Pine Cone Crafts

It’s that time of year to make some adorable pinecone crafts. It’s one of our favorite fall accessories but most of them also look great as home decor for the winter season. Get ready to enjoy the best pine cone crafts!

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Enjoy making the best pine cone crafts!

Best Pine Cone Crafts For The Whole Family

Here at Kid Activities Blog, we love easy crafts – just like you. We are always looking for great ideas to make the best crafts, using supplies we already have at home or are inexpensive to get, such as cotton balls, acrylic paint, and other simple supplies you can get at a craft store.

That’s exactly why today we are sharing with you our 50 favorite pine cone crafts to give your home that natural touch this holiday season. Take your kiddos with you to go pine cone hunting, grab your favorite craft supplies, and you won’t believe how much fun you’ll have with these projects.

Some of these crafts may be done by little kids, while others are more suitable for older kids. So just look around and find one that works for you. Happy crafting!

1. {Fall Crafts for Kids} Found Object Art

If you are looking for fall crafts for kids, you don’t need to look any further than your own yard. Kids can use their found objects to make a beautiful work of art that they can display in the backyard – including this beautiful pine cone ornament.

Isn’t this ornament so beautiful?

2. Pine Cone Craft That Turns Into A Snake

Let’s make a pinecone snake – it’s nicer than real snakes! It’s simple, colorful, and a great way to use pinecones. They’re cheap or if you’re lucky free. Get acrylic paint, googly eyes, some twine, and your basic glue and scissors.

Kids will have a great time making this pine cone snake.

3. Woodland Pinecone Fairy Nature Craft for Kids

Let’s make a pinecone fairy nature craft for your garden with pinecones, large wood beads, moss, and fall leaves. It’s a fun craft for kids, but since a hot glue gun is involved, make sure an adult is involved.

Kids of all ages will have so much fun making these fairy crafts.

4. Easy Pine Cone Bird Feeder Winter Craft for Kids

Pine cone bird feeders are fun natural crafts kids can make for feeding wildlife. Try identifying the different birds or counting them and you’ve got an art and science lesson at the same time.

These pine cone bird feeder crafts are so easy to make.

5. How to Make Scented Pine Cones for the Holidays

Let’s make scented pine cones for the holidays. They smell so good, look pretty anywhere, and are very simple to make. Make sure you get holiday-scented essential oils!

We love crafts that are also useful.

6. Painted Pinecone Turkeys: Thanksgiving Craft For Kids

Here’s a craft that kids of all ages, including toddlers and preschoolers, can help make. These painted pinecone turkeys are super cute! The pinecone scales themselves become the colorful turkey feathers. Very creative! From Live Craft Eat.

We love this Thanksgiving craft using a pine cone.

7. 3-Minute DIY Snow Covered Pine Cones & Branches {3 Ways!}

Want some winter magic? These DIY snow covered pine cones & branches will instantly transport you to an enchanted snowy wonderland! A Piece of Rainbow shared 3 easy ways to make them so just choose the one that works for you best and enjoy.

These DIYs only take 3 minutes to make.

8. Rainbow Fairies

We love color and rainbows! Let’s celebrate spring by making some simple rainbow fairies using pinecones, wooden beads, and wood rounds. Your kids will love how easy these can be made. From Twig & Toadstool.

What kid doesn’t love fairy crafts?

9. Let’s Make Zinnia Flowers from Pine Cones!

Who knew pine cones could make such beautiful crafts? Today we are learning how to make pine cones that look like zinnias. You can make them in different colors to make your home decoration as colorful as you want it to be. From A Fanciful Twist.

These pinecones really look like zinnia flowers.

10. How To Make A Pinecone Snowflake Wreath

This simple pinecone snowflake wreath is the perfect snowy season decoration. This pinecone decoration tutorial from Bren Did is so much easier than you’d expect and it’s a great way to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Look at how nice it looks on the wall!

11. Beautiful Fast & Easy DIY Pinecone Wreath ( Improved Version!)

A DIY pinecone wreath is a great decor project and is really fun and easy to make! Follow this tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow if you want a pinecone wreath that will last much longer than the rest.

These pinecones make very pretty Christmas decorations.

12. Giant Blossoms: Beautiful DIY Pinecone Decorations For Winter & Christmas

Want to make giant flowers pinecone decorations? Just get some leaves, your hot glue gun, some craft pains, thin threads, and of course, your pine cones. From A Piece of Rainbow.

What a nice way to feel in touch with nature!

13. Pine Cone Reindeer

Made with pine cones, felt, twigs, and wiggly eyes, this easy kids craft looks beautiful hanging from the Christmas tree. Check out the step by step tutorial from Fireflies and Mudpies and check out the handy video tutorial!

This pinecone craft is easy and perfect for kids of all ages.

14. Pom Poms and Pinecones Christmas Ornaments

Get your pom poms to make these super cute pinecones ornament! You’ll need pinecones, tiny pom-poms, string or ribbon, and a kiddo excited to help with this craft. From One Little Project at a Time.

We can’t believe how cute these pinecone ornaments turned out.

15. Large Pinecone Star | Tutorial

Let’s make a huge pinecone star using gifts from Mother Nature that will make any wall look its best! You’ll need some yardsticks and some patience – this craft is a bit time-consuming but the result is so worth it! From Ella Claire Inspired.

Happy holidays!

16. Felt and Pine Cone Owl Ornaments

These pine cone owl tutorials are pretty easy to make and you can make several of them – each with different personalities. Just look at the short video tutorial to learn how to make your own felt and pine cone owls. From Lia Griffith.

The perfect craft for younger kids.

17. How to Make Pinecone Bird Feeders

These pinecone bird feeders are a fun craft for kids of all ages – kids, teens, tweens, even adults. Make and use these pinecone feeders to observe birds and learn about them. They just take about 10 minutes to make and only need four supplies. From One Little Project.

Bird watching just got so much easier.


Fall is the perfect time to make these felt and pine cone turkeys! Download and print this free pattern from Lia Griffith, follow the full tutorial, and make your own little pinecone turkeys come to life with their own personalities.

We’re sure your pinecone crafts will look super cute.

19. Pinecone Turkey Craft for the Cutest Thanksgiving

Here’s another pinecone turkey craft to celebrate Thanksgiving with kids of all ages. Make this craft from DIY Candy with your little kids, even toddlers as it doesn’t require any skills and the glue is a non-toxic sugar mixture.

This craft is suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

20. DIY Colorful Pine Cone Wreath for Fall

This Fall pinecone wreath diy is so easy to make you might want to make more than one. Just follow the step-by-step instructions or watch the video and have fun with your fall craft! From Sarah Hearts.

Such an original way to use some pinecones.

21. DIY Wall Art: Rustic Pinecone Wall Hanging

Let’s get creative with a fun rustic pinecone wall hanging art from Sustain My Craft Habit. It’s a great way to decorate your house and it only takes about an hour to put together.

You can also leave the pinecones au natural, anything goes with this craft.

22. DIY Colorful Felt Pinecones

Give this colorful DIY felt pinecone garland craft a try. You’ll love that you can reuse it for years to come! We recommend usign a Cricut to cut out the circles but you can do it by hand, just be aware it might take some time! Happy crafting! From Club Crafted.

Isn’t this pine cone garland so cute?

23. Pinecone Pom-pom Mobiles

Here’s a pinecone craft that kids can do completely on their own – from painting the pinecones and beads, to making the pom-poms, to stringing it all together – and they end up looking so adorable! From Art Bar Blog.

Kids are so capable of creating beautiful things!

24. Painted Pinecone and Cork Christmas Tree Decorations

This DIY from Lydi Out Loud combines two of our greatest loves: Christmas crafting and using materials from nature! Get pine cones in different sizes, paint in different colors, wine corks, and your regular paint brush. You’ll love how it’ll turn out!

So pretty and easy to make!

25. DIY Glittered Pinecones (+ Ideas for Using Them in Your Holiday Home!)

These DIY glittered pinecones are quick, easy, and inexpensive to make, and can be can be used all over your holiday home to add a whimsical touch of nature to a variety of surfaces. Check out the tutorial from The Homes I Have Made and check out the fun ideas on how to use them.

We love how easy these Christmas decorations are.

26. How to Make Quick and Easy Pine Cone Picks

Pine cone picks are an easy way to include pine cones in your festive wreaths and flower arranging. The best thing is that it only takes a few minutes to set up, they’re free, sustainable, and simply look so pretty! From Craft Invaders.

This is a great way to create sustainable crafts.

27. Pinecone Gnomes

Let’s make cute little gnomes with pine cones, felt, and wooden beads. Then place them around your garden to decorate it! This craft is suitable for older kids as cutting out the small pieces would be hard for younger kids. From We Bloom Here.

These little guys will keep your garden looking even better.

28. Felt and Pine Cone Elves

With some scissors, mini pine cones, wood beads, felt and tiny jingle bells, you can recreate these cute pine cone elves from Lia Griffith! Have fun making different variations!

We simply adore these cute little guys!

29. Gorgeous Frosty Pinecone Craft

Kids of all ages can make this beautiful frosty pinecone craft. It’s the perfect winter craft and a sure way to create long-lasting memories with your little ones. From Kids Craft Room.

Let’s welcome the winter season with this fun craft.

30. Winter Luminaries: Snowy Pinecone Luminaries Mason Jars

Make pretty winter luminaries that appear to be covered with freshly fallen snow! These snowy pinecone candle jars will look great all lit up on your holiday table, on the mantle, or wherever you want to put them on. From Crafts by Amanda.

Decorating these candle jars is so much fun!

31. 8 Steps to Making a Pinecone Topiary (Simple)

Learn how to make your own pinecone topiary following this step by step tutorial from Somewhat Simple – it’s the perfect winter project for the festive season. They are very simple to make and only take about 20 minutes.

They look amazing in a coffee table bowl or hung on a garland.

32. How to Make Beautiful Winter Fairies from Pine Cones

Here’s a lovely idea for children to try: pine cone winter fairies! Get inspiration from Life With Moore Babies and create your own winter fairies. This craft will keep them busy having fun for hours!

This craft is suitable for kids of all ages!

33. Pinecone Snowman

This adorable pinecone snowman ornament is fun to make, and it makes a great gift! You can hang it on your Christmas tree or simply display it on your mantel. Either way, it’s going to look amazing. From Crafts by Amanda.

What a cute winter craft!

34. Pinecone Love Fairies

Pinecones don’t have to be just for winter or fall – they can also be used in other special holidays, like Valentine’s Day! To make these pinecone love fairies, you and your little one will need wool felt in red and pink and a lot of creativity! From Twig & Toadstool.

Who knew pine cones had so many different uses?

35. Pinecone Angel Christmas Crafts For Kids

If you don’t have “wild” pinecones, you can just buy them at your local craft store to make these pinecone angels. They are the perfect Christmas crafts for kids, which means each pinecone angel will be completely unique. From Peace but Not Quiet.

DIY Christmas ornaments are infinitely better than store bought ones.

36. How to Make a Pinecone Skier

Making these pinecone skier crafts are the definition of a fun time. They are perfect family fun, although it’s more suitable for older kids with more experience handling small objects. Soon enough you’ll be making tons of these little guys! From That Artist Woman.

Enjoy making these pinecone skiers!

37. Royal Penguin Pine Cone

Kids that love penguins will go crazy over this royal penguin pine cone from Crayon Box Chronicles! It’s very easy to set up and doesn’t take too long. It does require the use of a hot glue gun, so it’s best to help your kiddo do this part.

Kids will love making this lovely penguin craft.

38. Pinecone Hummingbird Craft Project

This pinecone hummingbird craft is a great fall project for adults or kids of all ages. They’re perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree, or make a collection and hang them up year-round. In just 5 steps, you’ll have your own hummingbird pinecone craft, or just make a lot of them! From Birds & Blooms.

Have fun making these cute hummingbird crafts!

39. Easy Pinecone Bats

Bats are not just for Halloween! Children of all ages will enjoy this simple and easy nature craft, perfect for fall. All you’ll need to make this happen is black felt, pinecones, and googly eyes. From Fireflies & Mud Pies.

We love quick and easy crafts like this one.

40. Pinecone Bird Ornament

This is a really simple yet cute craft that you can do with your kiddos, and that also doubles up as the perfect Christmas ornament. Just follow the step by step instructions and download the free PDF with the patterns. From Lia Griffith.

Aren’t these bird ornaments just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

41. How to Make Pine Cone Flowers (with Video!)

Learn how to make your own pinecone roses with the step-by-step DIY tutorial from My Craft Habit. They will last much longer than real flowers and look just as nice. This craft idea is perfect to do with the kiddos and you can make them in many different colors. From Sustain My Craft Habit.

A beautiful home decoration that is also a DIY.

42. Hold on to Summer With These DIY Pineapple Pinecone Ornaments

These pineapple tree ornaments made out of pine cones are perfect to bring a little bit of that tropical weather to your holiday decor. The instructions are fairly easy although kids will probably need help with the Cricut machine. From Brit + Co.

Pineapples made out of pine cones? Yes, please!

43. Rustic Rhinestone Pinecone Crafts

We have a craft that is a fun fine motor activity for kids and an easy nature craft for adults. Follow the tutorial to create beautiful rhinestone pinecone crafts and turn them into Christmas ornaments, a pinecone garland or simply place in a bowl and displayed as DIY winter home decor. From Rhythms Of Play.

This craft is beautiful and so easy to make.

44. Pine Cone Flower Refrigerator Magnets Tutorial

Take one or as many pine cones as you want and transform them into flower refrigerator magnets! You’ll need some magnets, paints (you can choose chalk, acrylic paint, or spray paint) and other simple supplies. It’s an amazing kid’s project that you can do together as a family activity. From The Painted Hinge.

Make these flowers in many different colors and shapes.

45. How To Make A Pinecone Flower Heart Decoration

This tutorial makes a beautiful pinecone flower that you can arrange into any shape – like a heart shape – and display it in a nice frame for a pretty wall decor. This pine cone flower heart is a bit time consuming but you’ll love how great it will look on your wall. From Pillar Box Blue.

This would make a perfect DIY gift for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

46. Spooky Halloween Spiders with Pinecones

We have a fun “spooky” Halloween craft that involves spiders and pinecones! They are the perfect combination of outdoor play and adventure and creative painting and crafting. You’ll need brown pipe cleaner or any other color, and your typical craft supplies and materials. The end result is super cute! From My Poppet.

What a creative Halloween craft!

47. Easy Pine Cone Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Here’s another fun fall art project, perfect for kiddos at home or school. This pine cone pumpkin craft is very simple and in a matter of minutes you’ll have these cute pumpkins made out of pine cones. From Fireflies & Mudpies.

We love easy fall art projects for kids.

48. Pinecone Snowman Craft SNOWMAN CRAFT

Let’s learn how easy it is to transform an ordinary pinecone into an adorable winter snowman. It uses very simple supplies that you most likely already have at home, such as cotton balls, pom poms in different colors, and googly eyes. From Mess For Less.

Lovely snowmen crafts for this winter!

49. Pine Cone Craft: Splatter Painting

This pine cone craft is a great way to get super creative with the kids! . Using a traditional splatter painting technique, this project is delightfully messy and also doubles as an outdoor activity that kids will enjoy making. From East TN Family Fun.

It’s so awesome when art and crafts combine into a single activity.

50. Pinecone Christmas Robin Ornaments

Aren’t these pinecone birds and pinecone robin adorable? Get your cutest pinecones and hang the finished craft on the Christmas tree! Your kids will have a great time making these on a winter day. From Kids Craft Room.

Look at how cute this pinecone craft is!

Here Are More Fun Crafts From Kids Activities Blog:

What is your favorite pine craft that you can’t wait to try out?

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