There are so many cleaning tips and tricks out there that I just love!

Taking care of our homes takes so much time and it’s great to find little hacks to make the job easier. Here are my favorites that will get you on the right track to making spring cleaning a breeze.

20 Cleaning Tips To Make Life Easier

20 Cleaning Tips To Make Life Easier

We’ve all had mildew smelling towels before and they just smell nasty! Try this next time to make them smell brand new again.

Lego’s need to be cleaned too. I mean all the germs and sticky substances that end up on them can be really disgusting! All you need is a laundry bag and a washing machine. via Gettin’ By

Love the bottles but hate removing the labels because they never quite come off right? This little hack works perfectly. via The Busy Budgeter

I have ruined quite a few articles of clothing because of residue stuck on the iron. Here’s how to get it off! via A Mum ‘n The Oven

If you are having a hard time with getting almost anything off anything, there is one simple trick you can try. I think it’s brilliant. via Simplistically Living

Use this simple DIY sink scrub to make your stainless steel sink shine again.

We love our dogs and cats, but they make such a mess when they shed! Here is how to get all that hair off your furniture. via Real Simple

Want your pillows to look new again? This tip works really well. via One Good Thing By Jillee

I am so happy with this hack because it saves me from buying the cleaning tablets that go down your drain, and it actually sharpens the blades too! via Homespot HQ

I have spent hours scrubbing and soaking stove top burners but this tip takes the hard work out of it and gives you like new burners. via The V Spot

Make your wooden tables look new again by removing the white marks from condensation and heat. via Little Green Notebook

Learn how to effectively clean your microfiber couch and get rid of dirt and water stains. via East Design

Getting rid of hard water stains in your bathroom can be a pain, but this trick gets rid of them quick. via One Good Thing By Jillee

20 Cleaning Tips To Make Life Easier

If you are doing a really deep clean, cleaning your walls is necessary to get your house rid of germs. Here is a simple way to do it. via A Mothers Shadow

Quickly make a DIY carpet powder to remove odors and make your home smell amazing.

Cleaning blinds can be such a hassle and it seems like it takes forever, but this trick makes it so much easier. via Sprinkle Some Fun

If it seems like you are always cleaning your floors and they still look dingy, try this little hack next time. via One Good Thing By Jillee

Scrubbing microwaves are a thing of the past now, this is a quick and easy way to clean without working up a sweat! via Practically Functional

20 Cleaning Tips To Make Life Easier

You never really notice baseboards until they are clean, then they make the room come to life. No more scrubbing for hours with this trick! via Apartment Therapy

If your Keurig is in need of a good cleaning, here is how to do it effectively. via The Frugal Girls

If you are getting ready to do some spring cleaning, use one of these awesome free printables to get you on track! via Love and Marriage

Ready to organize the entire house? We LOVE this declutter course, from Your Modern Family. It’s perfect for busy families.

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