Barbie has been on fire lately with releasing dolls that relate to kids and other iconic people in real life. So, when I found out that You Can Get A Tiny Crocheted Face Mask For Your Barbie Doll, I had to let you know too! The etsy shop GalaKnits has tiny Crocheted Face Masks available For Your Barbie Doll. After all, Barbie needs to stay safe and cover her mouth too, right? These tiny crocheted face masks come in a pack of two. You will receive one white face mask and then another color of your choosing. You can choose from blue, pink, yellow, purple or gray.  The Barbie face masks are crocheted from cotton and fits 11 1/2 inch (29 cm ) barbie dolls. These are great way to have your kids play with their Barbies while learning to understand why face masks are important and understand everything going on right now. I love these so dang much and I am so happy I came across these! You can get your own Crocheted Barbie Face Mask Here. They cost $11.99 for a 2-pack and shipping is free on orders of $35 or more.

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