Crafts For Kids That Turn Into DIY Toys

My kids love making crafts. They enjoy cutting, gluing, stuffing and so much more. But what they love most is the end result. If they can make something that they would be able to play with it totally makes their day (mine too).

Kids love to see end result. That’s why I gathered our favorite crafts for kids that turn into DIY TOYS. It’s like 2 in 1. They make a craft and then they play with it. For hours, hopefully.

diy toys that turn into crafts

1. Inspire kids to construct this pretty easy DIY toy paper helicopter and let them fly it. Babbedabbledo

2. If you have a little one who loves trains this toilet paper roll train craft will have him busy for hours. Kids Activities Blog

3. This craft requires cutting and 3d building. It’s a great play for those kids who love building Playtivities

4. Love theater? Make a dancing giraffe. Redtedart

5. Wanna play with ice skating dolls? Make them first. Mollymoo

6. Craft your surfboards, because anything can surf. Play-trains

crafts for kids

7. For some imaginary play show your kids how to make a crown and a wand from pine cones. Plativities

8. Now who wouldn’t want to play with that? DIY spinning tops (with magical disappearing colors). Babbledabbledo

9. Here is what you can make (and later play with) from duct tape. Unschoolme

10. You literally can’t break this toy. It’s for life. It also comes with a car track. Playtivities

11. I guarantee you if you make this DIY parachute craft/toy kids will be playing with it for some good amount of time. No time for flash cards

12. DIY play-dough toys for some great sensory play. Kids Activities Blog

13. Magnet maze. My Cakies

14. Mini DIY kaleidoscopes. Babbledabbledo

15. Very hungry caterpillar finger puppets would go well while reading the book or having a puppet show. Classic-play

16. Invite your child to help you craft a train from boxes. He will love to play with it later. Playtivities

17. If your kids like to craft with chalkboard, there is a toy they can make. B-inspired Mama

18. How fun would it be to play with these zoo animals.   Estefimachado

19. DIY Magnet animals are perfect to play on the fridge. Mericherry

20. Make a fairy house. Crafts by Amanda

21. Jacob’s Ladder craft and a toy is for little older kids

22. Pine cone craft turns into a flying bee. Perfect toy for a toddler. Playtivities

23. Pom pom peg dolls will make some hearts really happy. Mollymoo  

24. Rolling car will be a lovely craft (with mom’s help) and super cool toy to play with. Lalymom

25.   Kids can get crafty while making this chestnut streamer toy. Redtedart

26. This is one is for you, mamas! I am in love with this diy doll. Take a look. Redtedart

crafts for kids

There you have it. 26 crafts for kids that turn into wonderful DIY toys. Kids will feel so special they made them and will treasure them more.

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