Today we have the best fall crafts for preschoolers. Preschoolers love making autumn inspired arts and crafts! From traditional leaf art to acorn crafts, we have the preschool fall crafts that older kids will want to do too. Use these preschool fall crafts at home or in the classroom.

Image shows a collage of circular pics of fall crafts of leaves and acorns on a orangish background from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s make some fall crafts!


There is so much fun to be had with fall preschool crafts because this time of the year brings with it favorite fall activities for our kids–like these 46 fun fall craft ideas!

Preschoolers love a great fall craft, especially when it’s leaf crafts. A nature walk is a great way to gather real leaves and other supplies, like pine cones for these easy fall crafts using fun ideas.

Fall crafts and preschoolers just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these fall craft ideas are so perfect. Many will send kids outside on a leaf scavenger hunt to find the perfect crafting leaf, and others will draw from the autumn pumpkin and apple trees as inspiration. These creative fall craft activities for preschoolers are just plain awesome.

If these fall crafts look like fun, but you don’t live in an area where fall is vibrant and active, you can find supplies at your local craft store!

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1. Fall Harvest Craft

Image shows an ear of corn craft with two green leaves and a red and white ribbon
Food crafts are so fun!

This Fall Harvest Craft is the perfect craft for younger kids.

2. Crumple & Crinkle Tissue Paper Leaves Craft

Image shows three DIY tissue paper leaves in fall colors of orange, maroon, yellow, and green from Kids Activities Blog.
These fall tissue paper crafts are so fun to make!

Crumple & Crinkle Tissue Paper Leaves Craft is a great way to start your fall crafting.

3. Finger Prints Preschool Fall Craft

Image shows a finger painting of a tree wth red, orange, yellow, and brown fall leaves with green grass and a child's fingers from Kids Activities Blog.
Finger painting is great!

Finger Prints Preschool Fall Craft is the perfect way to help develop fine motor skills.

4. Fall Color Crafts

Image shows a collage of pictures paint on fall leaves and their colored transfers in orange, yellow, red, and brown from Kids Activities Blog.
So many pretty colors!

Fall Color Crafts like leaf printing are easy crafts for the fall season.

5. Fall Crafts for Kids Leaf Craft

Image shows a blue sheet of paper with popsicle sticks and different color fall leaves arranged in a tree shape from Kids Activities Blog.
Leaf crafts are so much fun!

This Fall Crafts for Kids: Leaf Craft will have you gathering fall leaves and popsicle sticks to create this craft.

6. {Fall Craft} Red Barn

Picture shows a paper plate cut to the shape of a barn and painted red with paper decor of an orange pumpkin, yellow fodder shock, a black cat and bat from Kids Activities Blog.
Fall farm life is great!

Make this Red Barn Fall Craft to represent the fall farm scene.

7. Fall Popsicle Stick Crafts

Image shows a scarecrow of popscicle sticks painted white for it's face, brown sticks for it's hat and yellow paper strips for it's hair, an orange paper triangle for the nose and black drawn on eyes and mouth from Kids Activities Blog.
Make a popsicle stick scarecrow craft!

These Fall Popsicle Stick Crafts will liven up your fall days.

8. Paper Plate Craft

Image shows a picture of an apple and the core created from cutting a paper plate and painting it yellow and red from Kids Activities Blog.
Apple crafts are so fun to make!

This Paper Plate Craft is the perfect way to use your plate after lunch!

9. Tree Craft for Kids

Image shows a brown paper tree trunk with leaves painted on it in brown, red, blue, green, and yellow from Kids Activities Blog.
Fall trees are great fun!

Fall arts are more fun with this Tree Craft for Kids.

10. Pine Cone Craft

Picture shows a white background with a line of pinecones painted in red, brown, dark green, and purple arranged to look like a snake from Kids Activities Blog.
Pine cone snakes are cool!

Your little guys will enjoy this snake made from this Pine Cone Craft.

11. Pumpkin Autumn Vase Craft

Picture shows a table covered with a red and white checked tablecloth with a  pumpkin used as a vase to hold yellow sunflowers and a couple tan gourds from Kids Activities Blog.
Pumpkin vases are beautiful!

The fall season provides gorgeous flowers to use in this Pumpkin Autumn Vase Craft.

12. Mason Jar Fall Luminaries Craft

Image shows colored tissue paper luminaries lit up and not lit. They are covered with yellow, orange, and brown tissue and paint to represent a fall tree from Where Imagination Grows.
A luminary is a great craft project.

Light up your fall evening with this simple craft from Where Imagination Grows.

13. Autumn Handprint Tree

Image shows a fall tree made from a child's arm and handprint from brown paint as the tree trunk and yellow, green, red, and orange fingerprints as leaves from Arty Crafty Kids.
Autumn leaves crafts are lots of fun!

Older children love fun fall activities like this one from Arty Crafty Kids.

14. Sticky Wall Fall Tree

Picture shows a paper tree on a wall from brown paper for the trunk and orange, yellow, and red paper leaves all stuck to contact paper from I Heart Crafty Things.
This contact paper wall tree is larger than life!

Your big kid will love this cute fall craft from I Heart Crafty Things.

15. Toilet Paper Roll Leaf Stamping

Image shows a picture of a painted tree trunk with leaves stamped on and painted from Crafty Morning.
Leaf stamping is so much fun!

Join Crafty Morning with your stash of toilet rolls to make this fall art project.

16. Fall Leaf Painting

Image shows a little boy sitting at a table wearing a polka dotted painting apron while painting the outline of real leaves in orange from Minne Mama.
Leaf painting is so fun!

Your 2 and 3 year old preschooler will love this fall craft from Minne Mama.

17. Leaf Turkey Craft for Kids

Image shows a turkey with a brown paper body and fake fall leaves as its plume from Crafty Morning.
Turkeys with googly eyes are so cute!

A visit to the local craft store will help you create this idea from Crafty Morning

18. Maple Tree Leaf Globe

Image shows a clear mason jar with a small tree limb inside along with fake orange, brown, red, and yellow leaves inside and outside the jar lying around it from Premeditated Leftovers.
Leaf globes are super cool!

Premeditated Leftovers shows us a fun way to use broken sticks!

19. Leaf Suncatchers

Image shows leaves in fall colors of red, yellow, orange leaves stuck to a window from Fun At Home With Kids.
Leaf suncatchers are fun to create!

Use coffee filters and the free printables to make the best crafts from Fun At Home With Kids.

20. A Fall Leaf Potato Stamp

Image shows stamped fall leaves from potatoes in red, orange, and brown from How Wee Learn.
Potatoes make neat painted creations!

Enjoy fall leaf potato stamping from How Wee Learn.

21. Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft

Image shows a tree made from red, yellow, and orange tissue paper for the leaves and brown paper for the trunk from I Heart Crafty Things.
Let’s make a tissue tree!

I Heart Crafty Things

22. Tissue Paper & Paper Plate Leaf Craft

Image shows a black background with DIY leaves made from paper plates, orange, yellow, and brown tissue paper, and brown paper stems from Glued To My Crafts.
Let’s make more leaves!

Glued To My Crafts

23. Tissue Paper Fall Wreath

Image shows a wreath made from orange, red, green, brown, and yellow tissue paper meant to be leaves and yellow sunflowers from Happy Hooligans.
Let’s make a fall wreath!

A paper plate wreath is sure to brighten your door from Happy Hooligans.

24. DIY Fall Leaf Prints With Kids

Picture shows a leaf print painted on a white sheet of paper from Meaningful Mama.
Let’s have fun painting with leaves!

Fall craft activities for preschoolers are a blast with Meaningful Mama.

25. Popcorn Fall Tree Craft

Image shows twigs from a tree glued on a white sheet of paper and popcorn painted yellow, orange, and red as the leaves from Happy Hooligans.
Ever heard of a popcorn tree?

This popcorn tree from Happy Hooligans may become one of your favorite fall crafts.


Image shows an orange pumpkin with a green stem all made from rolled paper from One Creative Mommy.
Paper pumpkin rolls!

This paper craft from One Creative Mommy is so easy to make.

27. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Stamp Craft

Picture shows four orange painted pumpkins on a sheet of white paper.
Let’s stamp some pumpkins!

Fall is more fun with this cute pumpkin craft from Crafty Morning.

28. Popsicle Stick Pumpkin

Image shows four pumpkins made from popsicle sticks painted orange with triangle eyes and nose and different shaped mouths from Hanging By A Silver Lining.
Even popsicle stick pumpkins are cute!

These popsicle stick pumpkin ornaments are the perfect fit for your autumn decor tree from Hanging By A Silver Lining.

29. Pine Cone Owl

Image shows a pine cone decorated to be an owl with an orange triangle nose and feet with googly eyes from Broadly.
Pine cone owls are too cute!

Fall crafts aren’t complete without pine cone owls from Broogly.

30. Paper Plate Scarecrow

Image shows a paper plate decorated as a scarecrow with a light brown face, an orange smiley mouth, a brown triangle nose, white eyes with black dots, orange hair and a brown hat from Glued To My Crafts.
Paper plate scarecrows are great fun!

Check out this paper plate scarecrow craft from Glued To My Crafts.

31. Sticking It to Fall Crafts!

This picture shows a little boy sticking tissue paper leaves in red, yellow, and orange on a wall holding a brown paper tree from How Wee Learn.
Fall tree crafts are great!

Contact paper takes craft activities to a whole new level from How Wee Learn.

32. Whimsical Fall Fairy Craft

Image shows a window with fall fairies hanging in orange and and yellow made from fake fall leaves from How Wee Learn.
Who doesn’t love fairies?

Make your fall craft activities magical with How Wee Learn‘s fairy craft!

33. Tear Art Fall Wreath

Picture shows a paper plate wreath with glued pieces of torn paper for decor in pink, orange, yellow and brown with pom poms in red, green, and blue from Buggy and Buddy.
Let’s tear some paper!

Your little one can be as creative as they want with this activity from Buggy and Buddy.

34. Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

Image shows a toilet paper roll with the bottom painted orange, a black smiley mouth, an orange dot for a nose and googly eyes with brown shredded paper for hair and a brown hat from Still Playing School.
Not your average scary scarecrow!

Use up that craft supply stash and make this scarecrow from Still Playing School.

35. Leaf Sun Catcher

Image shows a leaf sun catcher made if colored tissue paper in red, orange, and yellow from Fantastic Fun And Learning.
Suncatchers are so fun to make!

Make your very own suncatchers with this tutorial from Fantastic Fun And Learning.

36. Washi Tape Patterned Pumpkins

Image shows two cardstock pumpkins decorated with washi tape in patterns with orange, yellow, light purple, and blue from I Heart Crafty Things.
Washi tape brings joy!

I Heart Crafty Things knows how much children love to use tape.

37. Lego Stamped Indian Corn Craft

Image shows white paper in the shape of corn with brown paper for silks at the top with dots speckled to look like Indian corn from Crafty Morning.
Hmmm…Legos as a paintbrush!

Preschoolers use Legos and paint in this fun craft from Crafty Morning.

38. Melted Crayon Leaf Suncatchers

Image shows individual fall leaf sancatchers in yellow, orange dotted, green, and brown/orange from Fireflies and Mudpies.
Let’s enjoy the sun with these leaves!

Make the sun glisten and shine with these leaves from Fireflies And Mudpies.

39. Fall Leaf Punch Collage

Image shows a printed leaf design being covered in leaf punches in yellow, red, and orange from Craftulate.
Tiny leaves, big leaves, we love fall leaves!

These leaves are just the right size for your preschooler from Craftulate.

40. Fall Yarn Wrapping

Image shows white paper leaf shapes covered in yarn of yellow, red, orange, green and brown from Paper And Glue.
Let’s make yarn leaves!

Young children will love this fall craft from Paper And Glue.

41. Leaf People Fall Craft

Image shows people made from yellow and red leaves and brown sticks from Fantastic Fun And Learning.
Smiley leaf people are great fun!

Let Fantastic Fun And Learning help you create your very own leaf person!

42. Recycled Egg Carton Acorn Ornaments

Image shows two acorns. One is a light brown on the bottom and the cap is a darker color and the second is green on the bottom with a tan colored cap and both have dark brown handles  from Still Playing School.
Egg carton acorns are fun to make!

If your little one loves acorns, they’ll love this activity from Still Playing School.

43. Colorful Leaf Printmaking Project

Image shows a leaf print with paint in red, orange, and yellow from Early Learning Mom Trusted.
Let’s do a leaf print!

The perfect fall colors make this craft from Early Learning Mom Trusted a must have!

44. Fall Tree Craft

Image shows a DIY tree with a brown trunk and orange, yellow, and red leaves from Reading Confetti.
We love fall tree crafts!

Toilet paper roll trees are so fun to create from Reading Confetti.

45. Easy Peasy Fall Collages

Image shows a maroon and white paper plate full of fall leaves, a pine cone, and a yellow and red pom pom from Toddler Approved.
Collages are a blast to make!

This fall leaf collage is great for sensory play from Toddler Approved.

46. The Benefits of Creative Collage for Kids

Image shows a large brown paper scarecrow laying on the floor with yellow string hair and a yellow hat with a smiley face drawn on in orange from Still Playing School.
Scarecrows are so fun to make!

Let your preschooler explore different craft materials with this activity from Still Playing School.


Which of these creative fall craft activities for preschoolers are you going to try first? Which fall craft is your favorite?

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