door will close.

  32. WOW! I do love closet makeovers. We don’t home school but this would be great for any need for storage and limited space.

  33. Wow that is so organized! Not only that, but the yellow walls make it a super bright and fun space…perfect for school things! I love the labels as well!

  34. I don’t have kids but I do love a good organized closet. iIt’s wonderful!! 🙂

  35. I wish I could be as organized as you are! I’m going to help homeschool my niece, and we have been redecorating and organizing donations from friends including toys, books, lots of crayons, finger paint, and a ton of art materials.

    Thankfully I did see your post, because the clear shoe box idea is just genius! Since people around here claim that they barely have the time to read labels (please!) then they can see through the boxes and not end up opening so many drawers or containers. Thanks!

  36. OH.MY.GOODNESS! I love this! I love more that you went from a corner in the dining room to THIS! It’s amazing how much better something is when you wait for it. Not so much for the purpose of the enjoyment and appreciation, but so you can make it exactly what you want-had plenty of time to think about it! So nice…enjoy it!

    P.S. I never would have thought about using our guest room for a home school room.

  37. I LOVE this closet. While I think it is fabulous for homeschoolers, I thing it would also be great just for keeping things organized and all in one place for families who send their children out to school. Thanks for inspiring me, maybe since we are starting early we will have an organized school year! 🙂

  38. Wow, very impressive. We are starting back to homeschooling in 2 weeks and my school room is a disaster area, this is an inspiration.

  39. I would have loved a closet like this when I homeschooled my kids – now I’d just kill to have a closet like this for my craft stuff.

    You did a great job!

  40. Honestly I need to think up something like this. Not for homeschooling supplies, but just my own school materials for classes online. I have two closets available to me so…hmm. Looks like I need to check out the Container Store! Thanks!!

  41. Will you help me clean mine?? Everything else in my house is organized…but the closet is a bit of a disaster!! Way to go it looks great!!

  42. That is so awesome… I LOVE organization- it feels so good to know exactly where everything is! 😉

  43. This is total inspiration to get my rear end motivated! I start preschool homeschooling again in a couple weeks and I *still* have to find ways of de-cluttering my shelves and getting myself organized! Thanks for the tips!

  44. I tried to homeschool over the summer one year… we lived out of milk crates and it was amazingly stressful to not be organized. Your closet is a DREAM! Great job!

  45. Rachel Anderson says:

    Wow! You are my inspiration! I need to do this to my hall closet, it has a jumble of everything and anything and its a MESS!

  46. You did a great job! I need to get this organized. Even if I don’t homeschool 🙂

  47. I love your organizing. I’m all about the clutter, not because I want to be. I just naturally cause clutter. When I organize it looks half done. Maybe someday I can do it right lol Thanks for sharing!

  48. oh wow! This homeschool room is amazing! My lil one is still a bun in the oven, but we hope to homeschool when he’s old enough. You’ve given me some great organization ideas!

  49. Great job! Being prepared will help to keep everyone focused. It looks like a magazine!

  50. Love the organization! Can you come do my my office/scrapbooking room?

  51. The last time I saw a closet that amazingly organized was the Convent at St. Michael’s! Are you a… Closet Nun??? (Ahem… sorry about that. ;0 )


  52. Being organized is such a huge way to stay calm(er) about back to school or homeschooling. My key is to STAY organized! I find disorganization starts creeping back in. Your system looks so great!

  53. WOW!! I want to the same thing with my craft closet. Now I just have to get the kids at school so they’re not around asking for this and that.

  54. elizabeth says:

    Great idea! I think if kids have something/somewhere to put things back where they belong, then they actually KEEP things organized. I love this. 🙂

  55. This is great motivation to get organized. Now that school has started I know the kitchen will get overrun with projects and papers. Maybe I can keep it under control this year!

  56. You have to be really organized to homeschool. I love that you made the closet such a useful place for supplies and resources.

  57. You are an organization goddess! The closet looks amazing. I really need to do some cleaning out and reorganizing myself. I have beading supplies all over the place.

  58. This looks great! I don’t homeschool, but I do have a ton of learning materials at home and need to find a way to keep them tidy!

    frugalmommieof2 at

  59. well it looks great! also. i’m intrigued and scared by fizzy foamy science.

  60. What an inspiration!!! I am seriously drooling over the organization here! I’ll give you our situation:
    1. Me (Mom) of two girls = 3 and 2.
    2. Very unhappy with our conventional preschool (and education as a whole) system.
    3. STRONGLY considering homeschooling
    4. Very inspired by your post! : ) We have a perfect room to homeschool in (also our guest BR) so maybe I’ll set up a little classroom in there.
    5. I would love to hear from you about this “partial homeschooling” thing. Never heard of it — but I’m early on in my “homeschool info digging” so I would love to get some info from you on this!

    Thanks for such an awesome post! I bet The Container Store would LOVE to hear about this!

  61. I’m so jealous! We start our homeschooling next week and I am still running around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure I have everything I need and everything is organized. This gives me some great motivation to get it done! I love pictures!

  62. Your closet is perfect. I love how organized it is and how everything you need is within reach!

  63. Sigh. That closet is AWESOME – nothing in our house is that organized at all. My closet/room, in particular, could be qualified as a disaster area! We need a complete overhaul, but Mommy lacks the energy…

  64. I’m so glad to know that I am not the “only” mom who does this!

    I’ve done the same thing with not only our extra room closet, but I did it with our guest closet in the hall. So now when people come they don’t have a closet for the/ir belongs to be hung in. We just take the jackets/coats and what have you to one of the rooms, however.

    My closets are not nearly as neat as yours. Will strive for that 🙂

  65. This is exactly what I want my office closet to look like. I love love love it. Amazing work girl.

  66. Milk crates stacked in the corner is a great idea! I may have to steal that idea for shoes/hat/mitten/random closet debris. If I ever get around to organizing closets that is.

  67. I love this! I am now thinking of a way that I can organize my closet for school supplies. Right now everything just gets dumped in one big bin. Which means the kids can’t find anything!

  68. What a great space! You are so organized! Can you come to my house and do this for me too?? I can’t wait to see the rest of the room!!

  69. Now that is one gorgeous closet! I would stand there and look at it all day and never get any homeschooling done. 🙂 Nice job and very inspiring!

  70. Wow, reading a great organization blog post is a great way to get the day started. It really pumps me up! I love how you hav everything neatly laid out and not cluttered.

  71. I have a closet in my house that needs this sort of organization. Right now it’s The Nightmare Closet and I’m afraid to open the door. The underlying problem is that I have too much stuff but the stuff could DEFINITELY be more organized. Plus, with a home business, not being organized ends up leading to wasted time looking for things.

    I have started on my organizing. I have the plastic shoeboxes. I just need to brave The Nightmare Closet and start organizing!

  72. You totally rock!!!


  73. Wow. Homeschooling is something I’ve thought about for years, but never thought I could be organized enough to do it. Well I still don’t think I could be, but you sure are! Love it.

  74. Oh, how organized spaces motivate me to organize in my own home!

  75. I feel kinda stupid asking this, but what is an Elfa and why is it such a big deal? Your closet looks very nice and since I am in the process of moving my woodworking from the dining room table to the small bedroom, organizing things is on my mind.

  76. LOVE the organization – you inspire me!

  77. How inspiring. I am planning on cleaning my closet this weekened anyway but I loved how you organized everything. I am going to look to you for reference. Thank you!

  78. You are so crafty and organized. I love your colors and how well you created the perfect space. I just threw away several milk cartons and now I wish I had kept them. I could have put them to use in Abby’s closet or on a shelf with all of her books.

  79. Wow! I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into this. It turned out absolutely amazing! Looks like you really take your homeschooling seriously, which is wonderful!

  80. Love your closet space, so jealous of the organization! I will be starting homeschool with my two, and love the tips ahead of time! BTW, I stumbled this post.

  81. I’ve been home-schooled for most of my life. Our general setup at home was quite a mess. I wish my family had thought of organizing the place as efficiently as you’ve done above.

    P.s. LOVE your blog design/layout!

  82. wow! That is so organized!! I am so green with envy…in my mind, I am that organized. Translating the mental to the physical? God help me!

  83. I am so unorganized and need major help Do you make housecalls? LOL! I am going to try some of your ideas to keep down the chaos of 3 kids in 3 different schools.

  84. I’m SO Jealous. I have been homeschooling for a long time and as of right now I don’t have any special space 🙁 I have things stacked in the living room. I dream of having a homeschool room! Love this soooo much!

  85. I only wish our homeschool tools were that organized! I will just stare at your picture and dream while we are working at the kitchen table this morning 😉

  86. Looks great!! What a great level of organization!!

  87. Now that is FANTASTIC! We used to have a dedicated classroom where everything could go. Unfortunately when we had to make this last move- we not only lost the room, but a lot of storage that went along with it. While I am a pretty organized person & everything has it’s place, I find myself craving that sense of feeling “super organized”. I love what you have done with your space. I’m sure it will make class time so much more efficient.

  88. Oh, I want to have a closet like that!!! Perfect!! and love the organization it gives you!

  89. The closet of my dreams!! How beautiful that looks! I just turned one of our spare rooms into a home office and I could use some organization like that! Sounds like a container store visit is in my future! 🙂

  90. I can only dream of what I could accomplish being that organized!!! Great post with terrific ideas!

  91. Amanda Johnson says:

    Simply amazing organization!

  92. I sometimes organize my closet to look like that… and then within a week it’s back to being a total mess 🙁 I need more closet space!

  93. Wow…I’m seriously impressed! LOL I can only dream of being that organized! I love how you have the “inboxes” for the papers that come home from school. It must make it easier to keep track of stuff. I’m going to have to put some serious thought into doing something like this. My daughter was just in pre-school last year and I had a hard time keeping track of all the stuff they sent home! LOL


  94. Very nice and organized! It really does help keep you focused.

  95. wow so inspiring (as I am sitting amidst a hot meass of an “office” space)

  96. I love how organized you are. I wish I could have school supplies organized like that for the year.

  97. would you mind coming to organize my homeschooling area…really right now I am taking up two rooms and Monkey is sleeping in our room…oh how I would love it to be super organized

  98. I would love if I had the time to get that organized. I used to be so good at it, till I had kids. haha
    Great job by the way 🙂

  99. You did a really good job. I like that everything has a place and is easily accessible.

  100. I always imagine creating organized spaces like this… but I think they will only ever be a dream for me! I can never seem to pull it off!

  101. That is amazing work! I need the for my art supplies.

  102. I love how organized you are! I can’t wait to see how I can use your methods in my closets/life!

  103. Are you going to come redo my room? 🙂 AWESOME JOB! I had to redo my entire room for the baby that is due but… I must admit, keeping it up has failed. I need a better way to organize the closet for my clothes. 🙂

  104. Oh, my! You are far too organized – it looks wonderful!

  105. I don’t know how I missed the fact that you homeschool, but I am absolutely impressed. I don’t know how you get everything done that you do, but I am glad that I can call you my “friend” – maybe you’ll rub off on me.

  106. I’ve just started homeschooling my son and a closet like this with all the organization is just what I need! Thanks for the inspiration!

  107. Love all the organization ideas. Will have to file those away!!

  108. I wish I could get as organized as you.

  109. Your closet is amazing. I’m a closet (haha) organiser so thats the stuff my dreams are made of!

  110. I wish I had you image skills too! I love how organized you are with breaking the photo down and labeling the parts!

  111. Wow! You are an inspiration. I love the labels. I’d like my whole house to be as organized as your little closet. I have my work cut out for me.

  112. This is fabulous. You make me want to go dust off my p-touch straight away!!! Wow, my closet and my office need this treatment…sigh..and I need the time.

  113. It would be cute if you had a “School’s in Session” sign above the closet or on the open door when they are to be working. The color is very school yellow! The organization looks fantastic!

  114. I love it! Especially thos Elfa Storage baskets!

  115. Love this! Even the colors coordinate nicely. You’ve done a great job. Can’t wait to see more of the room! (Snooping in others’ homeschool rooms is one of my FAVE things, thanks for posting yours!!!)

  116. That all looks so fantastic! I don’t have a closet to put my homeschooling stuff, but I have a couple of bookshelves, and I just got a bunch of clear plastic shoe boxes so I’m in the middle of organizing all of my stuff. Thanks for some great ideas!

  117. What a fantastic job! Now if only I could find an empty closet… 🙂

  118. Love the closet. It’s inspired me to get out my label maker and make my own homeschool closet. Then maybe, just maybe I’ll get my kitchen shelves back before summer! 🙂

  119. Oh, look at all those organizing goodies… I think I’m dreaming. That organization would never last around here, but its so pretty…. I always try…

  120. Omg, I love it, can you come to my house!?! 😉 Seriously though, I love how organized your closet is & it totally inspires me to get in gear & do a little organizing of my own. Thanks!

  121. I’m impressed! This type of organization is exactly why I’ll never homeschool, I just couldn’t do it, lol!! Actually you have some great ideas for organization for the kids and my own office. Thanks.

  122. Oh how my heart sings with joy to know I’m not the only one. I used my P-Touch the other day at the office to organize the supply closet. Now if you can’t find what you need, either I will schedule your eye appointment or we’re going to have to have a big ol Come to Jesus meeting about the situation. Love love love this!

  123. I love your crazy organizational skills! I could craft something like that, but after two weeks it would never look the same.

    Upkeep seems to be my issue…

  124. You’re not only bloggy inspiration, but ORGANIZING inspiration, too! I won’t even go into the homeschool part of it! What CAN’T (don’t) you do? You are truly awesome.

  125. Amazing job! : ) I am trying to hard to convince my husband to let me home school our son. If I could be as organized as you, it may not be such a difficult task!

  126. Sara Shoop says:

    I love an organized closet! Thanks for the tips.

  127. This is amazing. My absolute lack of organizational prowess is the very reason I don’t homeschool my kids. KUDOS to you!

  128. That is a great idea and I am sure it helps them focus because everything it neat and organized.

  129. I’m a classic virgo – all about organization and what not. This pic makes me very happy! Great job! 🙂

  130. This looks great, I think I need to go organize my closet now. Great tips!

  131. Holy Organization Batman! I need to do this…of course, it would take me about 4 years to pull this off – but what an inspiration!

  132. I love organizing. I need to do this to my office. Thanks for the inspiration.

  133. taylor marves says:

    Wow! This looks great! Could you please come and organize my closet while you are at it?

  134. Oh man! I love love LOVE how organized it is! Fabulous!! 🙂

  135. Love the closet idea!! That is awesome! I’m thinking I should get rid of some clothes and try this.

  136. Seriously envious of your closet space. I so need to do something like that with my kids school/craft stuff. Now to find a closet. LOL

  137. Going from No storage to a wonderful closet, I can easily see how this would be your favorite part of the room! I ended up with a big bookshelf in my Diningroom when we were homeschooling, but still had issues. lol

  138. OMG! I WISH I could be this organized, with a 4 yr old daughter and another little girl on the way, my closets are spilling over with clothes, shoes and purses. Maybe I’ll sweet talk the hubby into some organizational items…..

  139. Man, I wish I had a closet, that I could organize like that. Looks great!!!

  140. Kathy McClure says:

    That is awesome! I LOVE organized closets. I have mine organized but I don’t have the nice plastic tubs so it doesn’t look near as nice as yours!!!

  141. looks like it’s time for me to get that guest room organized too!

  142. that’s insane. insanely impressive!! I need your organizational skills!!

  143. Awsome. Although I never have experianced homeschooling (or know anyone who has -since I am from Germany and its forbidden here-) I find it majorly Interesting and your closet looks about as professional as it could get.
    Great Work!

  144. Laura Etherton says:

    You did a great job on the closet…wish I was that organized!

  145. I’m still trying to figure out how to organize our homeschool stuff. Great inspiration. Thanks.

  146. Heather M says:

    That is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I’m not so organized, but certainly wish I was. This is motivation to do SOMETHING cleanliness wise today though.
    Maybe clean out that spare closet?

  147. I don’t homeschool, but you’ve given me some amazing ideas for how to organize my “over buying” of school supplies. I have “overbought” in the last few years, doing the target sales. I like to donate to the teacher midway through the year, but I still way overbought in years past!

    I love that Elfa silver shelf with the slide out drawers – too cool!

  148. Tiffaney Hackley says:

    I love it !!! your such a inspiration !!!

  149. How does partial homeschooling work? Do you just continue the schoolwork after they come home or is it a half-half collaboration of some sort? This is a really awesome space for some serious learning!

  150. I’m impressed, this is great organization! My boys aren’t home-schooled, but I still wish we a had a spare/guest room to use for things like this. I really don’t want to set aside a part of my office because that’s my space to get away from the craziness to get work done. But I’m thinking that I might need to. Seeing these ideas sparks my creativity! Thanks so much!

  151. Wow you did an awesome job! Stopping by from B2B!

  152. Lady Hill says:

    I wish I could get my closet that organized for myself! I was home schooled for most of high school and my stuff was never this organized. It would have saved a lot of stress if it was!

  153. Oh my goodness… you are so organized!! I have a closet that I think I may be able to do that with! I don’t homeschool, but I still have 4 kids in school, and all the backpacks, extra school supplies, and homework supplies really take up alot of space! Love the use of the shoe boxes. Great job!

  154. We still homeschool at our kitchen table. You’re right. It’s less than ideal. One day I hope to have a dedicated homeschool room, and this looks superb. I’m going to bookmark it for reference!! I think #2, the drawers, are my favorite. I would love a place for each child to put their stuff in. I think you will have a great homeschooling year.

  155. This is great! As a past math teacher (current SAHM, perhaps future homeschooler?), I loved your comment about math manipulative soup 🙂

  156. This is great. I redid my kids homeschool/play room and I really like the colorful vertical effect you have made. The closet can be so multipurpose. If you would ever like to contribute to my Manage Monday posts I would love to have a guest post from you.

  157. You’re right – being organized definitely helps alleviate stress. Right now, all our closets and our basement storage area are so disorganized and messy. It’s a constant source of stress for me and very overwhelming. Now that the kids have went back to school and I’m at home alone during the day, I’m determined to tackle those closets once and for all.

  158. You post makes me want to clean and organize…I’m not at all if you saw my closets. LOL

  159. Wow – love it! I’m working on organizing all the closets in our house that way. Not complete yet, though I’m making progress!

  160. I’ve been home schooled on and off since Pre-K and my family has never really had a home school room. I like what you did with the closet, very well organized, and the room itself looks bright and colorful! Wish I had a room like that when I was younger. 😛 Anyway, it looks very clean and organized, now let’s hope it will stay that way!

  161. Can you come to my house please. I don’t have a homeshool room but I could defintely use your organizational skills every where else in my house!

  162. I wished that I was that organized. I am working on it. I have a yellow envelope that I keep all of the paperwork from having our son tested for his sensory integration disorder and autism. I need a file system really bad.

    Heather K.
    mysticbutterfly37 at

  163. My dream! I’ve been homeschooling for 14 years and I STILL don’t have that much organization! I should probably invest one of these years. I still have 10 years of it left. I generally just have a bookshelf or giant cabinet that the doors close on to store things.

  164. Your closet looks great!
    I moved a year ago and still can’t get it together. I am going to spend the next few days putting things where I want them so that I can have a fab closet too.

  165. I’m so jealous of your area and organization! Right now, I have books/papers piles high on a desk that I desperately need to organize! My kids can’t even get to their books sometimes. My goal for this week is to get it all organized!!!!

  166. Wow amazing. Can you come to my house and organize it. 🙂 Pretty Please!

  167. Wow! Your closet {almost} makes me want to homeschool 🙂 Love the idea though and I can see it being used for a great craft area too!

  168. Okay…may I please schedule you and your children to come on over to my house and do the same!! Most EXCELLENT organization skills…I am now cringing as I am sit here and look at my work area…oh me…oh my…HELP!! I love all the labeling!! 😀

  169. I love your organization. I need a label maker. It makes everything look so much neater and helps you to know exactly where everything is. I need to get started on some organizing!

  170. i soooo totally have homeschool mama envy!! i wanna be a homeschooler but alas, my hubby will not allow it, he fears that i will do one of two things…1~kill the child, or 2~kill myself…apparently neither of these is acceptable to him…therefore, i shall not not be a homeshooling mama! 🙁 …aaaannywho, i am looooving the organizing skils, or skillz, whichever you prefer!!! 🙂 … carry on!!

  171. I have never seen a more organized space. Seriously. Want to come to my house? I could use the help.

  172. Wow! That’s amazing. Would you come visit my closet and get it in order too?

  173. Looks veeeery organized. Wonder how long it will last? Lol

  174. Now that you have done that, would you like to organize my closets? ha ha! Great system!

  175. I dream of having a homeschooling closet like that! It looks great 🙂

  176. Wish I could be so organized…lovely work and love your wall color.

  177. This is just what I needed to see – so much organization – I need all the help that I can get in this area! I love how everything is in place and everything has a place. Good Job!

  178. Love this, I want my closets to look like this!

  179. Ooh, I love this. My husband does not understand why I come home with a new bin nearly weekly. But we have toys overtaking our life! Organization keeps me sane. Great job!

  180. Wow this is a great room, my daughter is starting preschool soon. This has some great tips that I plan to use for her ‘learning area’ as well as my home office. Thanks so much!

  181. Wow! That’s impressive! I wish I had your organizational skills- when the lovelies were coming along and I was homeschooling or even now that they’ve grown up and left me with a messy empty nest! Won’t you please consider coming here and doing this for MY ENTIRE HOUSE? It’s a very little house! LOL

  182. I love how organized it looks. I wish I had space like that. I really need some organizing done in my home. Would you be interested in helping me out maybe? Great job.

  183. Wow! That is beautiful. And I can relate to dreaming about your ideal storage space while managing with less. Congratulations! (and I also recognize Sonlight books there 🙂 )

  184. I’m impressed.

    I want a closet to look that neat and organized!

  185. Beth Willis says:

    Wow! I dream about being this organized- I definitely need #2 for all the stuff my girl’s bring home from school.

  186. I love this post even I could take some tips. I need to organize some areas because with a new member in the family space is becoming more reduced. Thanks!

  187. The organization of that closet gave me heart flutters! (Yes, I’m totally a dork like that) I LOVE that it’s so tidy and simple and perfect and, wonderful! Great job

  188. That’s some impressive organization. My girls go to public school but we have plenty of homeschool materials that we use at home to supplement where I feel the curriculum is lacking. I am always trying to bring order to all of the homeschooling materials that we have.

  189. Holy organization, Batman! Can we say, “Sleeping With The Enemy?”

  190. I love it, looks so organized!!

  191. Beautiful. I wish my kids could keep their closet space this neat. Makes me wanna take another stab at reorganizing every closet in the house. Great job!!

  192. this is amazing. i wish i was THIS organized! how do you plan on keeping it this way… that’s my biggest struggle… i get it organized, then over time…. things don’t go back to where they should… suggestions?

  193. Your closet is beautiful! I only wish to have a closet that organized! Maybe one day…

  194. I am just starting to homeschool and this gives me something to aspire to.

  195. Wow! I’m impressed! I could use a smidgen of this kind of organization in my office closet!

  196. I’m a little confused, are they doing part home school and part in school? That is what is sounded like and I think it is a great idea but I was not sure.

  197. Nelia Madeira says:

    Wow, I’ve been dying to do an organizatin closet like that and you have inspired me a lot. I need to get going and try to accomplish it this year. My closet is a lot smaller than that, but I’ve been looking around Home Depot for closet organization and it was kind of expensive, I’ll look into Elfa and see how it is. Thank you so much for the inspiration…

  198. Holy organization, Batman! I wish I had it in me to be organized this way – not so much for homeschooling, but for everyday life. This gives me something to try to better, for sure. Like another commenter mentioned (along with probably lots of other people), I can get things organized, it’s just hard for me to keep them that way.

  199. Ok, i SO need to be like you. My kids have been doing homework in the living room flow this year. Horrible I know. I learned my lesson yesterday when my daughters 2 year okld sister grabbed her homework from the floor, ran with it and ripped it to pieces. I need to find a closet now!

  200. Wow! You’ve done an amazing job with this organization. I love how you’ve labeled each container and area. I’m feeling inspired to get organizing! 🙂

  201. Looks great! I’m inspired to go organize now 🙂 I’ve discovered that putting a shoe holder/organizer on the back of your door is great for putting in small, random object without taking up space.

  202. This is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen!! I get so excited over organization and school supplies!! I cannot wait for my son to reach the age…I might start shopping now!! (he’s only 3 :))

  203. Wow! That is one nicely-organized closet. I love how neat everything is!

  204. It’s amazing the great things you can do with bins and a label maker.

  205. I wish I could organize like that! I think I need to take a step back and see what I really need. I especially love that you have a spot for things that don’t quite have a home yet!

  206. Deb Anderson says:

    You are an inspiration!

  207. I love this…it makes me want to use some of your tips on my own rooms/closets! I love #6 with the different colors in the back of the grade book piles. Genius!

  208. Wow! I so wish I could be so organized. Well, I can get that organized I just cannot Maintain it

  209. I love organizing. But I now live in a college dorm, so that is a little hard to do!

  210. #8. you took these not necessarily cute boxes and made them look awesome in your closet. well done. Xoxoxo

  211. Impressive. I love that everything is labeled. And I like the clear boxes for math games. Makes it easy to keep all the pieces from getting mixed up.

  212. When are you available to come over and do my closets? This looks AWESOME!

  213. Looks great !….for now. LOL If only it could stay that way. I’ve found that usually I have to de-clutter and re-organize because the person that I’m doing it for (hubby, son) are slobs to begin with. Good thing I’m one of those people that thrive on the “instant gratification” that I get by straightening up and seeing something look good. Even if it doesn’t stay that way. Did I mention that my birthday is this weekend and WOW could I use a gift ! LOL

  214. WOW! You should become a professional organizer. Completely jealous right now 🙂

  215. I love your ideas. I’ve been wanting to organize my office, this is definitely motivation!

  216. I think I need you to come over to my apartment – it’s so disorganized that I feel completely off-key! I don’t know where to start! Thank you for some ideas 🙂

  217. Doesn’t organization just make you feel all snug and cozy inside? It does me! We’re moving right now and I can NOT wait to be organized again!

  218. Fabulous! My problem is it’s not just a *closet* that needs organizing!

  219. newlywedsonabudget says:

    I am a big fan of organizing and re-organizing!

  220. Looks good! I need to organize our bedroom closet. It’s an overwhelming task that I’m trying to hide from.

  221. Stephanie J says:

    I only wish I could be that organized. Thanks for sharing your closet!

  222. Your closet looks amazing! You wouldn’t want to come over and help me, would ya?

  223. So, you should do a post/segment where readers send in pics of their closets and you help them with ideas 🙂 LOVE this closet. I am a Type A personality and live for this stuff. Sadly I do not usually have the time and resources to keep our homeschool stuff that tiday-I don’t have the space either really. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  224. this is awesome! i totally need to organize my closets. i love organization.
    thanks for sharing!
    {love} lauryn @

  225. I think that you should help your readers organize their stuff too. I am running out of ideas seriously.

  226. Christy H. says:

    I love the labels! That’s awesome

  227. Arianah Watts says:

    Great job! I would be thrilled if any of my closets looked that way!

  228. I LOVE it! I’m so jealous. I am trying to homeschool my preschooler and do my own school work (recently started back to college) plus blog and have a general office/guest room and I TOTALLY need a closet that is organized like that. I am going to set aside some of my grant money next semester to revamp my guest closet. Linens can be moved to the front hall closet. I need to get the hook up with the Container Store and get it fixed nicely like you have!


  229. Elizabeth Bubel says:

    Wow i wish you could come do my whole house lol i just dont have it in me to do all that

  230. I still have trouble with storage for our books, school stuff (crayons, papers, etc) and backpack. All on my kitchen floor!

    I really want to shop the Container store too and get something. I just want this place organized!

    You did a great job! Come do mine! 😉

  231. can you PLEASE, pretty please, come do my craft closet? I’ve been able to put it off for a week, but next week I have to get on it and I dread it more than spring cleaning or doing 18 loads of laundry (that’s bad right? LOL)

    VERY impressive!

    1. I am so afraid to even open my craft closet. It’s an old hall closet that started out holding my scrapbook stuff, then wrapping paper. Then the third and fourth baby showed up and I can’t tell you what happened after that. Just don’t open it!!!

  232. I want your closet. It’s sort of like my crush on Jude Law, but probably more attainable. Slightly.

  233. So organized! Labeling everything takes it up a notch! Very nice!

  234. Oh my gosh, it looks absolutely fantastic! I’m SO impressed. 🙂

  235. What a great idea! I’ve always thought small children belong in a closet!

  236. Wow. Your closet looks amazing! It makes me wish I had an extra closet in my home to dedicate to just such a cause. 🙂

  237. Jessica Gonzalez says:

    Amazing! I am moving into our first home and I would be delighted if you could come over and help me organize! 🙂 I love the labeling on the shelves! ~Jessi G

  238. Oh My!! Please come to my house and get me organized!! With my family of 6, it would be so nice if we could get some sort of rhyme or reason to our mess!!

  239. I love how neat everything is in this room!!!

  240. I love how everything is labeled! And yep, I’ve learned if it’s not accessible for the kids then it probably won’t work as good. Perfect spot for those backpacks!!!

  241. I love it! Thanks for the wonderful organization ideas…I will be homeschooling my 3 kids starting next year, so these are especially great tips for me! I would love to convert our extra room into our ‘classroom’! What a great idea!

  242. I love, love, love #2 – one of my major organizing mistakes is I fill every space and there’s no room for uncategorized daily “stuff”.

  243. Wow, when can you visit my home? My boys are out of control. I’d love to be more organized. Great job.

  244. Mary Ann Pace says:

    Very organize, very exciting, well put. Everything just falls perfectly in the right place. Thanks for sharing. I love it period.

  245. Holy cow you are organized! I absolutely need some help with that.

  246. You did a great job! I wish I had the closet space to organize. I have 2 small shelves above my washer & dryer that I divided & use have to keep school supplies on.

  247. Oh please come over and do my closets! With sugar on top?

  248. I am very impressed. I can’t even organize our linen closet much less a big closet like yours! You did a good job! I love the labels and how everything has it’s own place.

  249. I am working on organizing my kitchen in such an organized way. I really need to look into The Container Store. Thanks for the inspiration!

  250. Very cute! I need to do that with my own closets!!!

  251. Looks awesome and very professional, as well as well organized. Great job on cleaning it up!

  252. #neat I wish I could organize my space like this (*cough* slob…..did somebody say something?) LoL Everything is a mess at my place – it’s a wonder I can find anything, I call it an ‘organized mess’ though. lol

  253. This post makes me realize that I need to get more educational toys for my twins!

  254. Wow you did a great job. I wish I could have my closets organized that well!

  255. I love your closet – it is fantastic! 🙂

  256. Great job! One of the biggest challenges of homeschooling is the organization. Mine are older now and it’s a bit easier. Looking through your pictures, I recognized so many of the books on your shelves…

  257. Jennifer Hatfield says:

    How organized, I sure wish that my stuff was that organized!

  258. Wow! I wish my craft closet was that organized.

  259. That closet looks fantastic! If only I had a few extra closets to organize……

  260. You’ve done a fabulous job organizing the closet! I hope you post again in a few months letting us know if the system has worked well for you – what you’ve changed, if anything, and what your favorite aspects have been!

  261. Really looks great! I am sure this makes your homeschooling life much easier.

  262. Looks great–it does give me hope that JUST MAYBE, one day I will have a homeschool room. A girl can dream, right? 😉

  263. Are you busy next week? You can work your closet magic on mine! 🙂 I kid, but am duly impressed!

  264. Looks awesome! I am working on re-doing my office this week and this gave me many great ideas! Thanks!!

  265. I love that everything has a spot and is labeled for easy access. I am inspired to go organize something….if you don’t hear from me in a few days send HELP! lol
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful space:)

  266. I could really take a few lessons from you. I’m SO unorganized & would love to get a better reign on things!

    Great work, looks fab!

  267. Awesome! Do you hire yourself out as a professional organizer or home school consultant….you should!!!

  268. I love how this is organized. I would love to home-school our 6 kids. I will have to forward this post to my cousin, she is just starting to home-school her kids. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  269. The perfect solution for your family. You did an excellent job of explaining each section too!

  270. I love seeing how people organize their closets- this looks great! Love all the lables and great idea to make a space for backpacks!

  271. How long did it take you from start to finish to accomplish that?

    it looks awesome!

  272. Oh wow i that closet really beautiful. If only my closet is like that i will be happy. I am too busy but i need to do it…

  273. Oh wow i that closet really beautiful. If only my closet is like that i will be happy. I am too busy but i need to do it…Good job and keep up the good works.

  274. Utterly fantastic!!! This is exactly what I need in my home – 4 kids gets pretty crazy when it comes to school and organizing 🙂

  275. Wow. Really nice! The hard part is keeping it that way!

  276. I love how neat and functional this is. I love when everything is organized. This inspires me to get back to organizing my room . Thanks for this post

  277. It looks great! I need to get my closets looking like that.

  278. I am crazy about organized closets! I just redid my daughter’s closet and it’s only HALF as great as this! Love it!

  279. I wish I was as organized as you are!!! Love this and gives me some inspiration!!!

  280. This is amazing! I wish you would come to my house and organize my office/craft/learning room.

  281. I wish I could be that organized. #8 would really help out my shelves.

  282. Everything looks very organized and well kept! Kudos!

  283. Yes, closets. Mine still needs organizing, but with school about to start that’ll get done quickly.

  284. Your closet looks great! I wish mine looked even half that good. Thanks for the tips, I need to get inspired and organize ours this year.

  285. I LOVE your new space! We are addicted to clear bins and labels are our house and I love to see them in use! Most of the bins around our house hold our boys toys and art supplies sorted by type, then theme then color. Yes, we are that bad. lol!

  286. You totally just motivated me to get this done! I started cleaning out my kids’ closets so I could move my two girls into the same room. I have wanted to get a shelving unit to put in there but was not sure of how to do it!! THANKS!! I love how neat it is!

  287. Danelle J says:

    I wish my kids room could look like this!! 🙂

  288. Do you want to come organize my house? I mean closet? 🙂 This looks great. I just redid my bedroom closet with those wire brackety things from Lowes. Now I need to get started on the kids’ rooms!

  289. I love when a closet looks all neat and organized. It’s a very satisfying thing to make a closet look so beautiful. And having everything labeled helps so much.

  290. I can imagine how much nicer it is to be properly organized. I’ve still got to get there myself! 🙂 My children are still young-aged 3, 2, and 1-and order and things being put away yet easy to find are crucial. You did a great job, thanks for the inspiration!

  291. In our earlier homeschooling days our school are was this tidy… in recent years with my oldest finishing school and my youngest switching to an online curric- I just have a small rubbermaid tub filled w/ school stuff!

  292. Oh, I’ve been gone far too long from the blogging. I forgot how much I love your posts. And now, I get to covet your closet as well. bonus!

  293. I’m amazed at how organized everything is! That’s a great way to use your closet space.

  294. So neat! I’m a homeschool grad and I remember how much fun it was to get our schoolroom/area ready for the fall. 🙂 Organization helps a lot!!

  295. Such amazing attention to every detail! I’m in awe and inspired to work on my clutter spaces!

  296. I started organizing when I was pregnant and it kind of stuck. I love how neat the closet is! I just re-organized the nursery as my four month old is outgrowing clothes. It’s such a chore :/ but it’s so nice when every thing’s in its place!

  297. Wow! I wish my homeschool space looked that neat and orderly. I love the labeling and segregation.

    Thanks for the inspiration. If I can ever get control over the room and my four boys out of the house, I just might do more re-organization. I know how much easier it makes homeschooling here, too.

  298. Wow! I would be thrilled if ANY space in my home looked that organized!

  299. Wow, I wish I could be that organized. I need that closet bad. We are working on one of our bedroom closets right now, and I am getting an awesome organization unit. Now to see if I can organize it!!! lol

    sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

  300. Wow! You are so organize!! I am starting to clean out my closet and hope to be as neat as you!

  301. Looks GREAT – will be super easy for you to stay organized! I really need to do that to several of my closet/spaces.

  302. How neat to be able to homeschool! I love how organized you are too! That’s awesome! 🙂

  303. I need to do this. My office is overflowing with, not just my junk, but my kids’ junk from school too. I may have to turn our upstairs guest room into a home school room…homework room or whatever we’ll call it. Could be their arts n crafts room, too, or something, just to keep the mess out of the downstairs or something. lol This is brilliant!

  304. Even just looking at a closet that organized makes me happy and calms me down. Now, can you come make MY closets look like that?!; )

  305. I wish I had the creative organizing skills that you have. Or rather, the energy and attention to keep up with it. I’m just lazy, I guess. LOL

  306. Wow that must be so freeing for your child and makes room for being able to be more creative. I will have to do this in my room too.

  307. great job-makes me think there is hope for my chaos!

  308. Awesome! What a blessing to have such an organized dedicated space for their school items! Great job!

  309. Wow! That is kind of a dream of mine as well! I’d LOVE to have a closet to renovate and capture some of our homeschooling flotsam and jetsam that accumulates every year (day/hour/minute).

    Very nicely done!

  310. Wow! Beautiful closet! I homeschooled for 7 years and recognize some of your materials! I know that it makes you feel good to start the school day with an organized closet! Blessings to you and your students!

  311. Thank you for your post, I am homeschooling both of my kids, and it is an adventure but like you explained SPACE is something I need and organization is yet another. I love the way you labled everything (one of our issues with finding things). Thank you again and again I will be back to get more pointers to make my own homeschool closet.

  312. YAY for organizing! I find that re-organizing certain areas of your home can definitely relieve some stress during the process. Its nice to clean it up, remove the clutter and transform it into a happy place LOL! It always feels so refreshing when your done and the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful and addicting!

    Thank you for sharing such a great post!

  313. Oh wow, I wish I could be that organized! I need help LOL!

  314. It is my dream to be organized like this. When I grow up, I want to be like you.

  315. I am such an organizational junkie… I may have just a wee touch of the OCD {I colorize books on shelves, all hangers must face the same direction, and people who do not put their canned goods into neat rows of similar items with all labels facing forward are simply living like savages… Lol. But only kind of.} So viewing your closet organization here makes my inner-organizer very happy 🙂

    I love the ideas, and while I don’t home school any of the kids in our house, I do plan to start daily activities when they get home from school each day this year- so there are some great tips here that I can use too!

    Thanks for this post 🙂

  316. Miss Imperfect says:


    I would love to be able to organize like that!

  317. That is amazing! I need all the closet space that I have for clothes and what not, but I’m still always amazed at how innovative people can be when it comes to repurposing tiny areas like that.

  318. Umm love it so when are you coming to my house?

  319. Nice job! Even though school happens all over the house, isn’t so nice having a dedicated room for schooling? 🙂

  320. Wow, that really makes me want to get to organizing!

  321. I wish I could be that organized! Beautiful!

  322. I love the wire bin organizer! I really don’t like it when I can’t see what’s where. I tend to re-arrange constantly, so forget where I put stuff. Something like yours would be perfect for my review stuff!

  323. whoa. my closet’s not worthy. but i look at this closet, and i am inspired!!!

  324. I love all the organizational items you’ve put into place! It looks like the perfect place for knowledge to flourish. You’ve brought back some great memories for me too. I was blessed enough to be able to home school my only child from 2nd grade through graduation. We just took her to her college orientation this past weekend! I’m proud of her but am really missing her. Sometimes I wish we could go back to the home schooling days!

  325. Awesome job! I need to do that to the closet in our office!

  326. Looks just like a picture from Real Simple magazine! Wish I could organize like that!

  327. Wonderful! Now I have hope that one day I can open my closets with out causing an avalanche. Thanks.

  328. Great job! I could use alittle help getting mine organized

  329. Wish my house was that organised 😛
    It looks great, a brilliant area to learn

  330. I need some of this organization at my house, only it’s not the craft closet that needs organized! I might have to borrow a few of your ideas.

  331. You have totally inspired me-you have done a superb job-so I need to get to work organizing my closets and supplies for my girls-thank you for the post!!

  332. I love organization! Can’t live without it! You did a great job at getting organized!

  333. This looks so great Holli! I’m loving how streamlined everything is, not to mention easy to find with the handy labels! I’ve been having this organizing bug lately, and I want to tackle my laundry room and linen closests! What a great inspiration.

  334. I am in LOVE with your closet…and think I might just move in so I can share your organization! Amazing! 🙂 I am so disorganized right now it drives me CRAZY!!!

  335. I love the bright, fun orange color on the outside and how organized you are on the inside! Glad it’s has helped your stress level go DOWN!! 😀

  336. Beautiful! I love Elfa and did my movie room, pantry and craft room all with their systems.

  337. Oh man, how I wish we had a guest room to make into a homeschool room! We use our dining room table, and though I have a small bookshelf and some rolling plastic storage drawers tucked in a corner, there’s still not enough room. I also hate that, when we have company over, it seems like we are using the “homeschool room” as a dining room. Ugh. Oh well, someday…
    You’ve done a great job organizing your room! Enjoy!!

  338. Your closet looks great! I need to organize mine too, but I seriously don’t know where to start!

  339. Looks great! I so need to organize around my house!

  340. That’s really neat. When I was homeschooled, we didn’t have a set closet but now that I’m hoping to teach my son, I think that will be a great idea.

  341. Great job, wish I was that organized.

  342. I like the way you organize your closet. I guess its about time for me to do the same like what you did. I always have problem organizing my daughter’s closet. I only have small cabinet for her stuff. I dont have huge cabinet. The small container is a good idea. I definitely buy that in the store. Thanks for sharing this wonderful clutter free ideas.

  343. What an amazing job you have done! I tried to organize mine but the kids insist on chaos! They seem to function better. Ever have that one boss who’s desk you know is under there somewhere, but you’ve never seen it?! THAT is what my children’s work area would look look like if I allowed it. But they always seem to know where everything is. Organized disorganization. I think I’m going to turn my downstairs closet into something as tidy and organized as your. If not for them, for me.

  344. Love the organization. I have been thinking if I want to homeschool our children in the future. This gives me an idea of what type of storage area is needed. Thanks so much!

  345. So neat and organized! Love it. If I did that it would last for a week or two and then be a disaster all over again.

  346. aahhhh…isn’t the organized life a simple life! It’s always worth the effort!

  347. I was planning on cleaning everything out from my closet and my girls closet and having a yard sale this Saturday. So far, well, I have a shelf of books and 5 dvd for the sale. Not quite what I had in mind! Your closet is an inspiration :->

  348. I need to create a closet like that for our homeschool! Right now it’s all just stacked on the end table in the living room. Thanks for sharing such great ideas to inspire those of us who need a little nudge:)

  349. There is no part of my house (or life) that is that organized. I think we need to sit down and have me learn from you! Lol. I am impressed.

  350. The closet is fantastic and gave me a lot of ideas. The shelves are great! I like the milk crate idea. These are cheap and store a lot. Thanks!!

  351. Alexandra Polina says:

    Love all the colors! Too bad all of *my* stuff would end up going into the “To be categorized / Miscellaneous” bin right from the get go. I’m great at organizing but really difficult for me to maintain all that I organized 🙂 Good job.

  352. These are some great Organizational skills.. In my dreams I am this organized, I will take our idea’s to heart when I get our room started.

  353. Great job! I thought Martha Stewart herself had come in and organized that closet! 🙂 Happy back to school! 🙂

  354. My homeschool closet doesn’t look that nice… You have inspired me… After garage sale this weekend I am going to work on the closet some more… I’ve tried to work with the shelves that are there to no avail. Maybe I need to gut it and start over…

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    Seriously, I would just plagiarize this entire design, if only… if only I had a homeschool room… if only I didn’t need a spare room for visiting dignitaries (aka parents)… if only I didn’t need the entire dining room table to spread homeschool days out on… you know what, I need help!!!

    So very impressed, always have been and now even more so!

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  399. Jennifer R. says:

    It looks great! Things always go so much better when you’re organized!

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    i really wish we had an extra room for a playroom / art room!
    love the organization, think it might have lit a fire under me 🙂

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    Seriously, my jaw hit the ground.. I love this closet, and WISH we could be this organized. My problem is I get it looking amazing, and within minutes my husband and kids wreck whatever I’ve tried to implement, which in turn makes me crazy disappointed, and I lose the “oomph” to re-organize it again for fear of repeating the cycle, lol.

  426. Kristine M. says:

    Looks awesome! Great job!

  427. Thank you for all of the GREAT ideas! I have 6 children (and a new baby on the way within the next 4 weeks) and I am definitely in desperate need of a room like that where they can do their homework! Now, the first idea that I am going to steal from you is #2…my kids are constantly bringing home piles of paper, like your children, and quite often, there are 3 or 4 of the same thing. Using the baskets is a perfect idea, rather than the kids leaving some on the table, some of the television, some in the kitchen…it’s all in one place and when I have time to sit down, I can bring the baskets wherever I feel like sitting down and sort through the piles.

    Thanks for the ideas!!! I’m going to be stealing a few!

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    popping in from Tip Junkie.

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    a latte of blessings & giggles,