Airplane seat covers? OK, I have to admit when I saw this was even a thing I was thinking…what? But disposable airplane seat covers and airplane tray covers ARE a thing and when I start thinking about it, it makes a whole bunch of sense.

Disposable Airplane Seat Covers image from Amazon
Ewww…this is such a good idea!

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Airplane Seat Covers

Lifeessentials has come out with a small portable packet you can drop into your travel bag that contains a two pack of disposable airplane seat covers and tray covers.

The disposable covers fit most seats and are useful against dirt, bacteria and allergens. They are also waterproof.

Airplane seat cover can be used in other vehicles image from amazon
Seat covers can be used in all sorts of other places.

Disposable Airplane Seat Covers

If you are at all squeamish when it comes to germs like me, you have experienced the “airplane seat cringe”. This happens when you sit down and see something absolutely disgusting and need to think about something else or you will be obsessing over the grossness for the rest of your flight.

This happened to me once when I sat down and it was wet.

My airplane seat was wet.

STOP! I can’t even go into all the reasons WHY it was wet…and then I was wet…and then I was carrying around whatever REASON it was wet the rest of the day.

{Hold me}

And I am ordering this airplane seat cover set right now.

Seat covers on airplane in action - image from Amazon
Disposable barrier to all sorts of gross stuff.

Disposable Airplane Seat Cover Details

  • The seat cover set is pretty inexpensive.
  • It gives you a hygienic barrier for air travel.
  • It is light-weight and packed in a recyclable Kraft paper bag that fits in your carry-on.
  • Works for economy or business class seat sizes.
  • Even includes pockets for your personal belongings.
  • The covers are made of 100% polypropylene which is easily recycled.
Disposable Airline Seat and Tray covers packaging from Amazon
All of it comes in a tiny package that fits in your bag.

You can grab your 2-pack of disposable seat and tray covers on Amazon!

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Are you ordering the disposable airplane seat and tray covers? Do you get as grossed out about planes as I do?

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