Mattel knows that parents are stretched thin these days. They also know we welcome fresh ideas and activities our kids will love. That’s why they’ve launched Mattel Playroom, a free online resource that promises to keep kids entertained for hours.
Mattel Playhouse
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Mattel Playroom is jam packed with printables, virtual games, expert advice, and crafts. These resources are based on our kid’s favorite toys: Barbie, Hot Wheels, Thomas & Friends, Polly Pocket, and oh so much more. “We recognize the unique challenge that parents and caregivers are facing right now, both working and playing from home and have designed the Mattel Playroom to be a valuable resource for them,” Mattel President and COO, Richard Dickson, told Refinery29
Mattel Playhouse
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What You’ll Find in the Mattel Playroom

The Mattel Playroom printable activities feature pages upon pages of coloring pages, puzzles, mazes, and more. Kids can color in their favorite Hot Wheel cars, help Barbie complete a maze quest, and assemble a Thomas engine, among other activities. There’s also a ton of online game options, and, bonus, none of them require downloading anything! Kids can throw a Polly Pocket pet party, help Barbie go on a magic dolphin rescue, build tracks and race virtual Hot Wheels cars, and more.
Coloring page
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Do your kids love crafting? Mattel Playroom has a variety of DIY project ideas too. From making a Thomas train out of cupcakes to setting up a Hot Wheels house party, these ideas will get your kid’s creativity flowing. In addition to the plethora of Mattel toy inspired activities, the Playroom also links to a bunch of different short videos. And if your kids are anything like mine, they love to watch other kids play with toys. Last but not least, kids can choose from Mattel toy virtual backgrounds to use in their next virtual chat with family and friends.
Thomas & Friends
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More Mattel Playroom Resources for Parents

The Playroom isn’t just for the kids either. It also includes links to a bunch of resources for parents. These resources are mostly about how to encourage play and imagination. The tips come from a team of play experts, including Monica Dreger, behavior psychologist and Head of Consumer Insights at Mattel. “Play, laughter, and smiles will help to reassure them that the world is okay, and it will help bring a bit of normalcy back to their lives,” Dreger said. The parent section of the website also has some bonus activity ideas, including YouTube courses on how to code and Headspace meditations for kids. The only question now is: which printable or activity will your kids start with? My daughter already loves the Barbie web games and Thomas & Friends crafts, while my son is thrilled with everything Hot Wheels. Get all the freebies and videos from Mattel Playroom here.


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