For little kids, being truthful is a moving target. They want to be honest, but sometimes the idea that they can stay out of trouble is too great a temptation to pass up. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t quite sophisticated enough to tell believable lied. Which, I suppose, is a good thing. And in the case of this little girl, definitely a funny thing. When dad catches her in the middle of a lie, he decides to record her response, and BOY is it a good one! See, Sophia is only supposed to use her fingernail polish outside. But this time she used it inside. In her room. ALLLLL over her Barbie. Dad wants Sophia to fess up to what happened and accept responsibility, but this kid isn’t going down without taking Barbie with her. Take a look! I love that in the end Dad’s just trying to get her to say she won’t do it again, but she is C L I N G I N G to what she told him. She’s going to do her best, but by golly, those dolls are hard to stand up to! Funny, funny stuff!

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