If you are looking for different ways to enhance young children’s fine motor skills, you’re in the right place! We are sharing with you 18 fine motor skills activities for 8 year olds that are so much fun.

Image shows a compilation of different fine motor skills activities for kids that are 8 years old and older
Enjoy these fine motor skills activities!


As kids grow older, it’s easy to start focusing on gross motor skills instead of the child’s fine motor skills. And although children this age are running and jumping around, fine motor development is just as important as always! If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry; here are the best ways to promote fine motor control with fun activities.

Although developing fine motor skills is something that happens with everyday tasks, there are different things you can do at home to help with building eye-hand coordination, use of small muscles of the hand, manual dexterity, pincer grasp, and more skills important for full child development.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite fine motor activity ideas and simple activities for you to try today.

Image shows a paper weaving craft in blue, purple and green. Idea from Kids activities blog
Enjoy this fun craft!

1. Paper Weaving Craft for Kids

Let’s train those little fingers! Introduce this simple paper weaving craft to your kids and enjoy the results. It is a great fine motor skills activity that helps with finger strength, and it’s so much fun trying to come up with new weaving patterns to create new and interesting designs.

Image shows a set of star coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog
Twinkle, twinkle, little star…

2. Bright & Happy Star Coloring Pages for Kids

There’s no easier fine motor skills activity than coloring! This star coloring page might seem like a simple picture, but it is the perfect activity that can be done anywhere for fine motor practice, and coloring pages can be added to the daily routine of fun fine motor activities.

Image shows a kids' hand playing with colored  foaming bubbles. Idea from  Kids Activities Blog
This activity is a great way to introduce a bit of science.

3. How to Make Foaming Bubbles: Great fun for kids of all ages!

Using everyday items, this Bubble Foam activity is great for younger kids and older kids – kids of all ages! It’s so easy to make, a fun sensory activity, and a great way to explore colors. Besides being an excellent fine motor activity, it also targets visual motor coordination.

Image shows a toilet roll octopus craft from Kids Activities Blog
This easy craft is a great way to learn about the ocean.

4. Toilet Roll Octopus Craft For Kids – Wiggly Octopus Friends

Learn about the octopus, practice fine motor skills, and make a fun octopus craft with simple supplies like yarn, acrylic paint, and toilet paper rolls!

Image shows a paper Easter egg garland for kids. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
Perfect way to celebrate Easter!

5. Make an Easter Egg Garland Craft for Preschool [Great Fine Motor Activity]

 This Easter egg garland craft is perfect for preschool, Kindergarten age kids, and older. It allows for creativity and imagination while practicing fine motor skills, color recognition, and more useful skills.

Image shows a unicorn doodle coloring page. Idea from Kids Activities blog
Practice hand-eye coordination with this set of coloring pages.

6. Cutest Ever! Free Unicorn Doodle Coloring Page For Kids

Grab your crayons, colored pencils, glitter, and markers, and get ready for some coloring fun with our unicorn doodle coloring pages for kids.

Image shows a compilation of printable space mazes for kids. Idea from Kids activities blog
Mazes are another great way to work on fine motor skills.

7. These Free Printable Mazes for Kids Are out of This World

Easy maze worksheets teach kids so many things in a playful way, like pencil skills, eye-hand coordination, and critical thinking. Plus, coloring them is so much fun too!

Image shows 2 paintings, an owl and a fox, with painting next to it. Idea from kids activities blog
Let’s practice some easy painting.

8. Stencil Painting Ideas For Kids Using Canvas

These easy canvas painting ideas for kids are a great way to not only have some creative time, but also work on fine motor skills, and learn about colors.

Image shows a jelly bean bracelet in different color with jelly beans scattered around it. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
A craft you can eat?!

9. Make a Jelly Bean Bracelet as an Easy Easter Craft for Kids

Let’s make a jelly bean bracelet that can be worn that also makes a good snack. Older kids will love this easy edible bracelet craft that works great as a spring craft.

Image shows two litlte hands playing with a rubber band.
This is such a simple activity but so good for little hands!

10. Fun Rubber Band Passing Fine Motor Game

A fine motor activity that focuses on hand strength using rubber bands. All you need are rubber bands, cups, and small objects. You can set this activity up pretty much anywhere, anytime! From Hands On As We Grow.

Image shows a kid practicing writing with a dot sticker activity. Idea from learn with play at home
Practicing writing is so simple this way.

11. Fine Motor Dot Sticker Letter Learning and Name Recognition

This activity is fun and perfect for practicing name recognition, letter recognition, reading, writing, tracing, sounding out, and experiencing letters. From Learn With Play At Home.

Image shows a button fine motor skills alphabet craft. Idea from A dab of glue will do
Practicing the alphabet has never been easier.

12. Fine Motor Skills Alphabet Activity

Setting up this activity only takes a few minutes, and you only need supplies you most likely have at hand. It’s the perfect way to practice the alphabet and fine motor skills. From A Dab Of Glue Will Do.

Image shows a kid painting sticks with paint. Idea from Days with Grey
Painting sticks is more entertaining than you’d expect.

13. Paint the Sticks is genius

Here’s an activity that combines self-expression, movement, sensory skills and fine motor skills. It helps with future writing and pencil grip skills. From Days With Grey.

Image shows 4 containers with colored beans: green ,pink, blue and yellow. Idea from The Imagination Tree
Imagine all the things you can create!

14. Threading With Pipe Cleaners and Beads

Set up a little Invitation to Play for toddlers and preschoolers using colored pipe cleaners and matching colored beads for a great fine motor and siring and matching activity! From The Imagination Tree.

Image shows different keys on the floor for a math and science activity for kids. Idea from Fantastic fun and learning
Let’s practice some math skills too!

15. K is For Key Math And Science Activities

Collect different lock and key sets, put them in a tray, and let the kids have fun matching the keys with the locks and trying to open them. You can also use the keys to set up a counting tray activity. Try these fun ideas from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Image shows a letter M in yellow over a blue background with small marshmallows on top of the letter. Idea from Fantastic Fun and Learning
Letter recognition is so easy with simple crafts!

16. Marshmallow Letter Recognition Activities

Here are two different marshmallow activities that are a fun way to practice building, letters, number recognition and, of course, fine motor skills. All you need is marshmallows, a sheet of paper or two, and toothpicks. From Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Image shows different colored ballons deflated on top of a white background. Idea from The Inspired Tree House
Sometimes all you need is a few simple objects to get started!

17. DIY Balloon Fidget Toys for Kids

Learn how to make some super simple fidget toys using balloons and other supplies you have on hand! Fidgeting can be a great way to provide subtle movement input that helps with calming and organizing. From The Inspired Treehouse.

Image shows two dIY zipper bracelets. From Moms and Crafters
Which color will you use for these bracelets?

18. DIY Zipper Bracelets

You’ll love these easy-to-make DIY zipper bracelets! They are simple, quick, and fun to wear, making them a perfect craft for teens and tweens. From Moms and Crafters.

Looking for more fine motor skills activities?

What was your favorite fine motor skill activity for 8 year olds?

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