There are tons of ways to get dad playing with kids, but one of our favorites is reading a book together. That’s why we are sharing some of our favorite children’s books to read on Father’s Day!

Once you’ve picked out a great Fathers Day gift, and made up all of the special and fun father’s day food, it’s time to pick an activity!

Father and Son reading a Book together for Fathers Day
The best books to read with Dad on Father’s Day to spend time together with kids.

You want your Father’s Day activities to be fun and memorable. For some, that can mean playing catch outside together. For others, a silly game of “Pin the Tie on the Daddy” could hit the spot. You could even try some father son projects (Psst…They are fun for daughters, too!)

But, my family has always had our noses in books. Both of my kids are already avid readers. (They are already almost done with the PBKids 2020 Reading Challenge!)

happy daughter and father reading together
Kids will love getting to choose a special book to read with Dad. It’s a great way to let your children spend one-on-one time with their father!

Now, we are letting them choose a book to read for Father’s Day. They will each get some time to spend one-on-one with their dad, reading a special book aloud.

Because sometimes, the best Fathers Day gift is our time.

Books for Dads with Toddlers

Inspiring a love of reading is easiest when they’re young. Books for babies and toddlers can be favorite toys.

I will never forget holding a big, shiny gold and white storybook in my tiny hands as my dad read aloud to me. It is my hope that the right book can give your children a memory just as wonderful as mine this Father’s Day.

  • Made For Me – From a child’s first uttered “Dada” to his or her first unsteady steps, nothing can adequately convey the joy and awe of watching the birth and growth of a new child. “You are the one made just for me,” is a line that will touch the heart of all fathers.
  • Daddy Hugs – This adorably illustrated hug-and-read book encourages you to count along, with your baby. One of the cutest books for dads, in my humble opinion.
  • My Dad Loves Me! – Featuring beautiful animal illustrations, this book goes through all of the ways dads show love to their children.
  • Daddy and Me – Read along and play with your baby or toddler through this story of a very busy day in the jungle. Wiggle the cute lion plush puppet to engage and interest your little one. Bright artwork and sweet rhyming text make this finger puppet book a favorite for daddy and baby time!
  • Cave Dada – Kids will love this hilarious adventure as Dada sets off to find just the right book for Baba’s bedtime story. Poor Dada! The delaying tactics of his Stone Age darling may not speed up bedtime … but they just might change the course of human history.

Read Aloud Books for Funny Fathers

Every dad joke starts with a dad. They aren’t called mom jokes, after all.

As much as I hate to admit it, my kids find their dad to be much funnier than me. My oldest picked a book with a sense of humor, for her dad to read to her.

  • Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada – Written by acclaimed The Tonight Show star, Jimmy Fallon, this goofy book is a hoot! It follows the secret conspiracy all dad’s are a part of – making our baby’s first word Dada!
  • My Dad Used to be So Cool – Follow a father looking back on all of the things that used to make him cool. He then realizes that despite those days being behind him, his son still thinks hes the coolest guy in the world.
  • My Dad Thinks He’s Funny – The perfect book to share when your dad’s answer to “I’m hungry” is “Nice to meet you, hungry, I’m dad!”
  • Daddy Sat on a Duck – This hilarious (and yet heartwarming) salute to real daddies everywhere. Crafted with contemporary parents in mind, it will have readers laughing out loud as they recognize many familiar moments that most books for children leave out!

Books for Any Dad

Reading aloud together is a perfect opportunity for children to make memories that will bring your kids comfort long into adulthood. Any book will do, but these are especially wonderful.

  • Dad By My Side – This is the debut novel of Instagram sensation, Soosh. Dads are always there when you need them. Whether they’re playing make-believe, making you smile, or warding off monsters under the bed.
  • I Love You, Daddy – This charming and playful adventure follows Little Bear. He learns that Daddy Bear will always be around to provide a helping hand (paw?).
  • My Daddy Rules the World – This collection of poems celebrates the everyday displays of fatherly love. Heartwarming, and paired with bold folk-art-inspired images, these beautiful pages match the wonder of the relationship between father and child.
  • Tough Guys Have Feelings Too – This book really made me smile. Everyone expects our tough fathers to be strong, all the time. Teaching children that it is ok for “tough guys” to have feelings is an incredibly important mission. Everyone deserves empathy.
  • Because I’m Your Dad – Both playful and loving, a father expresses his hopes and dreams with his child. Whimsical monster characters bring the silly and sweet scenes to life and keep the book universal.
  • My Dad, My Hero – Celebrate the simple moments that make every dad a hero in their child’s eyes. This laugh-out-loud book is perfect for any family.
  • Dad and Me – Fun in the Kitchen – This cookbook, made just for Dad and little chefs, is full of foods they will both love to cook together! Kids will feel proud of what they cook up while strengthening that special bond.
  • Hair Love – What does Dad do when he’s in charge of a special hairstyle? This moving story highlights the relationship between a father and daughter.

I hope that this list of books for dads has inspired you! Make the time for your kids to read aloud with their father, any day of the year. Read aloud to even just one of these books for dads, they will have a memory to hold onto for a lifetime.

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