Nap time is such a treasured time at our house it is my down time – I love it!   BUT… often my two year olds are not quite ready to nap, or they are too awake to sleep, but still need some down time.   This is a great quiet, calm-down activity to help engage little minds.   They get to learn their shapes and how the shapes interact to make pictures.  In this case, Freddy the bear, from the KneeBouncers game all while the baby sleeps! Felt Shapes Board for Kids featured on Kids Activities Blog

Felt Shape Game for Kids

Thanks to this month’s sponsor, KneeBouncers – their preschool educational games have helped our kids play with purpose – AND they inspired this felt board. Our kids have enjoyed matching up their shapes to create different expressions on Freddy the Bear’s face.   Now, they can play the online game, off-line at nap time or during errands, etc.

Learn your shapes with a quiet felt board

To begin we collected supplies for our board.

We used an old CD case, a collection of sheets of felt – if possible, you will want one of the sheets to have the “sticky” back.   It will save on the mess of gluing the felt to the CD.

Free Shape Printable for Kids

Click here for free shape game printable (courtesy of KneeBouncersthanks!):  Learn your shapes with a quiet felt board

We also grabbed some scissors and got to play! funny faces with felt shapes Help your preschooler develop fine motor skills and fine tune their hand-eye coordination as they cut along the circles.   Our son concentrated so hard to make sure his circle was “perfect”.

We were thrilled to find a piece of colorful tie-dyed felt – just gorgeous! I ended up cutting out the shapes for him as he began to loose patience with the project, but as I cut we talked about the different shapes that we were cutting.   We also talked about placement of the shapes on the felt.   Not only did we have to manipulate the shapes to make funny faces, we also learned spatial awareness as we had to think about how to place the shapes on the felt to get the color we wanted and to have the most scraps leftover to make more even more shapes. We made smiles from crescents, from half-circles, from tiny triangles.   We made a silly hat with a square and a rectangle.   It almost looks like Freddy’s hat!

Learn your shapes with a quiet felt board

The finished product is treasured.   My daughter just loves the gift that her brother made for her, her very own Funny Face board! Thanks Kneebouncers for a program that my preschoolers can use to learn at home, and for a great resource – the printable Funny Face with shapes.   We appreciate your sponsorship of our blog – check them out on facebook, on twitter and browse their trove of kids activities over on Pinterest.

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  1. I had no idea how many fun matching games were out there. I recently made a shapes and colors matching game out of felt.