Kindergarten is an age of wonder… the whole world is opening up. They are blossoming and becoming more responsible, more “big”.   My kindergartener thinks she is *SO* big… she is able to write her name and a couple basic sentences.   It is beautiful to see her elated at her progress in school! A Card Making Kit would be the perfect gift for her. Card Making Gift Kit for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

Card Making Gift Kit for Kids

Making cards that she could mail to someone would be a fun and special gift for her.   Be sure to include stamps if you create a card making kit for a writer in your life. Supplies needed to make your own card-making-kit:
  • Foam Sheets
  • Ball Point Pen
  • Cards (and envelopes with stamps)
  • Bright color of paint
  • Sponge
  • {Optional} Flowery Pen

Give the gift of craft with a kit full of supplies to inspire your kiddos.

How to Make Card Prints

Draw a design onto the foam sheet pressing very hard with your ball point pen.   You should be able to feel the depressions left by the pen into the foam when you are finished drawing. Lightly cover the foam sheet with a glob of paint and smear it so the paint is even with the sponge. Carefully, lay the card face down onto your paint-covered foam sheet. Gently press the card down to make sure the paint transfers to your card, then lift.

Super simple way to make prints with your kids, using foam and paint.

If your kids are like mine they will love the finished product – the easiest to make Christmas cards ever!   Your kids can reuse the foam sheet and make dozens of cards with the same template.   Just add more paint as needed. Christmas Cards that are easy enough for the kids to create Watch Kids Activities Blog over the next few weeks for more gift kits for kids! More Gift Ideas From Kids Activities Blog Learn how to make coasters to give as gifts.

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