Managing kids art work can be a challenge! This list of my favorite ways kids art storage and kids art display ideas. No matter your house size, there are smart and clever artwork ideas for kids to display kids art, organize children’s artwork and store kids art masterpieces!

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Beautiful ways to store and display kids art

Start with Kids Art Storage

Being a mom and an artist, I was so excited when my first son started preschool and began bringing home art projects. I had the grand idea that I would be able to save all of these projects in a portfolio for each of my children.

1. Art Portfolio for Each Kid’s Art Work

When school began, the art projects began rolling in at a rapid rate. I was inundated with finger paintings, alphabet creations and doodles. I quickly learned that unless I rented a storage locker, there was no way that I would be able to save everything that my children’s little hands created throughout their years of art classes.

As my second son began his educational adventure, I realized quickly that I was going to have to get very creative in finding ways to store kids art.

We found some really fun solutions to the overwhelming art work for kids dilemma that we are sharing today…

Create a Home Art Gallery for Childrens Artwork

DIY Gallery Wall for kids artwork from the caterpillar years - child hanging art inside painted frames on her bedroom wall
Love the bright colorful gallery wall created by these painted frames.

Make a kids art gallery using some colorful (make shaving cream art) frames and wires with clothespins. What a great way to show off your little artists new pieces! Such a great option to decorate their room too. via The Caterpillar Years

3. Kids Art Work Hung with Clothespins

Kids artwork gallery wall from Design Improvised using clothesline and clothespins - wall with colorful kids art displayed
I love the simplicity of using a clothes line and clothespins!

Save the refrigerator doors for important notes and us these different colors of clothespin and clothesline to show off new art pieces and older art pieces. Colorful clothespins are perfect for stringing artwork along a wall. This way, it can be easily changed out! via Design Improvised

Ways to Frame Kids ARt In Unexpected Ways

4. Use Clips to Display Kids Art

clips inside frames allow children's artwork to be placed in and out of frames for display from Lollyjane
You can change out your child’s artwork whenever you want!

Glue a clip onto a picture frame for a cute (and simple) way to display artwork. This is great for inexpensive frames and simple ways to keep your kid’s artwork. via Lolly Jane

5. Paint Frames to Show Kids Artwork

permanent painted frames on wall display and store kids artwork beautifully from Childhood 101
What a pretty way to display kids art!

Paint funky frames onto the wall for a more permanent solution! Kids can help with this promoting kids’ creativity. via Childhood 101

6. Artwork Collage that is the Right Size for Wall Space

Size down kids large art pieces into a smaller more manageable artwork display from Clean and Scentsible
Love this idea of sizing down kids artwork for display on the wall.

Scan the artwork and create a collage with it! If you are short on space or want to display more of your favorites, scan them and then print them out in a smaller size to create a collage. What a great way to keep the original artwork. via Clean and Scentsible

Kids ARt Displays that Change as They Grow

Video: Using Dynamic Frames

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7. Use a Dynamic Display and Storage Frame

This frame is the perfect place for keeping all those pieces of art! Display one and store the others in the inside pocket. What a creative way to keep all your favorite artwork made by your small kid or really any family member.

8. Ikea Curtain Wire Kids Artwork Display

kids art displayed on 3 modern wires stretched across a wall - wires from IKEA
Beautiful idea for a child’s artwork display using Ikea curtain wire

Use a curtain wire from IKEA to hang artwork in a fun way via Buttons by Lou Lou. I have done this and it works really well because it is easy to make the curtain wires the exact length you need for the artwork display space. This is such a creative way and a different way to show off all the easy diy projects your kids do.

kids art displayed on wooden planks with wooden clothespins attached with each child's name written on the wooden plank
An old pallet can be transformed into a place to hang children’s art.

Love your kid’s artwork? The you’ll love these kids art display ideas. Personalize a pallet board with clothespins as a place to hang artwork. Everyone loves a simple art disply. via Pallet Furniture DIY

Kids Wall Art Displays I Love

10. Create Hanging Artwork Collage from Free Template

Kids art display using template available from Simple as that Blog to make a collage
Create a large collage using the template from Simple as that Blog

Use this free template to create an easy collage from your digital artwork. This way you can show off all your kid’s art masterpieces. via Simple as That Blog

11. Old Clipboards as Artwork Frames

Artwork displayed on clipboards from SF Gate

Old clipboards make a great, non permanent solution for artwork storage via SF Gate. I can envision an entire wall of clipboards displaying all sorts of kid-made art. This is great for a playroom or their art wall in their room. Kids’ artwork can be easily changed out.

13. DIY Shadow Boxes to Display Kids Art Work

Make your own shadowboxes for kids art which are also kids art great for a gallery wall from Meri Cherry
These DIY shadowboxes are kid-made artwork too!

What an easy way to display art! Display artwork in an artful shadow box which are seriously some of the funnest artwork pieces to hang on your kids gallery wall from Meri Cherry.

14. Transform Kids Art Into Permanent Decorative Items

Want a better way to show off art work from the little guy or girl? Check out this cute idea…

More Genius Ways to Store Kids Art

Fun Ways to Keep Art Projects

15. Kids Art Storage that Works

  • Take a picture of artwork and create a photo book with all the images
  • Create baby file boxes to house all the artwork from every grade. via Destination of Domestication
  • Make a kids’ artwork portfolio from poster board as a slim way to store projects. via Pajama Mama
  • Store all the artwork and papers in a Memory Binder — you can make one for each year, or combine multiple years! via Reluctant Entertainer

16. Go Digital with Kids Art

One easy storage idea was right at my fingertips for years, and I kick myself when I realized how long it took me to discover it. It is a solution that allows you to save copies of all of your children’s art with minimal effort. Simply scan them into your computer and keep them on a disk.

You can label each picture with the date, project type or special occasion it represents. I now have a disk for each of my children for each year of school. I simply label it with the child’s name and the school year and I am able to save all of their artwork and many of the writing samples, without creating chaos in my home. While it doesn’t allow me to save all the originals, it does allow me to keep everything they bring home for future viewing.

Artwork for Kids Ideas

17. Creation Station for Kids

In our house, we have a large desk that has been designated our creation station! It is where we keep our art supplies and where the children can complete projects anytime! I knew it was another perfect area to adorn with artwork, I just need to find a way.

Then, one day while walking through the home improvement store, it hit me! I was walking through the plexi-glass aisle and realized that was my solution. After returning home and measuring the desk, I was able to purchase a perfectly fitted piece of plexi-glass at a minimal cost. I simply place the art work between the desk and the plexi-glass, and the plexi-glass also helps to protect the desk top while my kids are doing projects and is easily wiped off when things get messy.

18. Collecting Memories With Childrens Artwork

Once you begin to look outside the box and get creative with your storage solutions, you’ll find an abundance of options and hopefully have a little fun in the process! And if you choose to use a disposable option like digital storage, don’t trash the art work when you are done!

Be sure to toss it into the recycling bin. Some of these ideas are quick and some take an afternoon to complete. Some are neat and clean and some may have you and your child messy as can be. But one thing is assured, you’ll be left with many memories without the headaches of having to rent a storage locker to keep it all!

Make More Kids ArtWork Ideas with Kids Activities Blog

More art for kids from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make more art to display!

What is your favorite way to display and store kids art?

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