I think it’s safe to say that EVERYONE loves LEGO at some capacity.

After all, the packaging says 5+ on most packages meaning there is no age limit! I mean, you are never too old for LEGO’s.

With that being said, if you loved building LEGO’s and are looking for a new career, this may just be for you.

You Can Be A Real Life Master Builder and It’s A Dream Job For The Person Who Loves LEGO!

TikToker masterbuilder_alec announced that LEGO is currently hiring Master Builders.

What Does A Master Builder at LEGO do?

Master Builders do play with LEGO’s all day and they build models based on what is needed for that area.

In addition, as a Master Model Builder, you’ll clean, repair and maintain existing LEGO installations, while you’ll also take on a PR and marketing role as you participate in media interviews, create instructional videos for social media and lead virtual building classes.

According to the current job openings:

The Master Model Builder will be responsible for building complicated LEGO models for a wide variety of LEGOLAND attractions including, but not limited to, miniature scale models and life sized organic models. This individual must have a flair for the use of color and the ability to copy LEGO models from 3D prototypes, 2D drawings, and computer files.

LEGO Making The Switch From Plastic To Paper In 2021

Now it may not come with a surprise that these jobs are quite competitive so make sure you REALLY love LEGO’s and meet other qualifications.

You can search for current LEGO Job Openings Here.


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