Costco is Selling Giant Sunflower Plants for Under $13

If you are needing a pick me up today, run to your local Costco!

Costco is currently selling giant sunflower plants for under $13 ($12.99 to be exact).

These are large 1.5 gallon pots of Sunflowers and while they are only a perennial, I am sure these will bring joy to your garden the rest of the season!

These large containers of sunflowers would be perfect for keeping in the pots or planting into the ground.

I did some research and since these are  Sunfinity Sunflowers, they are known for having lots of blooms that can be cut and used indoors, with no mess and without damaging the outdoor plant.

The outdoor plant will continue to bloom long after traditional sunflowers have bloomed and died.

They seem quite easy to care for which is perfect for people like myself that don’t have a green thumb and seem to kill everything.

With that being said, these Sunfinity Sunflowers can be found inside your local Costco store right now for $12.99 per 1.5 gallon.

They were already going fast at my local store so make sure you grab some before they are gone.

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