Are you looking for an easy gift to make on a budget for your four year olds this Christmas?  Here are some great ideas of Mom-made (or kid-made) gifts for older preschoolers.

Don’t miss out on all the DIY gift fun!

roundup of photos for 4 year oldsHomemade Gifts for 4 Year Olds

Kids are simple, they don’t need the latest and greatest gadget. Rather, these homemade gifts for 4 year olds is a great way to inspire creative and imaginative play.

DIY Drums

Life is a beautiful mess with a bunch of kiddos in the house, add to the chaos and the fun with a set of drums for your kids to bang around on!

T-Shirt Stencil Kit

Art your kids can make and wear is a lot of fun both to give.   Create a sample shirt for your child and give them the supplies so they can embellish their own T-shirts with stencils.

Terrarium Kits

For the child who is a nature lover in your life, put the ingredients for the terrarium into a jar for your child to recreate their mini-ecosystem.

Felt Puzzles

This is an awesome puzzle to gift to a young preschooler in your life.   The felt squares make it perfect for an on-the-go activity.

Straw Rockets

Gift your kiddo with a collection of fun straws and “wrappers” for your child to make straw rockets and shoot each other.

Road Trip Games

Help your child be a happy traveler with an on-the-go game.

Fish Game

Go fishing with your kiddos “ in your living room “ Make a set of fish for your child to catch.

Glow In The Dark Chalk

Whip up a batch of Glow-in-the-dark chalks to gift to a art-loving child.   You can also use these as stocking stuffers.

Color Spray Art

Gift your child with a colorful science experiment – that they can wear!   Doodle with sharpie markers onto a white T-shirt.   Spray it with a secret ingredient and you will have a faux Tie-Dyed shirt.

14 for 4 year olds

Animal Masks

Create a collection of disguises using the templates over at My Baking Addiction.   They all look easy to make and will be a ton of fun for the pretending kiddo in your life.

Homemade Geoboard

Help your kids explore geometry with a homemade geoboard.   The Instructions to make this gift say that it will cost under $1 to make!

Tree House Doll House

Wowsers! There is not a kiddo out there who wouldn’t want to use this DIY Tree House as an action figure fort, or a staircase fit for princesses.

Quiet Book

Help your child who is learning to write have a fun and ever-changing surface with a Chalkboard Book for them to decorate.

DIY Rock Dominoes 

Play dominos with the kiddos – with this colorful collection of domino stones.

Are you doing a homemade, or partially homemade, Christmas?

We would love to hear about the toys you are making for your kids!

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  1. Hi. I read your blog from all the way over in the UK. I love these ideas. My friend and her husband bought her kids guinea pigs one year for Christmas. They all love them dearly. A lot of our stocking fillers are non toys. This year the kids are getting electric toothbrushes and snuggly “movie” blankets as part of their stocking.

  2. What a great collection of ideas, I love the felt puzzle! Thanks for including out tree house, my kids have all loved playing with it over the years.