Fashion dolls seem to be everywhere at the toy store, but for those who are concerned about what message that is sending our kids, I love this story so much!

Trying to find the ideal fashion dolls for your children can be a bit of a dilemma.

Especially if you are looking for a more natural style doll that reflect your child’s interests.

Image from Tree Change Dolls FB Page <–Follow here!

Fashion Doll Makeovers

These amazing upcycled fashion dolls by artist Sonia Singh are the ideal natural dolls for your children. Her dolls are designed with real kids in mind, with fresh faces, fun outfits, and ready for all sorts of outdoor adventures.

Tree Change Dolls from FB 1 - a series of realistic looking dolls that used to be fashion dolls that have had makeovers
Image from Tree Change Dolls FB post.

Tree Change Dolls

Tree Change Dolls are Singh’s own creation, with each doll being just a little bit different.

Each doll has been rescued from second hand stores in order to begin a new life with a new owner.

Giving Dolls a Natural Look Makeover – Make Up

Singh begins by taking each doll and removing the factory paint on the faces, including the excessive make up near the eyes.

She then repaints them, without the faux makeup for a more natural look.

Repair work is done to the hands and feet if needed and hair is cleaned, trimmed, and restyled.

Image from Tree Change Dolls FB page

Giving Dolls a Natural Makeover – Clothes

After the makeover, Singh’s mom helps with the fashion makeover, sewing or knitting outfits for the dolls.

The practical outfits are designed for outdoor adventures–knitted sweaters and dresses, soft skirts, comfy pants.

Each doll is ready for whatever stories your child can dream up.

Where to Buy Tree Change Dolls

Singh sells the dolls via her Etsy shop, with a new batch releasing each month.

The September dolls will be released on September 2nd, and each month typically sells out quickly, so be sure to check for the doll of your dreams.

Image from Tree Change Dolls FB

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What do you think of these natural doll makeovers?

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