Make a Dog: Easy Origami {Art and Math}

We’ve got a fun way to make a dog with simple paper folding.  Easy origami patterns like this lets kids explore the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.

Kids Activities Blog likes projects like this that combine art and math for kids to have fun while learning.

Make a Dog: Easy Origami {Art and Math}

Make a Dog

This is such a simple project.  It does not involve scissors, tape, or glue.  All you need is a square sheet of paper (any size) and a few impressive folds.  It’s kind of like a puzzle using geometry to create art.

First, fold the paper in half, corner to corner.

Easy Origami for Kids: Make a Dog

Easy Origami

On the folded side of the page, turn down each of the corners to form two triangles.  These will be the dog’s ears.

Art and Math with Easy Origami {Make a Dog}

Art and Math

Next, fold the big center point under to form the dog’s chin.  There you go!  Your child has just made a dog by just folding paper into various triangles.  What a great way to combine art and math (geometry).

Make a Dog with Easy Origami {Amazing Art and Math}

Origami for Kids

Of course, kids like to add colors and detail so they may want to add spots or googly eyes to their paper dog.  You could also use different colored paper if your child wants a black or brown dog.

Cute and Easy Origami: Make a Dog with Art and Math

Origami can be much more complex than this but we love easy origami projects like this that even preschoolers can create.  It’s a great way for kids to see geometry in action.  Plus paper folding is great for building muscles in their fingers and hands that will help them with writing skills later.

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We hope your child enjoys this simple way to make a dog.  Do you have other ideas for easy origami projects for kids?  We’d love to hear about it!  For more great kids activities, you might be interested in some of these ideas:

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