Are you looking for some gift inspiration for Father’s Day? Well here at Kids Activities Blog, we’ve got you covered! Today we wanted to share with you a big list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

There are gift ideas ranging from super funny, to simply adorable, and there are LOTS of dad jokes. Use this list as inspiration, and we’ll bet you’ll find that perfect gift in no time. 

Father giving young son a piggy back ride after receiving an awesome gift for fathers day
Let your kids pick out something special for dad from this list of best Father’s Day gift ideas.

In no time at all, it will be Fathers Day. Even with overnight shipping, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get dad a gift he will love.

Gone are the days where a simple mug with “World’s Best Dad” would do the trick.

I’m terrible at picking gifts, so I had my husband come up with a wishlist of things he would love to get. This list is great for Father’s Day and any other gift giving holiday in the future. What is best is that he can update it as he finds new things he likes!

A few of his friends even recommended these products, so I know this list has a gift for every dad!

new father holding his baby and celebrating fathers day
Gifts for new dads are important, too! Make each Father’s Day as memorable as you can.

Great Gifts for Dads

little girl giving father gift for happy father's day
It is always so fun to watch my kids pick out just the right thing for their Dad! Kid-made gifts can be some of the best, too!

Gadgets and Gizmos for Dad

  • Sleep is hard to come by for any parent. A Sleep Sound Machine is a top notch gift to help dad catch those extra Zs. It has 29 soothing sounds, so there is a perfect one for any dad.
  • Never trust a weather man, says my husband. He’s had one too many fishing trips ruined by a promise of sunshine. I am not even slightly surprised that this At Home Weather Station is on his list.
  • I haven’t ever met a dad that doesn’t love music. Sharing a love of that music with the next generation is easy, no matter the format! Sporting a cool retro style is this 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player!
  • A 10-in-1 tool is so last year. Check out this unbelievable 37-in-1 Gadget Multi-tool that fits in his wallet!
  • My husband’s bedside table is an absolute wreck, so he definitely needs this Cell Phone Dock and Organizer.
  • For the hardworking father, a Deep Tissue Massager would make such a difference as he relaxes at the end of the day.
  • If your husband is a DIY “master”, like mine, he would probably love this Magnetic Wristband! It makes it hard to lose the last tiny screw you need for the IKEA table you’ve just bought.
father and toddler playing together in a bright and happy family home
Simple Father’s Day gifts are a great way to celebrate Dad.

Personalized Gifts for Dads

If the mug with World’s Best Dad is your style, but you got him the mug last year, check out these!

Father’s Day Gifts From Kids

father and daughter exploring outside together and bonding on father's day
Spending time together can be one of the greatest gifts for Dads.

Subscription Boxes for Dad

The gifts for dads that just keep on giving! Make a reminder of your love a monthly occasion!

Father’s Day Ideas for Kids

How did these gift ideas work out for your family? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! Also, be sure to join us over on our Facebook page. 

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