15 {Fun} Activities for Babies

Activities for babies are hard to come up with sometimes.  We often forget that even the simplest things are exciting for babies which is why activities for 1 year olds is so much fun!

These wonderful activities for babies we’re sharing today was inspired by House of Burke.

15 Fun Activities for Babies - Kids Activities Blog

Looking for some fun activities for your baby to do? Babies love fun too and this is a crucial time for them to learn and explore the world. These activities are fun, exciting, educational, and simple to do.

Your baby will hopefully love them as much as mine did! From sensory bags, fine motor skills practice, board books, more sensory activity…and the list of activities goes on.

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Fun and Simple Activities for Babies

1. Muffin Tin Game

Make this easy  muffin tin game  for your baby to explore. Explore colors, small objects in larger objects, and practice gross motor skills. This is perfect for young children.

2. Sensory Painting Activity

In this sensory painting activity, baby uses a spikey ball, dipped in paint, to create beautiful process art. This baby play activity is perfect! Explore colors, different textures, and art! It’s a great way for 8 month olds and older to explore the world.

3. Mystery Sensory Bag

With just a few items found around the house, you can create an exciting mystery sensory bag for your baby to explore. Perfect way to have some simple fun while exploring interesting objects.

4. Skip Hop Baby Toy Guitar

An invitation to rock?  Yes please!  Introducing baby to music is so very important; and in this post about introducing your little one to guitars you will find  some great ways to do just that!  One we like is the Skip Hop Baby Toy Guitar. This is my baby’s favorite toy.

5. Carrot Shaving Sensory Salad

We throw out a lot of materials that would make wonderful sensory play activities for baby. This Carrot Shaving Sensory Salad utilized leftover carrot scraps for exploration and play before going into the compost! This is one of my favorite sensory activities.

6. Animal Texture Board

This animal texture board uses multiple animal textures to allow baby to learn about different animals while engaging in an exciting touch and feel experience! This is one of the best baby activities.

7. Crinkle Books

Here’s a crinkle book you can make for your baby right at home!  They’ll love the noise and textures. This is great for early childhood development.

8. Planting A Rainbow

Here is another wonderful sensory board with a literary tie-in.  This board, based on Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehler, allows babies to explore the texture and color of flowers and leaves. These are good ways to explore sensory and color and work on your baby’s brain development.

9. Play Baby Zoo

Babies love pretend play too!  This pretend play baby zoo is a super fun way for your little one to explore animals with some familiar faces. Such fun baby games!

10. Airplane Sensory Bin

Transportation is so much fun to explore with your little one. This airplane sensory bin and print craft are a ton of fun!

11. Exploring Ice

Ice is one of the simplest sensory materials there is. Exploring ice with your baby can be a thrilling and very new experience. This is an easy way for your your year old baby to explore colors and temperatures.

12. Spider Web Art Project

Bugs are fascinating to little ones. This spider web art project and life-size sensory spider web will be sure to excite the budding bug enthusiast!

13. Mess-Free Painting

Mess-free painting always makes for an easy and fun activity for little ones.  This activity, using bouncy balls and paint in a bag, exercises motor skills and hand-eye coordination! No messy little monsters here!

14. Pumpkin Patch Concepts

A life-size pumpkin patch is a super fun way to explore fall concepts with your little one. This is a great activity for older babies. Learn about the world in the early years and build your baby’s brain.

15. DIY Snowflake Drop DIY Toy

This snowflake drop is an easy DIY toy to make for your baby. This is one of the easy activities that will help your baby develop new skills. You could use any container you have on hand including wipes container or treasure baskets.

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What activities does your baby enjoy? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.


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