Today we are learning all about the Day of the Dead with our Dia De Los Muertos facts printable pages! Simple download and print the fun facts about Day of the Dead and have some fun while learning about this holiday. Our printable facts pdf includes two pages filled with Day of the Dead pictures and facts about the Day of the Dead that kids of ages will enjoy at home or in the classroom.

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Print these facts about the Day of the Dead!

Free Printable Day of the Dead Facts For Kids

Today we have free printable Day of the Dead Facts fun fact pages for kids of all ages and adults too. This fun activity is part of our Day of the Dead collection to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos whether you are in Mexico, the United States or anywhere in the world! Click the button to download and print our Day of the Dead facts pages now:

This set of free fact pages are Day of the Dead themed – Dia De Los Muertos fact pages are celebrating 19 facts about this beautiful holiday from Mexican culture. Grab a fact sheet and enjoy coloring while learning about how Mexico celebrates Día de Muertos from November 1st to November 2nd.

Day of the Dead Facts To Share With Your Friends

Day of the Dead printed pdf file page one shown in black and white with 5 interesting facts for kids about the Day of the Dead
This is our first page in our Day of the Dead facts printable set!
  1. Day of the Dead is a time to remember and celebrate family and friends who have died.
  2. It’s celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November, and is not a sad holiday. It’s actually a joyful celebration.
  3. The Day of the Dead is not Mexican Halloween! They are celebrated around the same time of year, but they are very different.
  4. During the Spanish Conquest in the early 1500s, Catholic traditions were combined with ancient Aztec customs to create what we know today as Day of the Dead.
  5. Day of the Dead is the only day when those who passed away can come back and visit their loved ones.
  6. As a part of the celebration, families build alters in their homes for loved ones who have died. These altars are called “la ofrenda” and they have the favorite foods and drinks of the on being honored.
  7. “La ofrenda” also provide our loved ones what they need on their journey back to the Earth.

More Day Of The Dead Facts

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This is our second page in our Day of the Dead facts printable set!
  1. Every “ofrenda” includes the four elements: water, wind, earth, and fire
  2. Earth is represented by food, especially bread.
  3. Water is left in a glass so the spirits can quench their thirst.
  4. Candles are often left in the form of a cross to represent the cardinal directions, so the spirits can find their way.
  5. Papel picado, or traditional paper banners, represents the wind.
  6. Flowers, butterflies, and skulls are used as symbols.
  7. Often times, ceramic dogs or even plush do are placed on the alters. That’s because it is believed that the xoloitzcuintli (a dog like the on in Coco!) can guide the souls back to Earth during this celebration.
  8. A big part of the holiday involves going to the cemetery. Families wash the graves of their loved ones and decorate them with candles, meaningful objects, and flowers such as marigolds, called cempasuchil in Spanish.
  9. The cempasuchil is often placed on the ofrendas and around graves. Its petals are used to make a path that leads the spirits from the cemetery to their families.

Even More Day Of The Dead Facts

Day of the Dead printed pdf file page three shown in black and white with 5 interesting facts for kids about the Day of the Dead
This is the third printable page in our Day of the Dead facts set.
  1. Pan de Muerto, which means bread of the dead, is a sweet bread baked with anise and orange peel, that is only eaten during that time of year and also used in ofrendas.
  2. Monarch butterflies are very important because they are believed to hold the spirits of the departed. These butterflies arrive in Mexico each fall during November 1st, Day of the Dead.
  3. Sugar skulls can be both decorations and sweet treats that are made out of sugar. They are delicious!
  4. “Calaveritas” are Day of the Dead poems which are short, satirical, and comical. They poke fun at people in a way that suggests how they died, even through they’re still alive!
  5. There are many contests to decide who can write the wittiest “calaveritas” and everyone can participate.
  6. “La Catrina” is an iconic character that represents death, in a comical manner!
  7. La Catrina usually wears a hat and elegant clothes to represent that death affects everyone, rich and poor.

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Printable fact pages help kids improve their motor skills, stimulate creativity, learn color awareness, improve focus and hand to eye coordination, and much more. Even older kids will enjoy this great way to spend time together which is so much fun on a holiday.

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Coloring is fun and helps kids remember the important facts!

This Day of the Dead printable set include 3 coloring pages with many interesting facts about the Day of the Dead.

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Day of the Dead Holiday

Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, in Spanish, is a celebration that happens in Mexico and many other places, to remember family members who have left us, and for them to come back to visit us during a special day. In other cultures is it known by other names like Souls Day or seen as Mexico’s version of All Saints Day. Rather than being sad, it is a grand celebration of life.

Day Of The Dead Facts- a woman dressed up for day of the dead with an explanation
In fact it’s more like a great big family reunion!

Personally, I believe that this Mexican holiday is a really beautiful tradition. For Day of the Dead celebrations, some families hang out in nature (naturaleza) and read the bible (biblia), but my family (familia) likes to get together, eat favorite foods and treats like sugar skulls, and children (niños and niñas) watch their favorite cartoons (dibujos animados) while the elders make crafts (artesanias).

Day Of The Dead Facts- Sugar skulls against a pink, blue, and orange background with explanation
So many colorful ways to decorate sugar skulls!

As a part of Mexican traditions, families get together during Dia de muertos to eat traditional foods like pan de muertos, tamales, and drink champurrado.

Day Of The Dead Facts- pan de muerto on a red and white towel with flowers and explanation
Mmm you’ll love this traditional treat!

Some people like to dress up as La Calavera Catrina, too! The original la Catrina wasn’t part of the Day of the Dead, but her iconic art style is recognized by everyone.

Day Of The Dead Facts- cempasuchil against a wood background with explanation
See how you can make your own from tissue paper below!


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