Sometimes you just need a minute to yourself, to get some things done and these quick and easy preschool activities are perfect for just that. Preschool They will buy you a little quiet time, even if it’s just thirty minutes. I read once that having a house with kids is like always living in the lobby of your college dorm, and I can totally see that! Use these activities to steal a little time to yourself (clean, get some work done, or just relax!).  Preschool Activities That Are Quick To Set Up that include motor skills, sensory activities, crafts, printables, and best of all quiet play.

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Super Quick Set Up Activities

These particular preschool activities are short, sweet, and simple with very minimum set up as LEGOs generally don’t need to be set up for playtime.

Lego Preschool Activities

Legos are basically a childhood staple! They allow children to be creative and have hours of imaginative play. Grab your buckets of Legos and try out these fun ideas:

20 Activities To Build Legos

Let your kids go crazy with any of these 20+ Activities To Build Legos. They will certainly keep a child busy!

Goldiblox Building Kits

Your children can be engineers with these Goldiblox Building Kits idea shared with us by Your Modern Family. They come with plans, too!
Preschool Activities That Are Quick To Set Up with toilet paper ninjas, batman bracers, and toilet paper roll rainbow train.
I love the rainbow toilet paper train!

Easy Preschool Activities To Set Up

We love crafts that don’t require a ton of set up and these ones are just that. We have most of the items at home already!

Toilet Paper Roll Activities

The only thing I love more than a craft that can be made with things I already have around my house, is a craft made from recycled items!

Go To The Bathroom Alone

Any of these ideas will let your child explore and play with their imaginations (or at least get you a few minutes to go to the bathroom alone. This post from Beauty Through Imperfection hits the nail on the head!

Toilet Roll Ninjas Craft

The best thing about making Toilet Roll Ninjas is that you get to play with them after!

Superhero Cuffs Craft

Or, let them dress up with these Superhero Cuffs made from toilet paper rolls. Pair with a cape, and your kids are all set for 30 minutes of ‘pretend play’.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Make little vehicles like a Toilet Paper Roll Train Craft, or even this Airplane from Your Modern Family.

Dinosaur Skeleton Craft

Be scientists! If you  have a  lot of toilet paper rolls, let your kids build this Dinosaur Skeleton, from Your Modern Family. Just print out a picture for them to copy!

Toilet Paper Snake Craft

Kids will love making a Toilet Paper Snake!
Pretend play for quick learning activities
Pretend play works on problem solving skills.

Short Set Up Preschool Activities

Pretend play isn’t just fun, it’s educational, allowing for children to observe the world around them and learn how it all works.

Pretend Play Activities

These do require a little set up and crafting, but it isn’t too difficult and the end result will give you some peace and quiet.

Pretend City

Making a Pretend City with Paper Bags is a kid’s dream come true (and I’m also talking about kids in their thirties, and beyond!).

Pretend Racetrack

Grab a few trains or matchbox cars, a cheap shower curtain liner, and a Sharpie and Make a Racetrack with this idea from Your Modern Family. Your kids will love helping, but they will love playing with it even more!

Pretend Cooking DIY Water and Sand Table

Our kids love to use our DIY Water and Sand Table, also from Your Modern Family. Add some measuring cups, spoons, and straws into the fun! Kids can mix, pour, create, “make recipes” and more! In the winter, I keep this in our garage, because the cold weather isn’t going to stop our creative juices from flowing!

Pretend With Free Printable Dress Up Dolls

I would have loved this Dress Up Dolls Free Kids Printable when I was little. I think any child would love it, too! Easy set up fine motor skills that involve muffin tins, a cd case, and crafting with stickers to make bouquets.

Short Activities For Preschoolers

Your kids will be so busy having a blast with these fun ideas, that they won’t even realize they are working on something as important as their fine motor skills!

Fine Motor Play

Fine motor skills isn’t just developed with crayons and pencils. These short activities will not only bring hours of fun, but build your child’s fine motor play.

Fine Motor Play With Straws

Fine Motor Play With Straws  is easy to set up, and fun for the kids to play! If you have straws, you are all set!

Build A Jumbo Marshmallow Tower

When you’re finished with that, use those straws to Build a (Jumbo) Marshmallow Tower

Fall Busy Bags

Beauty Through Imperfection‘s 3 Fun, Fall Busy Bags are perfect to make ahead and use during quiet time, Church, or other outings.

Felt Face Game

The Felt Face Game is perfect for Play Therapy. Learn more about that from Your Modern Family.

Portable Felt Activity Binder

When you need an activity that is ready to go, you could always grab this Portable Felt Activity Binder. It’s perfect to use at home, or when you are going out!

Early Math Lesson With Pom Poms and Muffin Tins

This Early Math Lesson, from Beauty Through Imperfection, is so easy to put together! You just need mini pom poms and a muffin tin. Preschool Activities That Are Quick To Set Up

Quick Arts and Craft Activities

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep your child busy and does not require a lot of set up or time for you to get everything ready.

Creative Preschool Activities

Preschoolers are all about creativity! Nourish their enthusiasm for learning and creating with these fun ideas:

DIY Invention Box

This DIY Invention Box, from Your Modern Family, is a huge hit in our  house. We use this almost daily, and we just add little things to it whenever we see  something that would be a great fit!

Abstract Coloring Pages

Make your own Abstract Coloring Pages  for endless ways to color and create.

Paper Apple

Help the apple of your eye make an Apple Out Of Paper with this craft from Beauty Through Imperfection.

Fun Activity Box

Make a Fun Activity Box. This will entertain your preschoolers for hours!

Closet Toys

Check out Beauty Through Imperfection‘s Closet Toys. They are sure to give you 30 minutes of  uninterrupted playtime!

Quiet Book

Give your kids this Quiet Book from The Realistic Mama, and let them decide what they are going to do. Without offering suggestions, just let  them create.

Coloring Book With Your Own Pictures

My sister-in-law made Beauty Through Imperfection‘s Coloring Book With Our Pictures for me last Christmas, and the kids LOVED it! Make one for your kids, and it will keep them busy. Super fast preschool activities to set up with printables and animal puzzles

Super Quick Activities

These are the quickest activities we have. All you have to do is print out these free printables and puzzles and let the fun begin!

Free Printable Preschool Activities  

There are so many options, I’m sure you’ll find something your little one is interested in. Also, if you laminate the puzzles, they’ll last longer and can be used in the future.

Funky Monster Coloring Pages

You can always print out these  4 {Crazy} Funky Monster Coloring Pages . This is fun and keeps them busy!

Printable Animal Puzzles

Printable Animal Puzzles, from Itsy Bitsy Fun, are adorable, and perfect for your kiddos (they might need a little help at first, but then you can let them try it on their own!).

File Folder Games

These File Folder Games, also from Itsy Bitsy Fun, are great, too. I used to use them all of the time when I was a teacher.

3D Shape Sorter

You can make your own 3D Shape Sorter, with this idea from The Realistic Mama, and let your kids play with it during their quiet time. Teach them a little Shape song (you can find many to choose from online)!

Color A Self Portrait

Print out a picture of your child and Let Your Child Color Themselves with this fun activity from Your Modern Family. Our kids like to turn themselves into Ninjas, or add cotton balls and turn themselves into Santa! Once you get the playdough made it is a quick set up.

Easy Preschool Activities

Once you get the playdough made, it can be used over and over again. You can make it plain, colorful, or even edible!

Play Recipes for  Preschoolers

Kids just love Play Dough! It’s even more fun when you make your own.

Edible Playdough

I like to use this  Edible Play Dough Recipe with Only 3 Ingredients because you know that even if  they take a bite, it isn’t going to harm them.

Pumpkin Pie Scented Playdough

I keep all of my play dough (even my Pumpkin Pie Scented Play Dough) in this Play Dough Box , from Your Modern Family.

Softest Playdough Ever

Our Softest Play Dough Ever is something you shouldn’t miss! The fastest preschool activity is set up is to let them play on the gameboy or tablet.

The Fastest Preschool Set Up Activities

While I do love to take an electronic break for a week, there are times when electronics come to the rescue!

Screen Time Activities For Preschoolers

If I have an important phone call to make, or if I really need to get something done, I know that if used correctly, electronics can keep my children stimulated and learning for a limited period of time.

Apps For Kids

Here is a great list of  Apps for Kids  to get you started.

Educational Apps

If you are looking for Educational Apps, I would go with these ones.

Kid-Friendly Netflix Shows

If you’re looking for kid-friendly Netflix Picks, check out this list from Your Modern Family. When you aren’t busy, make sure that you are keeping your kids engaged while they watch TV. We all need quiet time now and then. Enjoy your quiet time, and when you are done, you will be more refreshed, and ready to play!

More Quick Setup Activities For Kids

100 tv free ideas for kids Looking for more ways to keep the kids learning and stimulated when you are short on time? Check these out: What is your favorite low-maintenance craft or activity to share with your kids? Comment below! 

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