One of the things that is so important is ensuring our children feel included no matter what. Even if our children are a little different, we want them to feel loved, special and of course, included.

Teenage Girl In Wheelchair Playing Basketball With Friends

That is why as soon as I saw these Inclusive Dolls, I knew I had to share them because they are AMAZING!

BrightEars Etsy Shop

The Children’s Network originally posted about these on Facebook saying:[0]=68.ARDGhTBeyGymFF_m6vlVJIb4HhS2Jfi9aomwvex-KGoMxGlGIM2iWhMVZwk9k8-t8RlvE5vttb6ntgr5nxPVKwK_rWpRSp6UUDuAonWaYrAVMW4UxL_mQ2rFn824zwqNjDtUSZRSHz06N7oPE68Ry9T5W2spe6W32B1YSSsSV6fjF9I3WVP49ixUhhnRx6fIQ042rU0MfdPAgNhv6vb2CfUMVHDwaXZB2o_3Oitpv6Zocvf-jloD4SqRzR-NnspLTgyaaA8EMFbdiMsw8gp8r2M7XgUmo7o3OIsYQeB6-pf9PcLstckcB2mAoCg0Nye8qMFl6kLU7TCIczoTKNUz1HDtVboj3Ubp50GbtMRj5ia6fPTibLAt&__tn__=H-R

And I actually found the BrightEars Etsy Shop and they have a ton of amazing items for inclusive play!

BrightEars Etsy Shop

The shop is filled with baby dolls with NG tubes, Toy Story’s Woody and Jessie with hearing aids and more!

BrightEars Etsy Shop

Each one of these dolls is handmade and since it does ship from the UK, keep in mind it may take a little longer to receive. You can totally order now and get it as a Christmas gift though!

People who have received their dolls for their children are in love and saying these are amazing!

You can check out the BrightEars Etsy Shop and take a look around. You can also message the shop if you are looking for something in particular!

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  1. I just love the inclusiveness and wish they had this before the 2000s for children who didn’t see dolls similar to them when they were growing up.