I’m always in search of  gifts that kids can make. Whether it’s  DIY gifts that kids can make or handmade gifts for Mother’s Day, there is nothing quite like receiving a gift from a child that is made just for you.  For this handmade gift, we decided to make something that we can use and change for many years to come. chalkboard framesThese chalkboard frames only cost us one dollar from our local craft store (we already had chalkboard paint, but if you don’t have any, here’s a great recipe  from Martha Stewart). My four-year-old loves to draw, so this was the perfect activity for her. She’s started making faces, drawing clothes on people, and writing small words.  This  handmade gift challenged all of her new skills and truly melted my heart – can you see the little heart in the top right hand corner of the frame?  {{precious}} Related: Painting with Chalk and Water

Supplies for Chalkboard Frame Gifts That Kids Can  Make

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • $1 Wooden Frames
  • Paint Brushes
  • Chalk
Chalk board frames gifts that kids can make

How to Make Chalkboard Frames as Gifts That Kids Can Make

  1. Shake and mix your chalkboard paint (if store bought)
  2. Paint the wooden frames <—it took us two coats of paint
  3. Let them dry
  4. Decorate with chalk
Use colored chalk to  add a burst of color to these  gifts that kids can make.  Erase and change the  words as you switch  the pictures in the frames. more gift ideas

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