It may be July but Costco is helping you get into the holiday spirit early!

No, I am not talking about Christmas, instead, Halloween has come early to Costco!

Now, you may remember last year that Pokemon released special edition Halloween booster packs you could pass out to trick-or-treaters and well, they are back.

This time, Costco is selling a giant pack of Pokemon Halloween Cards you can pass out to trick-or-treats and if you’re a Pokemon fan, don’t wait to grab these!

Costco is currently selling this Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle that comes with 120 mini packs of Pokemon cards.

Each pack contains 3 Pokemon cards inside making them great for a non-candy Halloween idea.

Last year, these were selling out like hot cakes at retailers and sold for $14.99-$19.99 for 40 cards.

This is a way better deal – $34.99 for 120 cards! That makes each pack $0.29 versus $0.49 a pack.

Keep in mind, this pack is the same color as the pack from last year so it may have the same cards inside but this is an incredible deal if you missed out last year!

You can find this Pokmon BOOster Bundle at Costco now.

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