25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids

We have gathered the best ways for dad’s to connect and spend time with their kids. These Father’s day kids activities are great not only for Father’s day, but everyday!

There are activities father’s can do with kids of all ages. From toddlers to older kids, there is something for everyone!

25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids

Father’s Day Kids Activities

Life is so busy, and pulls you in a million directions, but it is really important to find family time within the busy-ness of life! Here are  25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids.  

Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids 

We recently adopted a beautiful little guy! When we brought our son home we needed to learn how to connect with each other. We loved the book, The Connected Child. 

After reading that book, we were inspired to create this list of activities to help us bond with our new son and also to reassure our other children that we love them, through play.

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Play Together at Home With Dad

1. Tickle Party

Have a tickle party – your child will love to try and tickle you! What a great idea to instill giggles! The tickle monster game is so much fun.

2. Story Time With Dad

Read them a story! Only change the characters so that the story is about your child. This is a great time to spend time with each other and learn. Actually the whole family may enjoy this. These are some of our favorite books:

3. Play Airplane

Play airplane, acting like your child is the airplane, and fly them around the room. What a great idea for all father figures. Get some exercise, spend time together, and a great way to promote pretend play. Don’t forget to make the airplane sounds, “Nyyyrrrrrrrrrm.”

4. Play With Balloons

Blow a balloon and let it go. Try to catch it! Balloons make the best gifts, because they’re so much fun. Chase them, catch them, hit them with a racket. Perfect fun for dads and older kids.

5. Make Tasty Treats

Make delicious treats together! Spending quality time in the kitchen will make any day a special day! It is a fun way to spend time together and get to eat delicious treats. Be a Master Chef!

25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids

Fun And Active Games For Dad and Kids

6. Piggy Back Rides

Give your child a piggy back ride, or a ride on your shoulders. If my husband is any indicator, dad loves lifting up his kids. They’re always getting piggy back rides and shoulder rides.

7. Jump, Run, and Flip

Hold their hands and “jump” your child, or let them do somersaults by climbing up your legs. Be the best dad and try out these active father’s day activities. Just be sure to stretch out first!

8. I Love You

Look your child in the eyes and tell them that you love them, often. Don’t just tell your kids that you love them on a special occasion, tell them everyday. You should tell your entire family that you love them on a regular basis.

9. Blow Raspberries 

Blow raspberries on their belly. Try to make different sounds with your mouth, and have your child mimic you.

10. Movie Night

This is one of the more fun father’s day activities. Great for little kids, younger children, and bigger kids. You can make popcorn, s’mores, and other snacks, to watch movies.

25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids

Ways for Dad to Connect with Kids

11. Let Your Kids Help

Let your child help with a chore! Making Daddy coffee is the highlight of my toddler’s morning.

12. Dance Party!

Dance with your child. Swing them in the air and twirl them around your legs.

13. Wrestling Games

Play “Tackle Daddy”. Your kids will love to push you over and climb on you.

14. Don’t Wake The Monster!

Pretend to be a sleeping monster. Catch your kids when they creep near you.

15. Tag

Chase your child around the house to give them hugs. Try crawling in the chase!

25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids

Best Ways For Dad To Spend Time With The Kiddos

16. Hide and Seek

Looking for more fun activities? Play hide-and-seek, only hide with your child, and have Mommy try to find you. Make it more fun with the added bonus, play hide and seek where mommy chases child and dad. Get to the safe spot! Perfect for family game night.

17. Long Walk

Hold your child’s hand and go for a long walk. Don’t want to walk? Go on a bike ride instead.

18. Singing Silly Songs

Sing silly songs together! Use different voices, try to sing it as fast as you can, etc. What better way to share lots of love than with silly dad’s favorite games and songs!

19. Talking With Dad

Ask your child questions, even if they are too young to answer them.

20. Bear Hugs

Give your child a bear hug!

25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids

Ways Dad Can Spend Time WIth His Children

21. Go On An Adventure

Take your child on an adventure. Play dress-up, and then go to the store together in your outfits. Go to a new park! Take a horse back ride. These adventures are why dad rocks!

22. Act Out Your Favorite TV Show

Turn off the sound to the TV and make up words for the characters as they act. There is no better way for silly pretend fun! 

23. Photo Shoot

Collect props from around the house and take pictures of each other. Put on a silly bow tie, dress up like your favorite team, either way, it should make kid and dad smile alike! You can even make your own picture frame to put the photos in. This also would make a great homemade gift.

24. Puzzles

Try to solve an age-appropriate puzzle together, or a Rubik’s cube. Make a maze for younger kids! Or make your own! Take your favorite daddy and son/daughter photo and make a puzzle out of it.

25. Toss Around A Ball

Toss a ball around! Throwing balls back and forth between each other is fun, and great for hand-eye coordination.

25 Ways for Dads to Connect with Kids


How do you like to connect with your kids?


  1. What a wonderful list! I think dads and kids would love each and every idea.

  2. One on one dates were my favorite as a kid. He’d pick me up from school on his lunch break and he’d take me to wendy’s. Inexpensive and memorable. Plus I thought I was the coolest kid to leave school during lunch!

  3. wonderful ideas! Will remember try some.

  4. Robyn Bird says:

    I give my kids the best worm in the hole because they are special to meeeeeee. I also give them the best spot in the nest because I don’t want there feathers too get hurt from the squals in the trees. THIS IS MY BIRRRRRRRD WORRRRRRRD DAWGGGGGGG

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