Etsy slime shop! Say what? Have you ever wondered does Etsy sells slime?There are so many awesome Esty Slime shops that you might want to check if you are a slime lover.

Are you planning to open a slime shop? Need inspiration? No worries, we got you covered. We have a lot of DIY slime ideas.

etsy shops that sells slime and DIY slime ideas
Check out these Etsy slime shops & DIY slime ideas

Popular Etsy Slime Shops

1. Anxiety Relief Slime

Do you know anyone that suffers from anxiety? Check this shop from Etsy – SlimeFantasiess

2. Pink Lemonade Slime

Love Lemonade? Check this Slimentine shop which has Pink lemonade Ice slime with pink beads and a yummy scent. This was one of my first slimes, and I loved it. No wonder it is one of the best sellers.

3. Create Your Own Slime

Create your own slime! Choose your favorite texture, color, scent, and also add-ons! SlimeDelightsInc. This stretchy slime is not only amazing quality, but let’s you make whatever you want!

4. Cloud Cream Slime

Want a Dreamy-creamy slime? This is some of the best slime, comes with extra slime, and smells good.

5. Ocean Slime

This slime reminds you of the Ocean with sea-shell beads with Ocean blue as base of the slime. These soft slimes are the perfect texture! This one almost looks like something Slime Fantasies would make.

etsy slime shop suggestions
Which one of the above is your favorite slime? It is hard to chose just one! Isn’t it?

Is Selling Slime On Etsy Possible?

Check these slime shops for inspiration!

6. Flower Field Slime

Magical Flower Field slime! This slime is magical with flower sequins in the clear slime with tint of pink color from RainbowSlimesz

7. Watermelon Shaved Ice

This shop has one of a kind Watermelon shaved ice – a crunchy slime and other exciting textures of slime like fruit loops slime, Cosmic ice, Coco cola ice, etc.

8. Chocolate Chip Slime

Chocolate chip cookie butter slime– isn’t it creative? With chocolate chips bites these are definitely worth the money.

9. Melted Gold Slime

Do you like Metallics? If yes, then you will love this Metallic gold slime which is very similar to our DIY infinity gauntlet slime.

10. Cotton Candy

Cotton candy Slime is Holiday inspired and will be a perfect stocking stuffer for your little one. This shop has more holiday themed slime.

Popular etsy slime shop suggestions
Isn’t that metallic gold slime gorgeous looking?

Slime Shops Worth Taking A Look At

11. Mystery Slime

Love surprises? You need to try this Mystery slime with different textures and types.

Sugar Cookie slime is a delicious layered slime. It looks so yummy that you might want to eat it. But, STOP! This is slime and it is not edible ;).

13. Customized Slime

Icey, Jelly, jiggly, butter, glossy, you name it, this shop has it all. Custom slime as per your liking. Size is a standard 8 oz but the options are endless with combination of color, texture & scent. HypeSlimeDesign

14. Boba Tea Slime

Boba milk tea slime – This legit looks like Boba milk tea with the Boba like beads to mimic the look from DIYbyvivi

15. Strawberry Waffle Slime

This Strawberry waffle slime is so creative and yummy looking clay slime from SlimeShopbyMadelyn

clear slime, boba milk tea and more slime ideas
Boba milk tea slime looks so yummy that I want to have a Boba milk tea now!

These super awesome slimes would make great gifts!

Give them to relieve stress, as birthday gifts, hand them out instead of candy on Halloween, or use them as stocking stuffers! The possibilities are endless.

Looking For More Slime? Check Out Our DIY Slime Recipes:

DIY slime ideas from kids activities blog

Are you a pokemon fan? Try this slime pokemon

This galaxy slime recipe is so colorful that lets kids explore the color mixing and sparks interest in learning about galaxy.

Snowcone slime anyone? This slime is colorful and adds sensory feel with little plastic pellets to the slime.

This ooey gooey white slime makes a perfect ghost slime recipe.

Frog slime is so interesting with little creepy bugs inside.

Check out more Slime recipes on our blog. Also, If you like to do easy crafts with your kids, stick around, and explore our ideas galore.

Let’s make unicorn slime!

Which slime is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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