Barbie Just Released A Doll With Natural Textured Baby Hairs

Since 2016, Mattel has promised to be more inclusive with its new Barbie dolls. They’ve made good on that promise multiple times, and they’re back at it again with four new dolls in their BMR1959 line.

Mattel released four new BMR1959 Barbie dolls, including one with a more inclusive hairstyle. Source: Facebook

One doll in particular is catching the attention of fans all over the world: she has naturally-textured hair and baby hairs, and she looks amazing.

What are the BMR1959 Barbie dolls?

Gone are the days of a Barbie doll figure that was, well, literally unattainable. Mattel Barbie dolls of late have included more skin colors and more body types.

This past January, they also started to sell a doll with a skin condition called vitiligo. In other words, Mattel has been launching dolls that more kids (and adults) can see themselves in. And for that I’m grateful. These dolls are more authentic and relatable.

Source: Instagram

They’ve also been sharing dolls wearing all sorts of fun fashions and hair styles, including their BMR1959 line. First launched back in November 2019, this line showcases dolls rocking some super fun street-culture fashion trends. They took some inspiration from ’90s designs, and it’s like I’m reliving my teenage years again. And I have a feeling my kids are going to love these colorful, bold styles too.

With the second collection of BMR1959 streetwear trend Barbies, there’s one doll that’s getting the most attention. Her inclusive hair style is absolutely stunning, and fans have already taken to social media to show how much they love her.

Source: Instagram

“Yessss! With the baby hair!!!” one commented. “The first one is givin me so much life,” said another, referring to the inclusive Barbie doll.

Source: Instagram

So what does BMR stand for in BMR1959? Barbie’s full name, which is Barbara Millicent Robberts. The 1959 honors the year the Barbie was first invented.

All four new BMR1959 Barbies are on the website for $29.99. Several of them are also on the Amazon website available for pre-order. They officially launch and start shipping July 3, 2020.

Source: Instagram

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