If it is hot where you live right now, you are going to be excited to learn about the Noggle which moves cold air to the backseat of the car for your kids and pets! The Noogle Air Vent is an aftermarket auto ac vent that takes cool air from the front of the car to the backseat.

noggle gets air conditioning in the backseat of the car - Amazon
Yay for cold air in the backseat!

The Noggle to the Rescue for Car AC Vent Issues

When my kids were little and we lived in Texas, it was always so warm in the summers in the car, and even worse when they were in rear facing car seats.

By the time we would get to where we were going, they’d be so hot and sweated, and the car was just beginning to cool down.

We would have loved a way to get the air to the back seat for them with the Noggle!

Hot cars are so dangerous and uncomfortable and kids don’t have a chance to move around to get more air and comfort when strapped into car seats.

noggle tube takes cold air to car seats in the back of the car - amazon
Look at the noggle!

Noggle Cools the Back Seat of Your Car or Minivan

The Noggle would have been the perfect solution to this problem.

It is a hose designed to get air to the back seat of your car, helping to keep your kids cool!

The design is so simple and perfect that I still think I need to get one.

noggle gets AC from front seat to back car seat - Amazon

Tube Takes Cold Air to Backseat

The Noggle is available in 6, 8, or 10 foot lengths.

It attached to the vents on your main dash, which allows the air to move to the back of the car. Just clip it in place, pointing it towards your kids so they can enjoy the air too.

The Noggle is perfect for cars, SUVs and minivan that don’t have adequate rear heating and cooling.

hose takes cold air from front ac to back seat to cool kids - Amazon

Pets & Kids Finally Get Cool Air with AfterMarket Auto AC Vent

It’s not just for kids either!

It’s perfect for traveling with pets or when you have other people in the third row of your car.

The 6 foot extends to your middle row, the 8 foot is designed to loop for rear facing car seats, and the 10 foot will stretch all the way to your third row.

noggle takes ac air from front of car to back to cool pet - Amazon

Where to Buy Noogle

The Noggle hoses are available on Amazon, beginning at $42.98, depending on length and fabric patterns. As they also work to distribute warm air, you can use it in the winter too.

Noggle packaging and hose - Amazon

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Does your car need a Noggle to cool the backseat for kids & pets?

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  1. Hello can you please send me a link, two order one of those A,C vent tube please thankyou, they look absolutely amazing can’t wait two order some of these