Easy Fine Motor Skills Practice With A Colander And Straws

Toddlers are developing their fine motor skills at super speed, and the cool part is they love any activity that involves fine motor skills practice.

Simple fine motor skills practice games are pretty much the only time you will see a toddler sitting still and concentrating! (But don’t expect them to sit for too long, it’s totally normal for them to stop in the middle of a game like this and decide the colander also makes an awesome drum!)

fine motor skills practice for toddlers

Most of the time, people think it takes a lot of prep and planning to do learning activities with their kids, but that’s not always the case. I love how they used pipe cleaners and a colander in this activity, but I wanted to be able to do fine motor skills practice with my kid without ever having to leave my kitchen!

So, I looked around and realized that I have about a bazillion straws, and they fit perfectly into the holes of my colander!

To Do This Fine Motor Skills Practice:

You don’t need much, just a colander and some straws. (affiliate links) (I always buy straws  in bulk when the stores have their summer time seasonal stuff out, because they are cheapest then.)

You child will take the straws and just shove them into the holes of the colander.  Just show them a couple of times, and they will get the hang of it quickly.

straw fine motor skills activity


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