You Can Freeze Toys For A Fun Ice Activity At Home

What happens when you freeze toys? Well, if your kids want their toys back, they’re going to have to figure a way to get them out of ice!

If you’re looking for a boredom buster, and some time to yourself, this ice activity is perfect for entertaining kids and keeping them busy. 

frozen toys in ice
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An Easy Prep Activity: Freeze Your Kid’s Toys

The night before, ask your kiddo to gather up some plastic toys and figurines that they’d like to see trapped in ice. This step is important, because it gives your kids a heads up about what’s going to happen.

If you don’t ask for their help in choosing toys, you may experience what I did when I first attempted this activity: cries of, “what happened to my toys? why are they stuck in ice?” Yeah, not the effect you want to have! 

frozen toys

Our next attempt at freezing toys went a lot more smoothly, because, hey, I gave them a warning. Plus, they participated in choosing the toys they wanted to see frozen. 

You might be wondering: what do I freeze the toys in? Ice cube trays are typically too shallow. Rather, use small dishes or plastic Tupperware that allows you to completely cover the toys in water.

freeze toys in ice

How Will the Kids Save Their Toys?

Once the toys are frozen in blocks of ice, let the kids have at it! Depending on the weather, you can let them chip away at the ice outside or in. (But if you’re inside, be sure to have towels handy).

You can give give them a spoon to get them started like one father did in the U.K. But, hint: the spoon will not work. Your kids will have to get creative. What will they try to get their toys free? Maybe dropping the ice on the ground? Or hacking away at it with another toy? 

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While they’re busy trying to figure out how to save their frozen toys, you’ll get some blissful time to yourself. Plus, I’m not kidding when I say that my oldest has literally spent an hour trying to “save” her toys. She has an absolute blast trying to figure out how to get them out. So in addition to being entertained by this activity, she’s also forced to think outside the box and get creative. 

If time goes by and the ice hasn’t melted, the toys are still trapped, and your kid gets frustrated? First, ask them if there’s anything else they think they can use. If they can’t, drop those ice cubed toys into an outdoor water table or a glass of water. Voila! Now this fun activity is also a science experiment, since it’ll teach your kids how to make ice disappear. 

What toys will your kids freeze — and save — first? 

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