Magnetic Toys are almost magical! We love LEGOs and have built structures with everything from tree branches  and plastic cups to paper towel tubes. Two years ago a family member bought my kids a magnetic “building” toy, {Post contains affiliate links} Magnetics.  I forgot about it and it had been collecting dust in the closet… I brought it out and the kids were ecstatic! It was Christmas in July!   We have been playing and exploring with them every day since then! magnetics toy review and diy case

Magnetics Set – Magnetic Toys

Magnetics is a set of little magnet bars and balls that your kids can build with.  They come in a variety of colors but I don’t think the colors mean anything.  The bars all seem to have the same magnetic pull.   One side of the bar is positively charged and one negative.  It is fun watching the bars spin to try and connect to each other (check out our scientific method for kids worksheet) – the kids learned quickly that opposite pulls attract.

Ways to play:

  • Make a house.
  • Explore different types of pitched roofs.
  • Make a spinning whirly gig.
  • When you connect two balls together with magnets on both balls you can spin the balls and watch the pull in action – super nifty!
  • Explore atoms.  Make atom models with the magnetic parts.
  • Create a giant web on the floor and then try to pick it up.
magnetics toy review and diy case We loved our set so much we created a traveling tin to carry our game with us more easily in the car. Grab a metal tin, paint it with metal spray paint, let it dry for 48 hours and then stuff it full of magnetic pieces.  As the magnets are in the box, the parts will all stick, making losing the pieces a little less likely whole you are out and about. Of our family’s “Look Back: Top Toys of 2014”, this is on our top ten! Want to read more about exploring magnetic fields?? We created magnetic mud last week. Super cool!

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