My car is usually a big mess. Trash in the side pockets, crumbs all over the backseat, handprint smudges on the inside of the windows… With kids, it seems like it’s almost impossible to keep your car tidy, I get it. But if you’re looking to bring your vehicle back to life and clean out the Cheerios and chocolate milk stains, these epic hacks will get it done right. 11 Car Cleaning Hacks To Detail Like A Pro

11 Car Cleaning Hacks To Detail Like A Pro

This easy carpet stain remover will get the stains out of your upholstery and floor mats. Related: Decluttering Ideas – 50 Things to Throw Away Today and Easy DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer  Use a foam paint brush to clean dust out of the air vents. via Fluster Buster Spraying them with a can of compressed air will also do the trick! via The Krazy Koupon Lady If your headlights are dingy even after you wash your car, this simple DIY will get them super bright and shiny. via BuzzFeed This cleaning goo that you can make at home will help grab bits of pieces of dirt in hard to reach places like around the gear shift. via Faith Tap These DIY Armor All wipes work like a charm. They’re great for tires, too! via One Good Thing by Jillee Getting bugs off the front of your car is always a hassle. The easiest way to remove them? A dryer sheet! via The Krazy Koupon Lady 11 Car Cleaning Hacks To Detail Like A Pro Clean your dirty car mats in the dishwasher. I had no idea you could do this! via One Crazy House Make your own lemon air freshener to hang from the mirror that you can reuse over and over. via Courtney’s Sweets Do you have an old bumper or window sticker you can’t seem to get off? Follow this guide to finally get it off. via Compare Our favorite car cleaning hack is to use silicone baking cups in the cup holders so when they collect debri you can just dump them out! We have a bunch more awesome car hacks for families right here!

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Learn how to make your house smell good! Check out these car hacks!

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  1. Every car owner understands the importance of oil change, tire change, fluid inspection and regular car servicing. But it is quite unfortunate to say that only a few of them understand the importance of keeping the vehicle. No matter, how efficiently your vehicle is running, if your vehicle is not clean, then I am 100% sure that you can’t enjoy your ride. In addition to that, if you are not cleaning your car regularly, then dirt, mud, and filthy contaminants can harm your automobile wrap investment and thereby minimizing the return on the investment. Better you follow the above smart hacks to clean your vehicle effortlessly on your own. Yes, of course, you can appoint a professional for the same purpose.