Barbie has released fancy Barbie dolls with trendy hairstyles and amazing gowns! Kids of all ages will love these new trendy and diverse Barbie dolls with awesome hairstyles and even more awesome dresses and accessories! I loved Barbie growing up now my kids love Barbie, and we NEED these dolls!

3 Fancy Barbie dolls with barbie doll hairstyles against stars and pink and blue colored background
These Barbie’s have fashionable dresses and super cool Barbie doll hairstyles- Mattel

New Fancy Barbie Dolls With Fashionable Dresses And Trendy Hairstyles

Looking to add to your ever-growing Barbie collection? If your answer is ‘yes’ you need to see these new Barbies! Barbie Released EXTRA Fancy Dolls with Voluminous Gowns and Trendy Hairstyles and you know you need them!

Each Barbie has her own unique style and I’m in love! Barbie has always been a trendsetter! Growing up I remember Barbie’s party dresses, bathing suits, trendy suits, sports attire, and more. So, I love seeing that Barbie is coming out with newer and more fashionable outfits and hairstyles that closely matches the styles of today!

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Barbie Even Has Fashionable Pets Too

Fancy Barbie dolls with barbie doll hairstyles- Bear, poodle, and bull dog with sun glasses and ice cream with sparkles against a pink, blue, and purple background
Even Barbie’s pets are fashionable!-Mattel

This new Barbie Extra collection is fierce, fabulous, and styled to the max! They even have matching pets that are glammed out too! Yup, you heard me, even Barbie’s pets are fashionable. From movie star glasses to pineapple glasses, sparkles, colors, and even ice cream, Barbie’s pets are going around in style!

I love that they included pets into the mix. Barbie usually comes with some accessories and who doesn’t love dogs or a bear?!

Each Barbie Doll Comes With Her Own Unique Fashion And Hairstyle

Fancy Barbie dolls with barbie doll hairstyles- Vinyl pink dress with bow, gold jewelry and pearls with long pony tail and blunt bangs with pink background with floral barbie in background
I adore the big bows on Barbie’s dress and the blunt bangs look so good.-Mattel

Barbie Extra Fancy dolls take their looks to the next level in glammed out, red carpet-ready gowns with luxe details and accessories, as well as a pet to match their unique look.

Barbie has a beautiful pink vinyl dress with pink heart tights, gorgeous pearl purse with a pearl necklace, bracelet and gold necklace and earrings. And we can’t forget about her trend-setting hair. It’s long in a high pony tail with blunt bangs! So cute!

Fancy Barbie dolls with barbie doll hairstyles- Blue and purple dress and shawl with green accessories and silver jewelry with retro 90s hair
Her dress makes me think of a princess and her hair gives me retro 90’s vibes and I love it!-Mattel

Each Barbie in the Extra collection has her own style and glam look making each doll as unique as you are!

This Barbie has beautiful silver jewelry and almost looks like a super cool princess! Her dress are cool colors of purple and blues and pinks and her long flowing shawl is so pretty! Don’t forget about her glitter accessories and retro sunglasses as well as a very cute partial updo!

Fancy Barbie dolls with barbie doll hairstyles- floral dress barbie with orange hair against floral and pink background
How beautiful is her floral dress?-Mattel

If you are feeling fancy or want something glamorous to add to your collection, these are for you!

Look at her floral accessories and dress! She even has a glitter belt! Also, I LOVE the tinsel in her hair and the braids. She is rocking boots and sunglasses as well as gold jewelry and her outfit is so unique! She has long pants with a skirt over it. So cool.

Where To Get Your Extra Fancy and Fashionable Barbie Dolls

You can grab the Barbie Extra Dolls on Amazon for around $32 each here.

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