12 Activity Bag Book Ideas for Kids

Need some busy bag ideas for kids? We have 12 great ideas for the best activity bags for toddlers and preschoolers! Some of these busy bags are even great for kindergarten aged kids as well. Kids of all ages will enjoy these activity bag ideas. Perfect for at home or on the go.

activity bag book for kids- Activity bags held  together with curly pipe cleaners against rainbow wood- kids activities blog
Activity bags are a great way to keep kids busy with educational crafts and activities.

Busy Bag Ideas For Kids

We love Activity Bags for kids!

We first made them for Christmas a couple of years ago – instead of the traditional advent, we grabbed a stack of bags and filled them with a fun family activity that we could do together as we looked forward to the holiday season.

Then I saw this  portable Activity Kit , from Mama, Papa, Bubba  – what a great way to bring the fun of our “grab bag” of ideas on the road!

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Supplies Needed To make Your Own Portable Activity Busy Bag Book for Kids

Supplies to make the binder:

Video: Fun and Simple Activity and Busy Bag Ideas

How To Make A Busy Bag For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Step 1

Take each pencil pouch and place card stock in them.


We used the card stock paper to add some durability to the bags. They kind off flop without the extra support and it is harder to see the contents. All of the activity ideas we put in our bags are quiet, low-mess, and easy to transport.

Step 2

Add all the different activities into each bag.

Step 3

Tie them all together with some pipe cleaners to keep them together.

Alternative Storage Ideas:

Place them all in a bin or a large binder to keep them together.

activity bag book- busy bag ideas: pom poms and straw, string and straws, plastic toys and magnifying glass, stencil paper and crayons, matching popsicle sticks, dry erase, lacing, pipe cleaners, stickers- kids activities blog
Each pouch should have something different in them.

Some of our Favorite Activity Book Pages pages include:

1. Pipe Cleaner Play Idea

Make funky disguises and/or with pipe-cleaners. It’s another activity inspired by our 101 Kids Activities book.

2. Exploring Magnification

Magnification. Give your kids a magnifying glass and a collection of small objects (bugs, shells, coins, etc).

3. Cookie Cutter Stencil Idea

Play with cookie cutter stencils and DIY crayons – those rainbow crayons are nifty!

4. Reflective Art Idea

Give your kids a sheet of aluminum foil and some markers to make reflective art.

Busy bag ideas- pom pom drop and lacing card- kids activities blog
Play with pom poms or practice fine motor skills with a lacing card.

Fun Busy Bag Quiet Time Activities

5. Funky Felt Face Idea

Funky Felt Face pieces – use the felt shapes to create silly faces.

6. Pom Pom Drop Idea

Fine Motor pom-pom drop – stuff the pom-poms through the tube.  You’d be amazed at how entertaining that is to a kiddo!

7. Fun Magnet Ideas

Magnetics – along with some metal lids.  Build structures with the magnets on the lids

8. I Spy Ideas

Craft Stick I-Spy Dominos. Make matches and trains with these DIY pieces – the activity can be found in our book, 101 Kids Activities.

9. Sewing Practice Ideas

Sewing Practice. Thread shoelaces through a punched card.  Here are some printables for sewing practice. .

Educational busy bag ideas- flash cards and counting with beads, fractions with cut up paper plates, letters with paint strips, writing vocabulary text: activity bags - kids activities blog
There are so many fun busy bag ideas to choose from, including educational ones.

Educational Bag Ideas for Kids

10. Explore Fractions

Explore fractions with cut up mini-paper plates. See how many combinations make a whole.

11. Matching Game Ideas

Give your kids a collection of small items and math cards. Have them match the items to the cards.

12. Learning Vocabulary Ideas

Practice sounding out words with a word-slide made from painters chips.

12. Copy and Erase Ideas

Copy and Erase. The plastic windows of the activity bags are perfect to use as a dry erase “board”. Add a piece of felt to be your eraser.

More Fun Ideas For Toddlers and Preschoolers From Kids Activities Blog

What did you put in your activity bags? Do you have anymore busy bag ideas?

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