Father’s Day brings an opportunity for your little artist to make Doodle Art Father’s Day Cards. We have some handmade cards for Dad that you can download for free. Make Father’s Day extra special by putting  your decorated card next to a personalized breakfast treat for Dad. These intricate designs are well-suited for older elementary school aged kids, but also for kids who really enjoy art.  Father's Day Cards

 4 Doodle Art Father’s Day Cards to Color

Remind dad of the cool Doodle Art coloring pages from his childhood, with these four Father’s Day Coloring Pages, which can be folded into Father’s Day Cards. The cards each have a popular Father Idiom for your kids to download, print out, and color. Learning some funny phrases while you color makes this an well-rounded creative project.

What’s an idiom?

Idioms are expressions that are used in common language, but are not meant to be taken literally. They are often funny, and have another meaning than the one you expect. What These Father Idioms Mean:
  • Like Father, Like Son. “ “A son’s behavior can be expected to resemble his father’s.”
  • Experience is the father of wisdom. “ “The more that happens to you, the more you will learn.”
  • Anyone can be a father but it takes a lot to be a daddy. “ “Investing time and energy in your relationship with your children makes a difference.”
  • It is a wise father that knows his own child. “ “Fathers, see your children for who they are, not for who you want them to be.”
 Father's Day Cards

More Coloring Pages

Have fun not only coloring the complex designs of these  Father’s Day Cards, but learning some new fun expressions and quotes you can use every day. Check out some other really great coloring pages here, and some more Father’s Day projects for kids  here. These awesome cards where drawn freehand by artist Lea Ann Stundins of Mommy’s Wish List  who was obsessed with Doodle Art coloring posters as a child. Don’t miss all of our wonderful printables at activities for kids coloring pages. You will find endless hours of fun! Make this memory jar for your dad this fathers day!

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