This school year has been far from normal but leave it to the amazing teachers to come up with brilliant ideas for keeping our children healthy and safe. Take these recess bags for example…

Today a friend of mine on Facebook shared that her son’s teacher was requesting “Recess Bags” for the students in her class.

I thought it was so brilliant, I had to share it with you!

Courtesy of Danene Sabol

What is a recess bag?

It’s exactly how it sounds. A recess bag is a baggie filled with things to keep kids busy during recess time while they are stuck inside. Since items are meant for one single child, kids can safely play alone while maintaining social distancing.

Courtesy of Danene Sabol

As the weather gets colder, heading outside may not be ideal and since the virus has put a stop to group play including sharing items, recess busy bags are a great solution!

How to Make A Recess Bag

All you need is a gallon ziploc baggie and small items that will keep little ones busy while stuck inside. Some ideas can include:

Courtesy of Danene Sabol

Basically, anything you can think of that will give your kids quiet play at school works for these bags.

You then use a Sharpie to put your child’s name or intials on the items and stick them inside the ziploc bag. Then send them to school with it.

Courtesy of Danene Sabol

Any time your child needs a mental break or needs some play time during recess, they can bust out these recess activity bags for fun!

I love this idea so much and if my kids were not doing remote learning this year, I would make bags to donate to the class.

We absolutely love teachers and appreciate all the crazy hard work they are putting in through all of this. Check out a ton of teacher appreciation week ideas that don’t have to just be used on THAT week :)!

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