All babies are unique, and all deliveries carry their own special memories, but this baby did something so unexpected…

dad takes unbelievable picture during birth video - Kids activities blog
Each baby is so precious…

so beautiful…

that the doctors and nurses found themselves completely speechless and dad knew he had to take a picture.

screenshot from video of dad talking about baby picture
It was a one in a million moment…

When doctors took this mama back for a c-section, the were prepared for the usual.

They knew exactly what cuts to make, exactly what tools to have on hand, exactly where everyone needed to be staged for a normal deliver.

screenshot of baby picture from video
Oh the cuteness!

But baby had something completely different in mind.

As doctors sliced into mom’s uterus, baby Nevaeh reached out from her warm cocoon and grasped the finger of the doctor who would soon be delivering her.

In all his years of surgeries, this doctor had never experienced this before.

Neither had the nurses who assisted in the surgery. Thankfully dad was on hand to capture the incredible moment.

Take a look!

Baby Grasps Doctor’s Finger During Birth Video

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