My husband told  me that he never gets handmade gifts for Father’s Day. I realized it was true!  Father’s Day falls in the summer, long after the school bell has stopped ringing, and the kids don’t always get crafty for Father’s Day. This Father’s Day, I decided to have the kids make something cute, easy, and useful for Dad! Homemade Father's Day Mouse Pad CraftThis is a great craft for kids of all ages to complete with some help from and adult. The first step is picking out a fabric Dad will love!

Materials for Homemade Father’s Day Mouse Pad:

This post contains affiliate links.  Cardboard – approximately 6″ x 8″ Themed Fabric – approximately 8″ x 10″ 2 sheets of craft foam  – approximately 6″ x 8″ Hot glue gun & hot glue Permanent marker Homemade Father's Day Mouse Pad Craft

How to Make Homemade Father’s Day Mouse Pad

  • Begin by cutting the cardboard in the shape you want your mouse pad. I chose a rectangle, because of the ease in covering with fabric. However, you can choose any shape you wish.
  • Once you’ve chosen your shape and cut your cardboard, you are ready to cut your fabric and craft foam.
  • Cut your fabric about 2″ larger than your cardboard base.  Be sure to pay attention while cutting. If you have a design on your fabric, be sure you have the area  you want centered in the middle.
  • Glue the craft foam to the cardboard.
  • Then, begin on one side with the fabric, and lay down a line of hot glue. Fold fabric over the cardboard and secure to the hot glue. Do the same on the opposite side of the rectangle.
  • At the corners use an accordion fold, so you do not have loose fabric on the front of the mouse pad.   To do this, you fold over small sections and secure with glue before moving on to the next section. Continue to do all four corners, then finish gluing the two sides that are still unglued.

Note: While gluing, be sure to pull the fabric tight across the front of your mouse pad to give a smooth finish

  • Don’t worry about the unfinished edges, because you’ll cover them up with craft foam.
  • Trim your craft foam  to fit the back of the mouse pad. You don’t want to have any material overlapping the sides, and showing when you’re using the mouse pad, so cut the backing just a bit smaller than the mouse pad.  Cover the back side with enough hot glue to hold the non slip backing in place.
  • Place backing on, and allow to dry a few minutes.  Homemade Father's Day Mouse Pad Craft
Let kids draw a secret message on the back with a permanent marker. Dad will love turning over his handmade gift to see a special drawing made just for him!  Pair it with a handmade card and Dad will think it’s the best Father’s day, ever!

Homemade Father's Day Mouse Pad Craft

Father’s Day Crafts and Activities

We have tons of fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day: What DIY gift(s) are you making for Father’s Day this year? Comment below! 

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