Taking inspiration from the beautiful fall color surrounding us right now, I have three activities rolled into one today. Our fall crafts combine fresh air, nature study and a creative craft – we’re making fall leaf wreaths.     Kids Activities Blog invites you to get a little messy with paint and join in the fun with your kids in this fun autumn craft idea. We started our activity in the local park, on a nature treasure hunt. We collected as many differently shaped leaves as we could find, and in the most glorious of fall colors. There was lots of chat from the children as they counted their leaves, compared big and small and tried to name the trees the leaves had come from.

fall crafts

Fall Color

Back home we took a closer look at the leaves we had gathered. The children loved the rich variety of colors and we talked about how and why the seasons change, and why leaves drop their leaves. Those autumn colors were just so beautiful we decided to try and capture some of the fall by making leaf prints. The children found mixing squiggles of different paint gave a great result when the leaves were dipped in and then printed onto a long roll of parcel wrap. They printed, and printed, and printed!


Fall Crafts

Once all the paint was dry, we cut out all the leaves. That’s great scissor skill practise when you’ve made so many prints! Then we took a paper plate and cut out the centre to make a ring. We worked our way around the paper plate ring, stapling on the leaves. You can place the larger leaves at the back, and the smaller ones in front, if you want to get a neater effect – or just leave the kids to it and let them staple away!


The final wreaths have been hung up on our door, to create a beautiful autumn decoration.

How are you celebrating fall in your home?

More Kids Activities

Fall color is so beautiful yet fleeting.   Get out an enjoy these days with your kids and make a few fall crafts while you are at it.   We have gobs more great fall-themed kids activities for you to try:

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