I don’t know about you but I am over this summer heat.

We’ve spent over a week being over 100 degrees and mix that with the fires going on, I am over it.


With that being said, Costco wants to help us all welcome fall into our homes right now because they are selling a 3-Pack of Decorative Pumpkins and you know you need them.

Leaf Rakers Society

This 3-pack comes with 3 different sizes and colors including: orange, yellow and gray.


They seem to be made of glass or ceramic meaning you’ll want to keep them away from the pets and kids!

I will say, these are a bit pricey. They are priced at $74.99 for the 3-Pack which does make each pumpkin $24.99.

Kseniya ES

But I mean, when you’re ready to welcome Fall, is price really an issue? I think not!

You can find these in-store at your local Costco now.

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