Do the beautiful colors of autumn have you searching for creative fall crafts for kids?   If so, then this leaf craft may be just what you were looking for.   Kids Activities Blog has many fall crafts like this to keep you little one happy.

fall crafts for kids

Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall is a time of raking leaves at my house. We have large beech trees in our yard that sent leaves cascading down with the slightest breeze. We spend a lot  time gathering them up into piles to jump in and racing to see who can make the biggest pile. While watching my son play with the leaves, I tried to think of a craft that would include leaves and the joy that my son has in them. I decided to have the two of us create a craft that including raking and leaves.

Leaf Craft

The first thing we had to do was gather the materials for the craft. The leaves were easy to find. We just picked out a few leaves from the leaf pile in the backyard . We chose leaves that looked like they would lay flat on the paper or at least have most of  themselves lay on the paper when they were glued down. The second thing we needed were popsicle sticks to represent the rake. My son loves to keep popsicle sticks just encase we need them for a craft or building project. All we needed to do was find the place he had squirreled them away to be used later in. I found them in the pantry under some muffin tins. The third thing we needed was a piece of construction paper. We decided on light blue, but dark blue or a fall color ( red, brown, orange, or yellow) would have been fine too. The last thing we needed was glue. We could have used a glue stick, but I don’t think it would have held the leaves in place as well. Once the materials were laid out, we were ready to start the craft. It was such a pretty day that we decided to do the craft on the deck. A breeze did threaten to shift the leaves and sticks around on the paper, but we were able to create a fun fall foliage craft.

More Kids Activities

Fall crafts for kids can include project supplies that you find in nature.   This cute leaf craft is the perfect example.   Here are a few more kids activities that include a craft with leaves:

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