Gifts for 3 year olds can be overwhelming and challenging at the same time. We have a big list of homemade gifts for preschoolers that they can help make or you can keep it a surprise. Whether you are making a gift for a 3 year old birthday or holiday, this list of easy handmade gifts for 3 year old boys and girls can’t be beat!

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- Gifts to make for three year olds - 21 DIY gifts for preschool age kids
Let’s make a gift for that preschooler on your list!

DIY Gifts for 3 Year Olds

Also these gifts for 3 year olds for boy and girls are the best toys for 3 year olds you can make. It is so easy to over-spend at Christmas time or on birthdays! Often kids enjoy the more simple homemade gifts as much, if not more than the store-bought gifts.  

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Being 3 years old is an adventure which is why all these handmade gifts are full of colorful fun!  Most of these DIY gift ideas simple to make and you could use a 3 year old assistant for the gift making silliness.

Easy & Creative Homemade Gifts For 3 Year Olds

Preschoolers love jumping into an adventure and helping make a gift to give (especially if it is something they would want) is extra fun. Their little hands are always willing to try building toys.

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Alrighty! Let’s chat homemade toys for 3 year olds! Here are the 21 ideas of gifts that you can make for your three year old…

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- Homemade monster toy pillow for 3 year olds from We All Sew
Part pillow, part homemade toy!

1. Silly Monster Pillow

Keep the monsters at bay with a silly character pillow. This fun toy doubles as a pillow and the bright colors and your own designs are brought to life for creative play.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- Homemade mr and mrs potato head felt toy portable for preschool play fro Handicraftiness
Let’s play with the potato heads!

2. Potato Head Game Portable Toy

Play potato head anywhere with this DIY felt board game. Super cute, so much fun and sure to elevate quickly to favorite toys status.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- This homemade shiny and sparkly playdough is the perfect preschool toy to give as a gift in an airtight container.
Let’s play with playdough!

3. Sparkly Playdough

Add some sparkle to average playdough with items you have in your bathroom – sparkly shiny playdough is a great gift for both boys and girls. Deliver the homemade toy in an airtight container.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- spinning top toy from krokotak makes a fun preschooler gift
Homemade spinning top toy!

4. Spinning Top

Make a spinning top from a toothpick and strips of colorful paper.   Your kids will love watching this homemade toy wind up and spin. It makes for unusual and colorful sensory play.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- homemade sock stick horse toys for kids from Mummo
Let’s ride a toy horse.

5. Sock Horse

Transform a sock into a horse – these are just adorable, easy to make and perfect for the cowboy/girl in your home. The only downside is you will want to make a whole herd of them!

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- homemade fish game toy from Design Dazzle - boy playing fish game off of chair
Let’s go fishing with this homemade fishing toy and game.

6. Go Fishing Game Toy Set

Go fishing with your kiddos “ in your living room “ Make a set of fish for your child to catch. You could make a holiday toy version with matching holiday patterns. Little kids love this game.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- homemade velcro ball set for a fun game from Creative Connections for kids
Let’s play velcro ball with this easy to make homemade toy set.

7. Velcro Ball Game Set

For an active three year old, especially one with siblings, make a set of Velcro Balls for them to play ball with. This simple game works indoors and helps 3 year olds gain both fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- two sets of tin can stilt toys made with string from Roots and Wings
Let’s walk on stilts!

8. Homemade Stilts for Kids

A set of stilts will fascinate your child as they attempt to navigate the world at new levels and develop new skills.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- pretend doctor kit toy for preschool age kids shown with supplies from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s play doctor with this homemade toy!

9. Pretend Play Doctor Kit

My three year olds love playing pretend. You can create a Dr. Play kit for them to help heal all the boo-boos and owies. This is a fun toy to encourage independent play and can be made so much more comprehensive than the popular toys version in the store.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- DIY bubble shooter toy for kids shown with bubble solution from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s blow bubbles!

10. Bubble Shooter Blower Toy

Create a Bubble Blower from straws for your kids to make the best bubble snakes. Include a jar of homemade unbreakable bubble juice.

Check out our homemade giant bubble wand toy and foolproof how to make bubble solution instructions.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- toys for 3 year old boys- playdough cars, fish, hobby horse, doctor set
Some of these are great toys for 3 year old boys and others are great toys for 3 year old girls.

11. Silly Faces

Create a set of silly face sticks. These are a great gift for the kids who love to play pretend or for photo booth props. All the family members will want to get involved in this hands on toy!

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- Giant homemade play mat toy from Oopsey Daisy Blog
Kinda like Twister, only with letters!

12. DIY ABC Mat

Your kids can learn the alphabet as they exercise with a DIY ABC mat. It is part full size board games and part learning toy.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- homemade toy cars from Thats my letter
Let’s play with homemade cars.

13. Homemade Toy Cars

This is a great toy to make and bring out and about. Car lovers will love getting to play with their cars on-the-go. Imaginative play has never been so fun and 3-year-old boys and 3-year-old girls couldn’t be happier about it.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- mix and match monster magnets from Fireflies and jellybeans blog
These monsters are all mixed up!

14. Monster Magnets Game Set

A hilarious set of mix-and-match monster magnets will add some color to the fridge and entertain your tots. Helps preschoolers with hand-eye coordination and a great way to learn basic puzzle and matching skills.

15. Craft Stick Puzzle Toy

This is a great gift for kids to make for others – craft stick puzzles. Half the fun is creating them for friends to solve.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- homemade bouncing board toy shown with 3 year old boy jumping off of it from Elsie Marley
Gross motor skills have never been more fun!

16. Bouncing Board Coordination Toy

Help your kids develop balance and spatial awareness of where they are, with a bouncing board. Open-ended toys always favorite educational games and a great way to get kids moving.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- felt mustaches are silly costume and disguise toys that can be made at home
What color mustache will you wear today?

17. Felt Mustache Toys

Be super silly with disguises. These felt mustaches are sure to put a smile on all three year old faces (and their older pals).

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- surprise soap toys from Red Ted Art
What cute homemade toys from Red Ted Art

18. Surprise Eggs

Make washing hands a fun experience – make surprise “eggs” of soap for your kids to wash with. This is a win-win toy that can get kids to clean up different ways.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- rock people toy set from Zlesa
Part creative toy, part puzzle!

19. Family Of Rocks Toy Set

Make Rock People using pebbles around the yard.   You can gift your child a set of decorated pebbles, and a set of paint pens with extra rocks for them to make their own “family” of rocks.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- paper bag city toy for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Make a paper bag city!

20. Paper Bag City Toy Set

Customize this pretend city toy for your child. Choose to make buildings and houses that are seen all around your town.

homemade gifts for 3 year olds- Make your own goop recipe which is like the traditional silly putty toy, only better - Kids Activities Blog
It is like silly putty, only better.

21. Goop

Goop! Make your own. Your kids will love how slimy it feels and moms will love how it does not leave a residue like playdough, making clean-up easier.

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Do you have any other suggestions for DIY gifts for 3 year olds? Add it in the comments below!

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