33 Enjoyable Fall Art Activities For Kids

Today we have 33 enjoyable fall art activities for kids from all over the internet and beyond. From traditional leaf crafts to pumpkin crafts, we have fall art projects for kids of all ages.

Image shows a peach background with a collage of circular pictures of an orange pumpkin, a multicolored wreath, and other leaf crafts from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s do some fall art activities!

There is so much fun to be had with fall art activities because this time of the year brings with it favorite fall activities for our kids–like these 33 fall art ideas!


Older kids and even 2 and 3 year olds love fun fall crafts, especially when it’s leaf crafts. A nature walk is a great way to gather real leaves and other supplies, like pine cones for these easy fall crafts using fun ideas.

Fall art activities and kids just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these fall craft ideas are so perfect. Many will send kids outside on a leaf scavenger hunt to find the perfect crafting leaf, and others will draw from the autumn pumpkin and apple trees as inspiration. These creative fall craft activities (preschoolers) are just plain awesome.

If these fall crafts look like fun, but you don’t live in an area where fall is vibrant and active, you can find supplies at your local craft store!

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Image shows a large tree trunk on a wall with leaves traced onto paper in red, orange, and yellow from Kids Activities.
Sticky wall art is so much fun!

1. Early Learning with a Sticky Wall

Early Learning With A Sticky Wall is a great way to engage young children in spelling their names.

Image shows a coloring page of a fall tree with a brown colored tree trunk and orange and yellow colored leaves fro Kids Activities Blog.
Fall tree art is great fun for all kids!

2. Printable Fall Tree Coloring Page

This Printable Fall Tree Coloring Page is a great indoor activity for those chilly fall days.

Image shows a collection of four leaf paintings; a yellow leaf on an orange background, a pink leaf on a brown background, an orange leaf on a yellow background, and a brown leaf on a red background from Kids Activities Blog.
Warhol fall leaves!

3. Warhol Inspired Fall Leaf Art Project

Warhol Inspired Fall Leaf Art Project is perfect for older elementary school children looking for a challenge.

Image shows white cards with leaves in orange, red with green, and orange with black stripes printed on them lying flat on a table from Kids Activities Blog.
Lacing leaves for trees!

4. Kids Autumn Leaf Lace Up Cards

Kids Autumn Leaf Lace Up Cards are a great way for preschoolers to work on fine motor skills.

Picture shows two watercolor paintings of leaves painted in yellows, reds, blues, and greens from Projects With Kids.
Watercolor painting is the best!

5. Fall Leaf Painting With Watercolors & Glitter

This fall season, let Projects With Kids help you make these pretty leaves with watercolor paint.

Image shows leaves in assorted fall color decorations of washi tape, glitter, and yarn from The Best Ideas For Kids.
Let’s create some leaf art!

6. Leaf Silhouette Art

Fall colors come to life with autumn crafts like this one from The Best Ideas For Kids.

Image shows green leaves with dots of blue, pink, orange, and yellow paint in the shape of a heart and the colors of the rainbow in the rainbow shape on the leaves from The Best Ideas For Kids.
Painting is so much fun with leaves!

7. Leaf Painting

The Best Ideas For Kids leaf painting with puffy paint is really cool!

Image shows a paper leaf wreath in pink, purple, yellow, orange, and brown from Artsy Artsy Mama.
Let’s make a paper wreath!


This wreath is easy to make with the free printables from Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Image shows a green background with two printed sheets each colored in yellow and orange and brown, a green leaf is lying to the left with four coloring pencils in yellow, orange, green, and brown from Adventure In A Box.
Can you draw the other half?

9. Leaf Art Study

Use the negative space to draw the missing half with Adventure In A Box.

Image shows a yellow leaf glued to a white piece of paper with tiny twigs glued on to be arms and legs and googly eyes from Fireflies And Mudpies.
What a cute leaf critter!

10. Creating Nature Art

Collect plenty of natural materials for fall nature crafts from Fireflies And Mudpies.

Image shows a two watercolor picture collage of brown leaves  on both with the top having a yellow with orange and the bottom having a blue with white background from Rhythms Of Play.
Watercolors are so much fun!

11. Watercolor and Fall Leaf Art Project

Be sure to grab natural items for this beautiful art craft from Rhythms Of Play.

Picture shows a child's hand holding a cotton ball in a wooden clothes pin painting leaves on a fall tree from Projects With Kids.
Cotton balls make fun fall arts easy!

12. Autumn Tree Painting With Cotton Balls

Grab your paint, cotton balls, and clothes pins for this craft from Projects With Kids.

Image shows a tree made from a tracing of a child's hand on brown paper for the arm trunk and finger branches with mini leaves in yellow, orange, and brown glued on from Simple Everyday Mom.
The leaves have been waved to the ground!

13. Handprint Fall Tree Craft

Cute fall crafts like this autumn handprint tree from Simple Everyday Mom are great for little hands.

Image shows an orange watercolored pumpkin with green leaves and stem all outlined in black on a white sheet of paper from Rhythms Of Play.
Let’s paint a pumpkin!

14. Fall Harvest Pumpkin Watercolor Art Project

Simple ideas like this pumpkin from Rhythms Of Play make fun fall arts great!

Image shows a tree trunk in brown with lego dots for the leaves in orange, green ,yellow, and red from Crafts on Sea.
Autumn tree painting is so fun!

15. Autumn Tree Painting Ideas

Download your autumn trees free template today from Crafts On Sea.

Image shows a salt painted yellow pumpkin with a green stem on black paper with a bottle of glue, a salt container, and a watercolor palette from Natural Beach Living.
Little kids love painting pumpkins!

16. Halloween Pumpkin Salt Painting

If you need a frugal, fun craft this season, try salt painting from Natural Beach Living.

Image shows a printed pumpkin painted with a mixture of orange, yellow, and red from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.
We love painting pumpkins!

17. No Mess Pumpkin Art

Mess-free painting from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds is fantastic fun!

Image show a printed pumpkin on a sheet of white paper with a green and white background with the pumpkin colored orange and pink designs in five sections vertically and a brown stem from Buggy And Buddy.
Kids will love making pumpkin art!

18. Textured Pumpkins Crayon Rubbings

The best thing about this piece of art is the texture from Buggy And Buddy.

Image shows a white placemat with painted leaf outlines in orange, green, and yellow from Projects With kids.
Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies!

Your little kids will have a great time making placemats from Projects With Kids.

Image shows a red, orange, brown, and green painted  window cling with leaf shapes being the negative area from Kids Craft Room.
We love fall window art!

20. Fall Art – Window Painting

Great fall crafts like this window cling are so easy from Kids Craft Room.

Image shows blotto painting in red, orange, yellow, and green on a white sheet and a paint tray with the colored paint in the wells from Buggy And Buddy.
Let’s create a blotto painting!

21. Blotto Painting for Kids in Fall Colors

This craft is a fun way to explore different takes on art from Buggy And Buddy.

Images shows a black tree, a brown squirrel, a brown acorn, and red, orange, and yellow leaves on a white paper plate from The Joy Of Sharing.
Let’s create a magnet!

22. Magnetic Squirrel and Acorn Fall Craft

This paper plate magnet craft is a great fall craft from The Joy Of Sharing.

Image shows a printed picture of a hedgehog colored brown and decorated with fake brown fall leaves from Messy Little Monster.
Leaf hedgehogs are so cool!

23. Leaf Hedgehog Craft

This hedgehog craft is so much fun for kids from Messy Little Monster.

Image show a a stack of shades of orange watercolored leaves on a tan background from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.
Let’s make watercolor leaves!

24. Watercolor Fall Leaf Art Activity

Fall projects are more fun with watercolor leaves from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.

Image shows a bold black tree trunk with paint splatters in yellow, orange, and red all over to show falling leaves from Arty Crafty Kids.
Falling leaves are so pretty!

25. Autumn Splatter Tree

Enjoy the beautiful colors displayed in fall from Arty Crafty Kids.

Image shows an orange wax resist on a sheet of white paper with green, red, and brown leaves lying on the paper too from Kids Craft Room.
Wax resist painting is so cool!

26. Wax Resist Leaf Painting

Add wax resist painting to your collection of fall crafts to make from Kids Craft Room.

Image shows a painting of odd asymmetrical shapes painted in orange, red, and yelllow with white stripes moving all over throughout.
Let’s make tape resist are!

27. Tape Resist Process Art Project

This fall art activity for kids from Nurture Store is so cool!

Image shows a girl in a purple sweater holding orange painted bubble wrap  from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.
Bubble wrap is a child’s best friend!

28. Bubble Wrap Fall Art Activity

Let’s paint with bubble wrap from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.

Image shows tissue paper in orange and pink as a sun catcher from Stay At Home Educator.
Leaf suncatchers are so much fun!

29. Falling Leaves Suncatchers

Cut pieces of tissue paper make great fall leaves from Stay At Home Educator.

Image shows a collage of assorted cut scrap pieces of fabric in many colors from Paper And Glue.
Fabric stashes are fun to play with!

30. Fall Fabric Scrap Collage

This craft from Paper And Glue helps you use up that fabric stache!

Image shows a collage of pictures painted with bubbles in red, yellow, and orange from Crafty Kids At Home.
Bubble Painting is our new favorite craft!

31. Hello Autumn Bubble Painting for Kids

This bubble art activity is sure to be a hit with toddlers from Crafty Kids At Home.

Image shows a red and orange apple with a squiggly line through it from Life With Moore Babies.
Fall apples are so sweet!

32. Melted Crayon Leaves and Apples

Who needs apple trees when you have melted crayons from Life With Moore Babies?

Image shows an orange painted leaf from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.
Let’s paint more Autumn leaves!

33. Fall Toddler Leaf Art

Toddlers will love this sponge painting craft from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.


Which of these creative fall art activities for kids are you going to try first? Which fall art activity is your favorite?

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