Let’s go make some Father’s day desserts and some other Fun Father’s Day Food! What dad wouldn’t love a sweet treat or special meal for his very own holiday? Whether the dad in your house likes sandwiches, pizza, cupcakes, or cookies, we have you covered with these fun Father’s Day desserts.

father's day desserts- fishing cupcake, dumbbell cookies, necktie snacks, golfing donuts, cookie rocks, lawn mower rice krispie treats, rice krispie treat tie
There are so many delicious Father’s day desserts to choose from!

Father’s Day Desserts

Want the perfect dessert for dad? We have easy desserts which is the best way to tell dad you love and appreciate him. He does so much for you so now you can do something for him! Whether he loves homemade ice cream, peanut butter cookies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, pound cake, or whatever, we have something for every dad!

Fun Father’s Day Food

1. Fishing Pole Cupcakes For Dad

Does dad like to fish? Making cupcakes topped with a fishing pole couldn’t be easier. Reel in the recipe over at Easy Cupcakes.

2. Father’s Day Barbell Cookies

Pumping iron may seem like a chore, but chowing down on Miss Candiquik‘s Barbell Cookies will be light lifting for any man.

3. Delicious Neck Tie Appetizers For Father’s Day

Whether your father loves wearing ties, or wants nothing to do with them, these Neck Tie Appetizers, from Cute as a Fox, will make a fun lunch or dinner on Father’s Day

4. Cookies ‘n Cream Fudge Rocks For Dad

For the Dad who rocks, make him a batch of Hungry HappeningsCookies ‘n Cream Fudge Rocks. This three ingredient fudge comes together in minutes, and the kids will have a ball rolling all the rocks and pebbles then piling them high. 

5. Father’s Day Rice Krispie Treat Lawn Mowers

You don’t have to bake dessert. Rather you can make Rice Krispies! Many father’s spend their weekends keeping their yards looking spiffy, so while your dad it out mowing the lawn, why not whip up some Rice Krispie Treat Lawn Mowers to serve him when he comes in for a break. Find the recipe over on Cute Food for Kids.

6. Tasty Rice Krispie Treat Tie For Father’s Day

Not into baking, but want a nice big dessert for Father’s Day? Whip up this sharp looking Rice Krispie Treat Tie, from Hatter and Hare Events. Love this delicious dessert recipe.

father's day desserts and recipes- mancakes, donuts, cupcakes, pancakes
We have Father’s day desserts and breakfast recipes. Try some mancakes!

Father’s Day Desserts We Love

7. Man Cakes For Dad

Say Happy Father’s Day with breakfast in bed! Kids will have a blast turning pancakes into “Man” Cakes. It’s kind of like putting together Mr. Potato head using fruit for the mouth, eyes, hair and nose. Check out the tutorial over on The Joys of Boys.

8. Father’s Day Homemade Dad Doughnuts

Homemade Dad Doughnuts are sure to start Father’s Day out right! And the kids can add all sorts of fun toppings to the freshly fried treats. These easy recipes are perfect for dad’s special day. And with this one you can make Dad a special breakfast full of yummy doughnuts and rich chocolate.

9. Creative Man Cakes For Father’s Day

If you really want to get creative, try making Kitchen Fun with My 3 SonsMancakes shaped like tools, ties, and sports balls. Personalize the pancakes for your special dad! This is the perfect treat!

Does dad have a sweet tooth? Enjoy camping and s’mores? Than he will love this s’mores sugar cookie pizza from Kids Activities Blog. It’s so good! Too sweet? Use dark chocolate instead! This is a fun way to make super yummy Father’s day dessert recipes.

11. Father’s Day Chocolate Chip Cookies

Watch dad’s face light up with these amazing desserts. Sometimes the simplest things are best! Make dad the very best chocolate chips ever from Homemaking For God.

12. Mustache Cupcakes For Dad

Want more delicious recipes? Mustache Cupcakes , from Another 1 Bites the Crust, will appeal to even the most macho man. 

We have another special dessert for dad. If your dad is a cookie monster, bake him a giant cookie to tell him you love him. This I Love Dad Cookie, from Hungry Happenings, is decorated using slices of gumdrops, and is colorful and fun. 

14. Baseball Krispies For Dad

Don’t swing and miss, be sure to treat your sports lovin’ Dad to these Baseball Krispies, from Cookies and Cups.

15. Father’s Day Football Graham Crackers

Does dad like football? Then make dad these awesome Football themed Graham Crackers from Kids Activities Blog.

16. Spider-Man Pop Corn Balls For Father’s Day

Is dad a fan of super heroes? Tell dad he’s your hero with these Spider-Man popcorn balls from Kids Activities Blog.

17. Smiley Snacks For Dad

Brighten dad’s day with these happy smiley snacks from Kids Activities Blog.

18. Dipped Oreos For Father’s Day

Does your dad love Oreo cookies? Then make these for your father figure whomever he may be. It’s easy, cheap, and one of the best desserts. Dip Oreos in chocolate and then add sprinkles! So yummy from Homemaking for God.

father's day desserts- mustache cupcakes, cookies, pizza, baseball cookies
We don’t just have Father’s day desserts we also have savory recipes like this Father’s day pizza. Dad is #1!

Father’s Day Recipes

19. #1 Dad Pizza Pepperoni Pizza For Father’s Day

Award your father with a special meal – a homemade fully loaded #1 Dad Pepperoni Pizza, from Hungry Happenings.

20. Father’s Day Breakfast Pastry

Make dad breakfast! You can make homemade pop tarts full of sprinkles and his favorite flavors from Kids Activities Blog.

21. Make Dad Dinner For Father’s Day

Make dad dinner! These easy air fryer chicken tenders and best air fryer onion rings are the best from Kids Activities Blog.

22. Make The Best Fathers Day Menu

Make dad something super special this year whether it be: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! There are so many wonderful Father’s day recipes from Homemaking For God.

No matter which edible craft you choose to make your dad is sure to love his Fun Father’s Day Food!

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Leave a comment: Which of these recipes do you and the kids plan on making for Father’s Day?

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