We found the coolest Barbie toys at Target! Barbie is at it again!! Target Is Selling A Meditation Barbie That Comes with Five Guided Meditation Exercises and it’s the cutest thing ever!!

Barbie toys at target- pink barbie room with bed and dog in cloud pajama and pink chair and brush
I’ve never seen Barbie toys at Target that include self-help techniques, this is cool.

Barbie Toys At Target

Relax and get ready for the day ahead with Meditation Barbie. The Barbie Breathe With Me Meditation Doll comes in blonde or brunette and is the perfect way kids can practice self-care.

This is perfect for kids who are a little anxious or have a lot going on. It’s a great way to teach kids how to breathe and stay calm in the face of stress. Which is why I want my kids to have one of these to reinforce the self-help skill of meditation and breathing.

Barbie toys at Target- Barbie cross leged on wood table with emotion clouds and dog
Learn about emotions with this Barbie toy.

Meditation Barbie Toys At Target Teaches Kids How To Be Mindful With Meditation

Barbie doll knows the way to be one’s best is to give yourself the best care! This meditation-themed doll celebrates one of her favorite ways to recharge using lights and sound -mindfulness meditation.

Barbie toys at Target in cloud pajamas with necklace and button to teach meditation

How Does This Meditation Barbie Toy Teach You Meditation?

The set comes with a Barbie doll, a puppy and four cloud emojis.

Kids can simply press the button in Barbie doll’s necklace to activate one of five guided meditation exercises that use light and sound effects to inspire their own practice. 

Barbie toys at target against white background cross legged in cloud pajamas and dog and 4 emotion cloud
Focus on how you’re feeling and visualize your emotions.

Meditation Barbie’s puppy helps her visualize. Simply insert one of the cloud emojis into the puppy’s head to represent a meditative thought bubble, then switch it up for new meditation inspiration.

Barbie toys at Target and little girl adding cloud putting emotion cloud in puppy head with barbie sitting cross legged on a white table
You can put one of the emotional clouds in the top of the dog’s head.

Four Different Emotion Clouds Come With Meditation Barbie

This would be a great doll to help kids unwind, get ready for bed or even to play with during stressful times.

It’s cute, fun and colorful and would make the perfect gift for any Barbie fan!

Barbie toys at target with clouds that show emotions- happy, anger, love, and sad
They can express happy, anger, love, and sad.

You can get both Barbie Breathe With Me Meditation Doll at Target and Amazon here and here for only a little more than $24.

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What do you think of these meditation Barbie toys from Target?

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